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  1. Freeze During Gameplay

    In the last few days I have started having an issue. After playing a round for quite a while the game will freeze and generally the audio at the time will continue to play repetitively. For example it just happened when an mrap was firing the .50 cal. That sound repeated for approximately 3 minutes and then audio goes away. If you let it sit for a while it will sometimes jump a few frames forward. Only way to fix is to right click taskbar and shutdown the game. I have dual monitors and discord is on one screen...squad on the other. I can move around and use discord normally when it is happening however task manager is extremely slow and goes unresponsive. OS: WIN 7 CPU: X5660 overclocked to 4.0ghz (been working like this for some time) 16 GB DDR3 ram GTX 1660TI SSD running latest nvidia drivers and keep windows up to date. I have log files but what is the best way to post them...they are too big.
  2. FPS issues

    I have seen a few posts regarding similar issues but here is what I have found. I'll admit my computer is nothing great but it ran v9 and v10 play test fairly well...after the monday final v10 patch I started seeing issues. Here is what I initially thought was the issue though I haven't been able to verify this because I don't have any controlled way to test public servers. I am usually getting between 35-60 fps on desert maps and 15-25 fps on forest maps. At least I think that is what is happening. Now for the actual controlled tests I did. Scenario: game started in fullscreen mode, join shooting range, go to the same rock and look in the same direction. With epic graphics (super sampling off, .5 screen sharpening) settings I get about 17 fps. With low graphics i get about 25fps. Even in the menu before joining shooting range I am getting 17-20 fps. Now with graphics at epic I can change to borderless while in shooting range. I watch the fps jump to over 100fps for a second then fall to 22ish fps then after 5 seconds or so rise to 55 fps and stay there. I can return to fullscreen and it will remain at 55 fps. I can then exit shooting range and menu is at 60ish fps. I can rejoin shooting range and continue to get 55-60 fps. If i restart the game in borderless fps stays good. If I restart the game with fullscreen selected it will go back to 17-20 fps until I do the borderless/fulscreen switch again. Haven't gotten a chance to try it in public servers but thought at least that information may get some people ideas. My rig: Windows 7 GTX960 I7-950 16gb ddr3 2 monitors (not sure if this is causing issues) ssd Anybody else having FPS issues? If so give borderless a shot and let me know if it fixes anything.
  3. Unplayable since update

    I am experienced similar issues but not the same. My computer is by no means up to date but that being said. On most maps even on the V10 free weekend before final release on monday I was getting 40 FPS or better with a very rare drop in the 30s on maps like mestia. After the monday final v10 release I started getting 10-20 fps on some maps such as mestia, narva, and other eastern Europe maps. Haven't played all maps but seemingly all of the desert maps seem to get around 45-60 fps. I am thinking that the trees or grass is causing the issue but no way to verify. it doesn't matter what the graphics settings are for me either on eastern Europe maps. My rig is pretty old but here is the specs: I7-950 GTX960 16gb DDR3 ram ssd harddrive 64BIT WIN 7
  4. I understand the concern of the OP however I think the advantages of a matchmaking system are just theoretical. I don't believe matchmaking systems improve game play whats so ever. Some games simply require the system based on the mechanics of the game. League of Legends literally could not efficiently function without a match making system. I just don't believe matchmakers actually end up creating a better percentage of even matchups. League of Legends is a perfect example here. It is a fairly complicated team based game...the game cannot be won without team. However, I would guess as little as 1 in 5 games is an even matchup. I just don't think a matchmaking system can account for all of the variables necessary even in a simple game. Much less a complicated game. IMO squad is built on the fact that people want to play together with the same folks persistently. They want to improve the communication skills of there group and other like minded individuals. I find it hard enough to enjoy games with randoms as it is now...I can't imagine being forced to play with randoms 100% of the time. The game is just too complex and has too many differing mindsets/strategys to allow randoms to work well together very often. Now don't get me wrong sometimes you jump in a squad and everything just lines up. Everyone in the squad has the same plan without even discussing it and it is great. Other times you jump in a squad and everyone is attempting to communicate but they just all have much different mindsets and can't get on the same page. This game is very much emphasizing the ability of a team to improve rather than an individual. If you make a matchmaking system you are completely randomizing the team and therefore forcing the individual to improve alone. Yes you may be putting 50 people with the same skill level in the same team but that doesn't mean those 50 people will play well together. I just don't think this follows the goal of squad. I would like to leave one more example explained to the best of my ability. (which isn't great) I am going to use project reality gameplay as my example but really any team based game has the same phenomenon. Scenario: I join a project reality server and join an armor squad. I jump in an armored vehicle as the driver and get a random gunner. Most of the time in this scenario my vehicle (driver and gunner) will not do particularly well. When I first started playing team games I would always blame the other person or myself (but mostly the other person ) for being bad at the game. I have realized over time however, this just isn't always the case. That player could be a great player they just don't work well with me (or vice versa). I will see the same player in the same piece of armor with someone else doing great the next round. This could all happen in spite of the fact of the other player and myself keeping constant communications during our playtime. On the flip side sometimes I will randomly jump in a piece of armor with somebody...and everything just flows smoothly. We just implicitly perform tasks in the same manner and the details don't require discussion. They are already looking where I expect them to be looking, they know I am about to move without me ever saying I will, they just have a style of play in line with my own. The only word I can think of to accurately describe this is synergy. I could play with this person 100 times and we would do well for the most part. This is a big reason why clans are started in almost any game. You find people you enjoy playing with either because they have great synergy or you see potential for them to with a little time. I think this is the biggest draw of team based games like squad and if you employ a matchmaking system you will greatly diminish this great quality of the game.
  5. Timeline and deadlines.

