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  1. Is Sumari a populair map?

    Hi i was wondering if Sumari is everyones favorite map. Every server i have joined over the past 3 days is running this map as if it is the best map ever. You join a server, play for 5 mins till round is over and boom Sumari loads, you'll torture yourself playing it through knowing you'd probably get a new map after that and you do get a new map after. But as soon as that round is over, you'll end up back in Sumari. It even got to the point where it Sumari ran BACK TO BACK. Like by all means, i don't mind playing Sumari once... but the past 3 days ive only been playing Sumari, Sumari, Sumari, Sumari. I have never played Fool's road yet, and Chora only once in those 3 days. Why is every server so biased towards Sumari, why do people like to play the same map over and over again? Ive tried up to 5-8 different server over the last few days and i always end up in Sumari.
  2. [solved] Application error, havn't been able to play since v7

    I have reinstalled these, that seemed to fix it for me. Thank you kindly.
  3. [solved] Application error, havn't been able to play since v7

    The localappdata squad folder is gone as i deleted it. It hasn't been re-created because i can't get the game to launch. Im pretty sure that folder would be re-created if i actually manage to launch the game.
  4. [solved] Application error, havn't been able to play since v7

    Theres no update queue'd for me currently, i guess ill manually search for some updates.
  5. [solved] Application error, havn't been able to play since v7

    I do have the latest drivers, and yeah i did most of the things that i could've done. Thats why i thought it was a good idea to wait for a patch to see it changes the situation but it didn't. I guess ill just wait till the next one unless someone else has any ideas.
  6. [solved] Application error, havn't been able to play since v7

    Game was running perfectly fine before V7, solid 60 fps at 180% resolution scale maxed out. i5-6600k @ 3,5GHz NVidia GeForce 1070 msi 16 GB of RAM
  7. Hi, its been a while since i used this forum account. I managed to play last week, however ever since V7 has been released i can't even launch the game. I have tried: * Reinstalling up to 3 times * Clearing the local appdata in the temp folder * Turning off anti virus * Verifying my Squad files * Waiting for a patch (which was today), didn't do anything for the situation.
  8. Escape from Tarkov

    '' their beta thing agreement'' ''is very succeptable for scam'' Me : why was that? '' it stated that they could bill you as many times as they want and for whatever figure they decide upon ''
  9. Escape from Tarkov

    Friend told me that in their ToS they stated they can bill you anytime for anything, can someone confirm this?
  10. A new Levelcap Video on a New Build

    Big deal, with or without him people would still host those amazing clan cups and clan battles. His channel has been build upon the wrong audience anyway.
  11. Please be patient

    Just like vehicles, shit comes when its ready.
  12. Server/Player Stats meets Squad-Key Lottery

    Great initiative, also a bumpy bump so people can see.
  13. Accidental Team Kills

    It's not hard to open your map every once in a while. It really helps. Not only does it help you avoiding teamkilling someone but it also helps you with your situational awareness. Open your map sometimes, don't over-do it though. You have people that open and close their map litteraly every 2 seconds. Also, remember what team you're on. If you forgot, simply press tab or check what weapon you have.
  14. How comfortable are you?

  15. How comfortable are you?

    Couldn't you just use the edit button on your last post?