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  1. Squad / America's Army connection.

    Wasnt AA a sort of recruiting tool for the US army? That was way they had all the classes you had to go through? Also you always played as us army, you were never the "opfor"
  2. Brasilian Army for Faction

    It is far out there, but they could fight against an european faction. Imagine UN intervening in brazil because they are chopping down the rainforest og something.
  3. Skirmish Maps

    For seeding and other short matches this would be great. Could even make a selection of maps called "seeding maps" or something. Generally less server rules, and more hardcoded features making players do the desired choices, is better for a more similar experience across the servers.
  4. i7 3820 @ 4,3ghz GTX 780 16gb ddr3 1600 mhz 1440p AA: off SS: off Effects: high View distance: medium Shadows: medium Textures: high min: 26 max: 61 avg: 42 Want to upgrade my pc to avoid those drops down to 25 fps. First I am thinking about getting a gtx 1070, then at a later time I will change out MB, RAM and CPU.
  5. Squad founders- where are they now?

    SL founder here! Used to be very active in the modding community when it was formed, but RL is quite busy. Try to get at least one night a week gaming.
  6. movement in ADS

    I think this is just a limitation of videogames. IRL you have a whole different feel for the weapon, because you hold it with your hands. And also the sight picture and the way you use your eyes is way different IRL vs in game.
  7. Just going to necro this thread. +1 to this idea
  8. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    Maybe dividing up the playerbase is a good thing. You could end with the following scenario: More milsim minded people sticks to the classic gamemode. And players that prefers the more casual style will play TDM and other casual gamemodes.
  9. Beautiful New Map!

    The main points I've heard is performance, and legal rights to use the assets in the level, in a commercial setting.
  10. The meat grinder is awful

    Regarding rallies, maybe they should only be spawnable if the rest of the squad is close to it, or a minimum amount of squad members is close to it. Then you would actually have to rally as a squad, and figure out a new route to the objective.
  11. Coms through Headset? SFX Through Speakers?

    The reason it works in PR, is that coms is running from a different program (mumble). Not from the game itself, like interessant Squad. I have no idea tho, if it is possible to isolate the coms part in squad, and have a separate option in the settings for where you want the coms to output.
  12. In mech squad, would it not be better og the SL stayed in the vehicle, maybe as gunner since that spot gives good overview? The dismounts could then have their own team leader. This way, the vehicle gets the radio traffic directly, and the dismounts only need to worry about whats going on at their location.
  13. Optimization patch release date ?

    A fix for your issue: Remove fps counter overlay, play game, have fun. I have a Gtx 780, I have no idea what my fps is, still I have a blast playing the game.
  14. When I was playing PR regurarly with a clan/community, we just joined a server and teamswitched when it was room on the other side, aka the team balance was of. It takes a little time tho.
  15. V10 - Whats next?