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  1. When will the server be up again?
  2. UE4.11 will come soon I think - Squad patch 5.0 or 6.0...maybe this update will give us a great performance boost :ph34r:
  3. Alpha 4 Update

    Hello guys, is it possible to collect the major and minor change logs in a extra thread where only moderators can write? Cheers Dude
  4. Uhm...help for what? The error occurs when you close the game, right? So you can play the game without errors? Edit: maybe this fix could help you. Close the window with the error message -> problem solved.
  5. On the UE4 answerhub i found a discussion about performance issues esp. conerning AMD CPU performance, XAudio2 and Squad. From other sources i read out, that XAudio2 (developed by Microsoft) should cause performance issues. Does UE4 also support other Audio interfaces like OpenAL? if so - maybe you give it a try? Would be also a good idea if you are planning Linux and Mac portation. Edit: as far i understood, the XAudio2 lib from Microsoft doesn't support hardware (onboard soundchips or mounted soundcards) acceleration anymore. All the sound will be software generated and only uses the CPU for that. OpenAL on the other hand has hardware acceleration support, right?
  6. Alpha 4 Update

    On Steam some people reported, that Anti Aliasing no more works since update 4. Also enabling it via Nvidia control center or CCC doesn't work they write. http://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/discussions/0/412446292759873241/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/discussions/0/412446292759758919/
  7. Dangerous water

    I think it's just a priority thing. Bruno did a great work on smoke grenade and muzzle effects for e.g. The suggestions from Karm sounds good :) Also for vehicles, if they drive through a river, a wet track should be displayed for a certain time period (and for a certain distance from the water source).
  8. Alpha 4 Update

    Thank you guys! You are doing a great job! :)
  9. Special Roles in Squad

    Hi all, here is a proposal for handling the access to the special roles in a squad: special kits should be locked in a squad and only the squadleader should be able to assign them to specific squad members. Like the squad leader right clicks a squad member in the squad menu and assigns him the role "marksman". The reason for this proposa: like in PR, people join a squad, taking the marksman kit and leave the squad then (in PR most took sniper, HAT and so on). For which roles this could be done is another question (i think on beginning only rifleman and medic should be unlocked, but lets see what you guys write). Cheers Dude