    I hear what you are saying but I fear the developers see the potential earnings of developing new games. (well fear is a bad word choice because I don't blame them at all...I would do the same thing. Everyone has to eat). Let's face it they spent 10 years honing their skills on project reality while not receiving compensation. Now they have very marketable skills. The game has probably grossed somewhere in the range of $15 million minimum. It has been sitting around the same sales stats for the last 6 months or so. I am sure on final release they will get a boost in sales as will major updates. At some point however, the sales will plateau and they will be better off developing a new game. That way they have diversified products to sell and have more earnings potential. 15 million may sound like alot but that probably only gets the developers through a couple years at a descent salary after taxes and cost of sale. I doubt they will quit updating all together for quite some time but it is unlikely much content will be developed after final release....(unless by modders but you never know what direction that will go) My point is I hope the game progresses quite a bit further before final release and that is going to take some time. Then again I could just be totally wrong on all points and it wouldn't be the first time lol
  6. Timeline and deadlines.

    I really hope they don't release a full release date and I certainly hope that the full release is not anytime soon. Do you realize how many people will be disappointed if they came out tomorrow and said full release was at the end of the year for instance? We all know that there are still many features not yet in the game....and most of us know that it will take longer than the end of the year to finish those. I am more scared that whenever the official release date happens that no further work will be done on the product. That is much scarier than not knowing when it is going to be done IMO. (that being said I don't actually think this is going to happen but just using it as an example) For all I care it could remain in alpha forever as long as content is released every so often
  7. Alpha Version 9 Released

    wait where did you find patch notes for the patch yesterday?
  8. Alpha Version 9 Released

    Not sure what all you guys did in this latest 450mb patch today but it seems to have fixed the stuttering in fire fights. Just played for about 2 hours and had no problems. Only real performance hit I am taking right now is when I use anything that zooms in. like using binoculars my fps will go from 50fps to 25fps or worse. Same thing was happening in stryker when zoomed in yesterday but haven't tried it today
  9. Aircraft

    I can't wait until vehicles and aircraft are in the game. I miss the PR experience very much. V8 has given me much hope that the devs are in fact going to accomplish just that. The vehicle and fob emplacement gameplay is far superior in V8. Actually everything is far superior in V8 the game has slowed considerably. The devs have indicated that they intend to slow the game further. I think the current state of the game could definately handle heavy armor if it had antitank weapons. Aircraft on the other hand the game is not ready for yet but I am betting at the very least the environment for helicopters is not that far off. Airplanes are a little trickier but I could see how they are possible. I will never forget flying a chinook on Al basrah in PR. I am not a particularly good chinook pilot however this day nobody else was willing to fly. A squad asked me to land them on the hotel in J10. This is a very unsafe landing area seeing as it is visible to the immediate area around enemy main. But being the idiot that I am I agreed. So here I am hovering over the hotel in J10 trying to get the full squad inside my helicopter on the hotel roof without hitting any obstacles on the roof and blowing up. Bullets are flying all around...suddenly an RPG hits the helicopter. All guys are now on the roof or dead....I try to do an evasive maneuver because the guys are screaming that another RPG is inbound. I accidentally do a barrel roll from the top of the hotel....manage to recover with inches to spare from hitting the buildings....get hit by another RPG while egressing and still make it back to base. It was so glorious lol. The best part was apparently the entire thing from the outside appeared to be planned and under control. All of the squads that saw what happened including the one I dropped were all screaming how awesome it was in squad radio. I would kill to see it on video...but unfortunately nobody was recording that I know of. That is the kind of thing I look forward to in squad....and I am confident the devs will achieve a similar if not better state of gameplay
  10. hard freeze while playing squad

