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  1. Make 7.62 Great Again!

    I'm not seeing this but wouldn't have a problem to change the incapacitation mechanic: 1. After a single hit the player looses stamina and starts bleeding. (The speed in which a player looses stamina and bleeds depends on where he gets hit, maybe with a bit RNG, a shot to the upper body will either allow only to jump to the next cover and getting bandaged or incapacitate right away, a shot to the lower body has more RNG involved, a shot to the arms or legs will only see a slow stamina loss and bleeding, ...) 2. As soon as all stamina is lost and the player is still bleeding, the player blacks-out and can respawn or be revived by a medic (like now). In case he bandaged the bleeding, he remains cautious but doesn't regenerate any stamina until being treated by a medic. 3. A Headshot kills right away without a chance to revive. 4. A 2nd hit incapacitates immediately and increases the blood loss massively, which usually causes death within "respawn"-time, read in 10seconds to a minute. (The current mechanic that players are lieing on the ground for several minutes without being able to do anything and suddenly being fresh back in fight after being revived is ridicoulus to be honest).
  2. Hardcore Mode?

    Greetings Fellows! Currently I'm a bit annoyed by the design decision that always two hits are needed to incapacitate an enemy. Nevertheless I understand why they are doing it. So, why not doing it like more Arcadey-Shooters do it: Implement a Hardcore-Modus which the server-admin can enable or disable which basically doubles the damage of all weapons. This would mean a single shot would mostly incapcitate (except when hitting certain extremes). Bandages that everyone carries would be more needed for your buddys than for yourself. Is something along those lines in planning? sincerely, Thonar
  3. Open test V10 feedback, bugs

    Imo they could release v10 right away and deal with the bugs later. So far following things, without being bugs, are currently not good solutions in my opinion (!): 1. Upper Body doesn't move, except for the arms when running and free-looking (no big deal, but it doesn't fit to another perfectly good motion capture) 2. When the box "Weapons moves towards Freelook" is activated it works,... except when in bipod. 3. The way the US and Russian soldiers getting their weapons ADS is in a direct and diagonal fashion: This is unprofessional and makes no sense. It can be kept for Militia and Insurgent. The soldier should turn its weapon and bring it always from bottom to top onto target. While this might sound that it takes longer, it actually allows to engage targets faster especially with RedDots. The problem is usually not to bring the weapon on target, but to find your sights and bringing them on target. By doing it always from bottom to top instead of just "throwing" your weapon on target, you can find your sights and bringing them on target much faster. These are just things that just "jumped" me. €: 4. When Freelooking while in scope, the world keeps being unfocused. Not sure if there is a possible solution. 5. Why does the US-Support M249 has a scope, but the M240B doesn't?
  4. I only dislike one laguage servers that doesn't allow English or International Squads (mostly French and Russian Servers). But since I understand where this is coming from, I just don't play on these servers and its fine for their respective communities. So... where is the problem? Not to mention that some English Speakers with their accents aren't understandable. Not to mention that some of their unique military language is not understandable for the normal foreigner with his school language. Ohh... and not to mention that some countries have a different military understanding/ mentality that can cause further problems. No, national squads are fine and have to remain to keep the community alive.
  5. tactical blind fire

    German armed forces during the old "Konterschlag" exercise (an instructive one to show spectators how it is done). "Konterschlag" is a pure MOUT excercise. It is shown over an over again that Blind-Fire into a room shortly before storming the room is actually advised. Such blind-fire has nothing to do with the 200m-Hip-Fire-Spray-and-Pray-Blind-Fire of Jihadis. And whoevers says Blind-Fire is of no value within MOUT is simply limiting ones own options. BUT: Gameplaywise it remains a nice-to-have feature and not a must-have.
  6. tactical blind fire

    The cover system was bad, as I already explained, nevertheless was the feature within the cover system fine because it was intuitive. With an extended "Weapon-Rest"-System, that allows Blind-firing after the weapon collision-system would cause the model to take the gun down, blind-fire can be an intuitive option without the need for a cover system (which was, as already stated, awful). People haven't used blind-fire in RO2/ RS because it was in itself crap but because of the Cover-Sytem. That's a difference.
  7. tactical blind fire

    1. The cover system was aweful, yes, not the blind-fire. It felt natural. I could imagine instead of having blind fire bound to a cover system binding it to a "Weapon-Rest"-System. This way it would work quite naturally... still it can also fail massively. 2. Again, it depends on the situation: 200m blind-fire Militia-Jihad-Style is frowned upon... spraying in a "Z-Pattern" along a trench, or into a room before entering isn't necessarily. It remains an option in CQB.
  8. tactical blind fire

    No in RO2 it were two different things: Get into cover (needs coversystem, which is a problem), press LMB and he shoots over the cover blindly (2nd part of the video). Get into cover, press RMB (Aim down sight) and the model raises above the cover to aim down sight. Shoot then with LMB. It was quite a good system actually and awesome for MOUT/FISH/CQB/... Also: Blind Fire into a Room or along a trench is still a thing and trained in some armed forces.
  9. Alpha 9.9 Released

    Training Area is since the update not useable anymore since the character is unable to move (changing stances is possible). Model rises 30-50cm above the ground, when trying to move, but doesn't move forward or backwards. Model is stuck in place.
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    FLV in Fools Road AAS V2
  11. They'll have to fix small-caliber penetration to make GPMGs really useful. Especially on forest-maps 5.56 vs 7.62 NATO makes a huge difference. A GPMG isn't necessarily crew served or a platoon asset. In the German armed forces it is and will remain a Squad weapon, in German Armoured Infantry Squads it isn't even crew served. People tend to often look towards "Anglo-Saxon" (US/UK) ways of organizing platoons, while French, German, Chinese and Russian organizations are often times looking massively different.
  12. My hopes for the Tank-Gameplay

    Hey Squadies, I finally got myself a new PC and can play Squad now fluently, thus I bring up this older post of mine, please don't kill me for doing so^^ Just a simple question: Are the new news about how tanks will work in Squad if they come?
  13. Stuttering when enemy appears...

    I repeat myself here: It cannot be an performance issue, when I got no problem with 30 people running out of the spawn area (higher amount of information to calculate for the CPU/ GPU as far as I believe) but with a single enemy (which should be less information to calculate actually.) Your "solution" was based on your opinion what a Laptop can or cannot do and is not based on the problem provided, except you explain me your theory why situation A doesn't cause as much issues as Situation B which seems to be the less demanding situation. All these information I put already forward inside the entry post together with an assumption that the problem may be more on the side of the network-performance than on the side of pure GPU/ CPU calculation power as you suggest.
  14. Stuttering when enemy appears...

    Your words make no sense... no sense at all, they have no relation to what you just quoted. It seems to me that you are unable to understand another way of life different from your own and you are trying to use your standards on a person you know nothing about. I finish this here as it is not supportive in finding a solution to the problem shown.
  15. Stuttering when enemy appears...

    Well, in this case the term "travelling" might be the wrong as term as am not visiting the places to watch their beauty but to work, but "commuter" wouldn't fit too, as I'm always somewhere else.