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  1. Hey guys, wanted to spread the word about North American Squad's [PUB]Star event. Just had our third one and we're looking for more players that aren't already associated with clans or teams who want to get a taste of what a more competitive team environment is like! Learn more at discord.me/nas
  2. A|o|K! Ils sont magnifiques! (Sorry I don't know French and had to use Google translate...)
  3. ◘ >>> ** Play Testers V7 Videos in here ** <<< ◘

    More like @JohnnyOmaha got Fatalerrorality
  4. Squad Internationals

    In honor of the Olympic games, I present the epic intro / promo for Squad Internationals
  5. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    CCFN Week 20 - Round 2 featuring squad comms from CML, TG, and FUBAR https://www.twitch.tv/communityclanfightnight/v/65390611
  6. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    CCFN Week 20 - Round 1 featuring squad comms from BB, iB, 303rd https://www.twitch.tv/communityclanfightnight/v/65381633
  7. Did somebody say stats? We've begun an initiave to track these manually from end of round screenshot. Currently done with 16% though our screenshot backlog. Check it out here and feel free to make a copy of the sheet and swap it out with your data: https://goo.gl/2bC8Cp
  8. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    SWF in... again
  9. Poor Sportsmanship

    I'll sign up for this event. Our gaming community vs. a clan! Name the time and place!
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    Swiftknight [SWF] signing up
  11. Community Clan Fight Night

    Is this being streamed?
  12. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    The reality is that you'll stop seeing 40+ kills when players start to communicate that "FOB is being camped" and stop thinking that if they spawn there that they can take out the enemy force camping the spawn.The message of "FOB is hot!" isn't being listened to or it's being taken as a personal challenge or quest of badass-ery to spawn in and clear it out. An example of what currently happens: Squaddie: "Taking snaps at FOB. Shit I'm down." (-1 ticket) Squaddie respawns at FOB. Dies Immediately. (-1 ticket) Squaddie: "They're at the FOB!" SL 1: "Everybodys respawn and secure FOB" 7 guys suicide / respawn at FOB, all immediately die. (-7 tickets) SL (on squadchat): "They're camping the FOB!" 2 more guys respawn at FOB, immediately die. (-2 tickets) SL (on leadchat): "They're camping the FOB!" 7 guys from other start to spawn in on FOB, all die (-7 tickets) Other SL: "STOP SPAWNING ON FOB, USE RALLYS OR HOOF IT FROM MAIN" Message is repeated a few times before being disseminated to other squads. 3 guys don't listen and respawn at FOB anyway. All die. (-3 tickets) People finally stop spawning and the OpFor turns the FOB from blue to red, digging it up 45 seconds later. (-10 tickets) PLOT TWIST: The FOB is on the cap point. You lose the cap point because you no longer have a spawn to put you in effective range to contest. (-20 tickets, OpFor gains 10) Current Day Summary: Total Kill count: 21 kills Total Ticket Bleed: 31 off point / 51 on point (with OpFor +10) Perspective: 31 tickets is 10% and 51 tickets is 17% of total ticket pool in AAS. ------------------------ This is what SWF does: Squaddie: "Snaps at FOB from the North." Squaddie dies without announcing he's down over squadchat (-1 ticket) Squaddie respawns and instantly dies (-1 ticket) Squaddie: "FOB is compromised. Do not spawn at FOB. Squad Lead how copy?" SL: "What was that Squaddie?" Squaddie: "FOB is compromised. Do not spawn at FOB." SL (on squadchat): "Good copy. Nobody spawn at FOB. Hold spawn for new rally" SL places red tank marker on FOB SL (on leadchat): "All squads be advised FOB compromised. Do not spawn at FOB." SL places new rally. Squaddie spawns on rally. SL makes call on saving FOB or continuing with original directive If goes back to FOB Squad takes advantage of OpFor focus on FOB spawn and flanks 2 non-medics go down in FOB recapture Medics revive fallen FOB is saved If do not go back to FOB FOB is dug up (-10 tickets) SL places new FOB in previous 400m no-zone SWF summary: Total Kill count: 4 kills = 2 deaths / 2 revives Total Ticket Bleed: 2 FOB saved / 12 FOB lost Perspective: 2 tickets is <1% and 12 tickets is 4% of total ticket pool in AAS. ------------------------ TLDR: That guy with 40 - 50 kills isn't hacking. He's maximizing the opportunity you're giving him by appearing in exactly the same spot as he's got his sights aimed, over and over again. Spawn somewhere else after you die at a FOB unless you want to give the other team a dude the opportunity to earn 40-50 kills because you GAVE it to him on a silver platter.
  13. Types of Annoying Players

    I see your shield and raise you binoculars. Player: Expe
  14. Anyone feel overwhelmed as a medic?

    The medic role has changed with the new update. As a medic I'm letting my SL know "Squad 3 just got wiped." I like the idea of visual indicators, but the flashing probably adds to the sense of being overwhelmed. Flashing stuff usually means DO THIS NOW!!!