    Ran prime95 for an hour and had no problems. Temps got to 64 celcius at peak. Reinstalled all audio drivers. Also disabled all audio devices not being used in the playback and recording devices. Played for about 3 matches without any issues. So hopefully it is fixed
  11. hard freeze while playing squad

    Hmmm. Dumb question maybe but am I supposed to have 3 different audio drivers in device manager. It looks like this: Sound, video and game controllers NVIDIA High Definition Audio NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) Realtek High Definition Audio not sure if this means I have 3 drivers running the same thing or 3 drivers running 3 separate audio devices? EDIT:; gonna run prime95 and memtest in the mean time
  12. I can't seem to pin anything down on this. This issue started probably 3 versions ago. Sometimes when playing (usually within an hour but just happened 3 minutes into the first match) my computer will lock up. I can't do anything accept reboot manually with the power button. A couple of patches ago this started, but I was also getting a bsod intermittently. At that time it began not only happening with squad but anytime on the computer. Turned out my ram was bad which I verified by replacing with some old ram. I eventually narrowed it down to a specific stick of ram. So long story short i got new ram from the manufacturer for replacement. All has been working well for about the last 3 months however I haven't played squad much. Anyways fast forward to now v8. It has seemingly gotten worse over the last 2 days. I can't make it a match without a hard freeze. I never get a bsod. I am not that good at troubleshooting things like this so hoping somebody can give me an idea of how to narrow it down. It is only happening in squad currently. I can play other games (although ATM I have only played League of Legends because nothing else is installed) and have no problems. anyways here is the specs: WINDOWS 7 64bit EVGA X58ftw3 EVGA GTX960 CORSAIR AX850 PS CORE I7-950 SAMSUNG SSD 850 EVO 16 GB GSKILL TRIDENT X EDIT: Now that I thought about it....roughly a week ago I downloaded discord to play LOL with some friends. Nearly as soon as I started using discord i got a lock up. I restarted and tried discord again...it worked for about an hour then locked up. I just started it again and got a lock up within about 2 minutes of talking. So maybe it is something to do with VOIP in squad or discord?
  13. Aircraft

    The main issue with aircraft on small maps is not how much damage the aircraft can do IMO. If the antiaircraft is even remotely realistic then the aircraft can be shot down anywhere on the map from any location on the map.... you will be able to see it 100% of the time from any location (excluding hiding behind a mountain for a brief moment. PR was able to negate this by having fog of war that prevented sight/lock with missiles to only 500 meters or so (not sure exactly but it was relatively small) but the DEVS are very smart and the engine still has a long way to go.........who knows what the future holds
  14. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Lol, good post. We're gonna have mortars, rocket trucks, and spgs so it'll be the true Basrah experience. well that plus warriors, scimitars, challenger tanks, lynx, and chinooks at least hopefully one day lol
  15. The fact of the matter is...the pace of the game currently is just entirely too fast for fortified defenses to be viable in most situations. Hopefully soon the maps will get bigger and/or make use of the entire area better. It sort of works in project reality because the game play is so much slower. Hopefully one day down the road gameplay will be much slower...however based on things I have read and heard from the DEVS I doubt it will ever be as slow as PR IMO. Which is unfortunate because I initially hoped that this game would fulfill my dreams of a bigger better PR but I don't think it is going to happen. I haven't given up all hope though just don't have as much hope as I once had. EDIT* That is not to say the game is bad by any means. It just isn't yet what I hoped for. I have enjoyed the playtime I put into it and definitely feel I have already gotten my moneys worth from the game.