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  1. Update: this installation manual may be outdated. Please check here for an up to date guide http://squad.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration Hello guys, finally - they are here: the Squad Linux Server Files - and they work just fine ! Here is a short installation manual for experienced linux users. A more detailed manual will be added later by @Nordic The Squad Wiki will be also updated briefly. Precondition: SteamCMD needs to be installed on your machine - see https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD 1. create a folder for your squad server - e.g. "SquadServer" 2. open a terminal and change to your SteamCMD folder 3. create a text file and name it for e.g. "UpdateSquadServer.sh". Make the file executable chmod +x UpdateSquadServer.sh 4. open the file and add the command line for installing/updating your server. Example #!/bin/sh ./steamcmd.sh +login anonymous +force_install_dir ../SquadServer +app_update 403240 validate (in this case the folder "SquadServer" is located within the same folder were "SteamCMD" is located.) 5. install your server by executing "UpdateSquadServer.sh" ./UpdateSquadServer.sh 6. configure your server (see http://squad.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration) 7. within your server folder add another shell script (see 2.) and name it for e.g. "StartServer.sh". Make the file executable (see 2.) 8. open the file and add the command line for starting your server like this #!/bin/sh ./SquadServer.sh Port=7787 QueryPort=27165 FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=80 RANDOM=NONE -log 9. make sure you have opened the necessary ports (see http://squad.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration "PORTS TO OPEN") 10. start the server by executing "StartServer.sh" So far tested on - CentOS 7 - Debian 8.7.1 - Suse 42.2 Leap - Ubuntu 16.04 If you are using an older linux version than listed above, the server may not start. If this is the case, make sure "glibc 2.17" or higher and "GLIBCXX_3.4.15 " or higher are installed on your system. Have Fun
  2. @Ino89 Odin need some info from you - please check the discord support channel.
  3. Hey Ino, can you post us your server spec.? Like CPU, RAM, SSD/HHD size and free space on it. Thx
  4. The penguin will be proud of you
  5. When you are new to linux then I would recommend a distri with a desktop environment. If you have it running in a VM (VMware, virtualbox etc.) for getting in to it, then use either ubuntu desktop (another complete isntallation) or install the desktop environment for the server version of ubuntu. I would suggest to use "ubuntu 16.04.X desktop". The squad server runs also fine in the VM for installation tests etc. (not recommended for hosting a public game server permanently!). For e.g when you have never used vi (or vim), it's hard to edit text/script files etc. within a terminal. On a linux desktop environment (gnome, kde, .. ) you have tools like in windows.
  6. @grimshadow Ubuntu server or workstation? The server comes without a X-server (desktop environment) by default. If you need help - you can call me too
  7. @grimshadow which linux distribution are you using?
  8. Please post us your experiences with your linux servers. Also if you had trouble during installation for some reason and you solved it by yourself, then please post it too with your solution (for e.g. installing on an not above listed linux distribution. If you like - post your linux squad server names. Thanks
  9. @Cpt.Myers: is the windows server running on a virtual machine? If so, you would need to run it non virtualized ("real" hardware). It could also be, that your CPU is running in "power save" or "balanced" mode. Make sure to set it to "performance". What else is running on that machine? Could be that not enough RAM is available for the squad server.
  10. @grimshadowhere a statement by @Norby who evaluated the performance values we gathered during comparison playtests: The lower replication performance (server tick rate) could be due to different CPU performance settings; we will do further investigations.
  11. what happend? Does the game start with the 4k settings?
  12. For 4k setting not adjustable, please try the following: - open the file %localappadata%\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini - search for these entries and change it to your 4k resolution settings: ResolutionSizeX=1920 ResolutionSizeY=1080 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1920 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=1080 . . DesiredScreenWidth=1920 DesiredScreenHeight=1080 I can't test it here as I don't have a 4k monitor. Please report if it works and probably add some infos if you changed something else to make it work. thx
  13. @bobbavet there is a known issue with 4k res. Please check the support forums if there is already a solution or start a new request thread.
  14. The new animation system video blew me right away
  15. On round start: why you just spawn in? Where do your character come from? Why you don't see the whole story behind it like beeing born, growing up, going to school, joining a military academy and so on?
  16. These are A7 settings. The settings in A8 would be helpful.
  17. could you pls make screenshots of your settings? Esp. Graphics and Audio would be interesting. Thx
  18. For me it sounds like a re-education measure when you want to force the squad members to stay near SL by giving them a reduced visual field on the map. Maybe you just trying to solve a player (in your opinion) behaviour problem by the game itself. If you are a good SL then tell the guys to stick together. Those who don't react on your orders -> kick them out of your squad.
  19. I guess it's because you get a system notification (default discord settings), if someone writes to "@everyone" and there are already some hundreds on the server and most people have discord in the background running (start with windows)...but these are all just guesses...
  20. Yesterday Norby requested on discord to fill up the OWI test server. He gave us the PW for the beta branch. Unfortunately the max. player count (what I have seen) was about 45 players. For a better test 72 players where needed. But the server emptied quickly after 1 hour. It would be nice if more guys join the squad community discord server and join such full-server-load tests and give a constructive feedback after such a test session. I recommend to restart your PCs after Squad updates. I had no issues while playing after the update - only after closing the game (had the same issue on 7.3 release but a PC restart fixed it). From my perspective the game runs smoother on some maps, on others (like Sumari) I have low fps from round start on. I played for about 2 - 3 hours with 3-4 map changes -> NO fatal error crashes and NO other crash during this time.
  21. Google is your friend http://squad.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration
  22. The game is still in alpha stage of development. When it will be released then I believe there will be 4:3 support available What is your PC spec? I guess when it's also "outdated" then you won't be happy with playing Squad.
  23. Have you activated the XMP in BIOS for your RAM? If so: try it without. Could also cause crashes/freezes.
  24. I suggest you to join the "Squad Community" discord server. If you don't know discord: it's text and voice chat software....kinda like between TS and Skype. The link to the discord server can be found here:
  25. The FPS is varying based on different criterias. But I guess with your specs you will get at least 30 - 50 fps on full servers (72 players) and up to 100+ fps on almost empty servers. Depends on your settings, the server and and and. If you buy the game you can give it back before you reach 2 hrs playtime (steam wallet refund). If you want to give it a try: do it. If you want to go safe: wait for full release. Decide for yourself.