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  1. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    Looks like they've taken it right from Stalker game
  2. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    I have a feeling that I've already seen this recap somewhere...of course, https://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=28 Same screenshots, same promises, far less features and work done. Somebody had a vacation, i guess.
  3. What's going to be in V6

    I guess it will look like: V6 log: 1) We spoiled map icons even more(we love it) 2) Medic now can revive the whole squad at one time with a magic defibrillator. He has no rifle though 3) We fixed the bugs that appeared cause of our last fixing bugs 4) Now we have not only weapon, but a soldier sway!(yeah, we know you never asked for it) 5) General optimization that decreases your fps from 45 to 25 on all maps, + new graphic options that never work 6) Player licensing. Now in order to play on licensed servers, you need to have a licensed account. 7) 1 hour queue to enter the main menu. Oh yeah Well, that all for now, we've been hardly working for over a month on it. Forget about what you've seen in recaps in the closest 6 month. OW out.
  4. Shooting System Overhaul

    Wish they finely fix the recoil, because it's painful to see railgun recoil from 5mm guns in this somewhat realistic game. Here you can see that even after a 1000 shots in 5 min, his AK doesnt look at his ass as we'd have in the game
  5. Please more max 50 player servers!!

    No, it's a game issue, not a user side. All games like BF, RO2, etc have a constant 60+ fps on 64 players servers. In SQUAD, if server has 55+ players, i go down from 65 to 38-42 fps, moreover, weird stuff happens as was mentioned above( you die behind a cover, you die in 1-2 seconds after being slightly hit when you are already in a cover, etc.). Smokes and 20+ people shooting simultaneously at one spot decrease it by 10. intel i5 4460, Radeon R9 270X, 8GB ram, Win 10
  6. Reserve Slot - Change Request

    What about a whitelist access for staff members/supporters? It's gone by now.
  7. Infinite Bunnyhop

    Nay, as you see at the last part of the video, it goes yellow. However, if you get the right timing - you are able to bunnyhop endlessly + sprint(you stamina recovers while you fly, lol)/
  8. Alpha 5 Released

    If you pay me 5 grand a month - sure. Basically, now we have a simulator of 'Muhammad Ali with rifle v0.5' Here is how dev's see squad in v.5 And here how it was earlier
  9. Alpha 5 Released

    Not that good, we still had gotten 60% of the server population kicked when steam went down.
  10. Alpha 5 Released

    Judging by recoil, all wepons now use .50cal with a paper bullet. Seriously, it looks like i am shooting from a tank, when my scope goes to the skies after each shot.
  11. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 5.0

    We gotta start hyping about April patch and promised vehicles..oh wait, we didn't even receive the March one, that doesn't contain any content but a small tweaks and optimizations.
  12. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 5.0

    Next time(if there will be next time, looking on the yesterdays test), we'll need at least partial feature list and checklist. This will make it much more organized and effective. Like this: M4: Model in 1P X(In stand, crawl, prone), Model in 3P X(In stand, crawl, prone), Reload animation(1P & 3P) X, Muzzle flash(1P & 3P)(Appearance + sound), Drunk Weapon sway X, 50.cal recoil on M4 X, Taking out animation(1P & 3P)(A + S)(Check synchronization!), Hiding animation (1P & 3P)(A + S), Sight accuracy(All distances), Check 1 player reload, 99 players simultaneously reload. And i wish we had some dump files or logs, so i could post tons of crashes.
  13. What was in V5 test?

    For new things: new UI in kit selection and ammobox menu, map icons, a little optimization, new admin commands, some bug fixes. From gameplay side( Just remember it was a test, so it could change till Wednesday): broken recoil for US side, soldiers are now constantly drunk(their hands shake hard even with holded breath).
  14. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 5.0

    1. Name: Ammobox doesn't work on the training ground. Description: Ammobox doesn't show you a kit select menu on click sometimes, and even when show you press on class and nothing happens. How to reproduce: Load Firing Range map, pick any side, go to the side ammobox. 2. Name: Player camera jumps away when trying to sprint backwards Description: When you go backwards for some time and then try to sprint, your camera jumps in the random direction and teleports player for a bit. How to reproduce: Press and hold 'S' for about 4-5 seconds, then press and hold 'Shift'. 3. Name: Player stops when pressing back and sprint together or in short interval Description: When you try to sprint back, your character just stays still. How to reproduce: Press and hold 'S' + 'Shift' in the simultaneously or with short delay on after another. 4. Name: Player can crawl over some obstacles Description: You can crawl by some not very tall(like 40-70cm) obstacles instead of jumping. How to reproduce: Go to some low fence(for example i encountered it at urban map on the bush garden with the fences between bush rows), go prone, press and hold 'w' in the direction of the obstacle. 5. Name: Changing some graphic settings change your screen resolution and mode as well. Description: When you change certain graphic settings, your Screen resolution and Window mode fields change automatically as well. How to reproduce: Go to graphic settings, change your MSAA and AA settings, look at your chosen resolution and window mode(1600x900, windowed). Same happens when you just when you Alt+Tab the game. 6. Name: Player can 'crawl' a ladders Description: You can climb ladders while being prone How to reproduce: Go prone near a ladder, crawl to its direction, climb in this state. 7. Name: Militia SL's m4 firing modes Description: Militia Squad leader with M4 has no auto fire option, only single and 3 rounds burst How to reproduce: Go for militia side, become a squad leader, pick a SL kit with m4. 8. Name: You map 'stuck' on the screen and there is no way to hide it. Description: When you enter a server and it hasn't loaded sides info, if you open your map it will 'stick' there, after loading all assets you can open another map behind this one but can't hide the first one. How to reproduce: Enter the server, while assets are still loading(You see interface, blured map without markers) press 'M' to open a map. 9. Name: Gap in inventory interface Description: if you kit has no pistol, there is an empty place(gap) between Primary weapon and a grenade How to reproduce: Pick any kit without pistol, scroll your inventory. 10. Name: Wrong deployables positioning after construction Description: After building some deployable it teleports a bit and has different positioning from what you set it.. How to reproduce: Place a FOB, pick a SL kit, select Road block from your construction menu, place it, swap kit and fully build it. 11. Name: Grass has blue horizontal stripes on it Description: On a forest map with a city in the center(Logar Valley, i suppose),grass has some 3 horizontal blue stripes on it, 1 under the other. Will try to find a screenshot. How to reproduce: Load the map, go 100m from militia map and look at the grass. Might depend on graphical settings.
  15. How to suppress?

    Squad is too fast paced for it, at least at the moment. Supression get an effect that you hear bullet cracks and fear to die, so you are just hiding behind cover(affects much more then blur). And you dont, yoou just lean over and hit where the tracers are coming from, because even yiu yiu die - you'll respawn in ~20 sec nearby. Plus artificially increased recoil makes it almost impossible to shoot 249 in any stance except prone.