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  1. Beautiful New Map!

    The main points I've heard is performance, and legal rights to use the assets in the level, in a commercial setting.
  2. The meat grinder is awful

    Regarding rallies, maybe they should only be spawnable if the rest of the squad is close to it, or a minimum amount of squad members is close to it. Then you would actually have to rally as a squad, and figure out a new route to the objective.
  3. Coms through Headset? SFX Through Speakers?

    The reason it works in PR, is that coms is running from a different program (mumble). Not from the game itself, like interessant Squad. I have no idea tho, if it is possible to isolate the coms part in squad, and have a separate option in the settings for where you want the coms to output.
  4. In mech squad, would it not be better og the SL stayed in the vehicle, maybe as gunner since that spot gives good overview? The dismounts could then have their own team leader. This way, the vehicle gets the radio traffic directly, and the dismounts only need to worry about whats going on at their location.
  5. Optimization patch release date ?

    A fix for your issue: Remove fps counter overlay, play game, have fun. I have a Gtx 780, I have no idea what my fps is, still I have a blast playing the game.
  6. When I was playing PR regurarly with a clan/community, we just joined a server and teamswitched when it was room on the other side, aka the team balance was of. It takes a little time tho.
  7. V10 - Whats next?

  8. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Got twins the last summer, in addition too the two kids we already have. I'll play when spare time is a thing again.
  9. Classes you will never see

    Classes, I dont think we will see any classes. But different roles and kits definitely. J/K, I just frem that the word classes belongs in those fantasy games.
  10. How to get better fps?

    Turn off fps indicator. It is just a placebo!
  11. I dont like to use RL as a reference, but look at it from that perspectiv. Most vehicles, especially support vehicles, has a radio inside. So there is a radio in the vehicle and that radio is set to the command/SL-SL channel, and when you enter AS driver, you can listen to and respond om that channel. It probably should not be in every vehicle, but maybe in vehicles that is supporting the team. But I do see your point about cluttering up the comms with more people. @madcat768
  12. I dont think you really understood me. I am talking about giving other squadleaders the ability to communicate directly with the vehicles that are supporting them. And I never said anything about removing squad locking. I am a true believer of dedicated squads, coming from years of playing PR.
  13. Dedicated squads was a given, but maybe my suggestion only works in a perfect world where people have some radio disiplin
  14. Would it be possibly to add a feature that allowed a player that sits in the driver or passenger seat of a vehicle, to get access to the all SL radio channel? Ex 1: You are running a supply/trans squad, and have 2 additional members in your squad who drives their own vehicles. If this feature was in place, they could receive and respond to requests, without you, the SL, having to do all the communicating. Ex 2: An apc squad is covering a group of infantry advancing on an objective. SL's of the different inf squads could then communicate directly with the apc closest to them, to get that fire support quickest. What do you think?
  15. Dedicated Squads

    @Zylfrax791 I think the point they are trying to make, is that vehicle/support squads not necessarily should be locked at 2 people. Because there is usually more than one such vehicle. Also it seems that many of you agree, so I dont see the point og this *** measuring competition you got going on here. lol