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  1. "Sights" on Aks?

    damn, i liked it this way, finally it is realistic
  2. add Dutch faction

    I would like to suggest the dutch faction in this game, it isnt really a big country, or a big army, it just would be nice if there would be a dutch presence in a military game once. just a thought, but hey, worth a try
  3. i dont know if spotting is a really good idea in this game, the devs are aiming for tactical realism and i dont really see that happening with 20 floating doritos in ur screen.
  4. If weapon customization is not on the list of things to be implemented then here is the suggestion for that. im not saying that a total overhaul of weapons is necessary like in the mainstream shooters (CoD, BF etc.) but maybe in the sense of getting an ACOG scope on a class that normally only has a RDS, or chose to have a simple PSO scope on your Kalashnikov variant. some simple things you can customize would be pretty cool, but as i said, i dont know if it is on the "to do list". greetings, Maarten Vlutters (aka The Joker)