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  1. Muting Squad Leader

    Muting SL's from voice chat is not muting them in command channel. This is a problem when kitten petting whiny boys come on and try and take over the show. Please allow the mute function to deny all contact from the trouble makers.
  2. Muzzle flash

    Bump. This is still an issues almost 3 years later. Good revamp on vehicles and base building but the modeling for concealed shooters is too nerve wracking. Passive cover works great until you fire, then your a sitting duck because the object of your bullet flying out draws a line to your position, muzzle flash or not. There is a shock wave, dust kick, the rifle jolts creating movement. If someone shoots me super long range with a sniper that's one thing but I'm having serious shot placement issues at medium range on very high graphics. Please fix.
  3. Muzzle flash

    I don't think so. If your going to show names above heads at all, then make it consistent or take it out entirely. Too many situations where its rendering for some people and not for others, or at least have a training screen that shows the various team uniforms for FOF at load in. T vs conventional is easy but US vs RUS gets dicey. As far as muzzle flash currently the ak's have none. If m4's and snipers really don't have flash then they don't need, them. I just find many "one way" situations where someone in cover can shoot me, misses, i look where the sound is coming from 100% accurately and still cant get any fix or see any whizzing bullets. It could just be a rendering issue on the settings i'm currently running, but is very frustrating and makes me not want to play this game.
  4. Muzzle flash

    Yes the muzzle flash should be realistically modeled but should still exist. A small amount of smoke should be expected as well. 0 smoke and 0 muzzle flash is not realistic. Also please work on your FOF (friend or foe) its too hard to tell if someone is friendly or not and often times friendly chars do not show a blue name causing confusion and teamkilling.