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  1. Urban echo sound effects

    @anders we hope this sound effect will be applied soon. I am eagerly waiting for big change in sound update.
  2. I am expecting more realistic urban echo sound effects in maps like Al Basrah, Nava, Sumari etc. I feel current echo sound effects in urban areas is similar to non urban area. The sound which produced from gun, explosion and vehicle are not reflecting in closed urban areas. Insurgency sandstorm have good urban sound effects I feel it's more realistic.
  3. Truck mounted with AZP S-60 57mm AA Gun insurgents and militia will be equally power against Armed APC vehicles. https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=141926
  4. Expecting this sound feature in next update.
  5. @andres any update on new sound, any chance of hearing new sound effects in squad alpha v10?
  6. 1. Players defensive position in open vehicles with firing option. So may times I have experienced vehicle ambush and getting killed without firing single bullet. Please modifie the player seating position as defensive with firing option in open truck, technical and pickup truck vehicles which helps to answer the ambush with out getting out of vehicles. 2. Players carry ammo box. When defending or attacking away far from FOB if we are running out of ammo or bandage instead of running back to ammo create for reloading we can request SL to send soldier carrying ammo box on foot or vehicles. 3. APC blow up time should be increased. As we see the game vehicles are blowing up and turn to wreck immediately after hitting mines or multiple rockets. Usually vehicle after taking hit first it will be damaged and disable post that it will catch fire or cook off and then turn to wreck it's required some time to blowup. I hope I see this changes in next version. 4. PKM bipod front folding It's a small change. I have observed PKM bipod folded toward back side in November 2017 recap. Usually PKM gun bipod will be folded towards front side which we see the difference between Russian MG and US MG. I have seen maximum PKM bipod in real world folded to front which make difference between M240 and PKM.
  7. Great anders It's awesome it's sounds similar to below real firefight video.
  8. Realistic weapon firing effects indoor, outdoor and forest.
  9. Having limited rounds of mortar airburst and somke shell's will be more effective in the game. this shells will be helpful in different combat situations.
  10. Current insurgent model in the Al Basrah map is not matching with urban location. It's looks like Afghanistan insurgents in Iraq map. Team Please change the insurgent model to Iraqi style insurgents.
  11. I was expecting more realistic sound effects in urban location. unfortunately when I started playing AL Basrah map found that there is no echo sound effects in the map if I am firing weapon out side or side the building. When there is firefight in city obviously sound get reflects on sounded buildings it will be more when firing RPG,HMG or explosion as we can observe in real urban combat videos. Requesting squad team to implement the dynamic echo effects in the maps.
  12. Realistic weapon sound

    Dynamic echo sound effects is missing in squad. In above bump-fire video we can clearly observe echo of AK 74 firing in woodland with Sami and auto. Where in the squad there is no echo even though weapon firing close to wall or building. Usually we hear more echo effect in woodland and urban maps.
  13. LMG

    PKM and M240 weapons or not static weapons this can be handle and carry by one person. Upgraded models or more reliable and light weight. Russian classic PKM machine gun is most used weapon in all battlefield. As you can check maximum militia and guerrilla using PKM and US, NATO using M240 L in support class.
  14. LMG

    Team we are waiting for PKM and M240 LMG's. Support class soldiers is missing this great fire power in the game. My vote for LMG to implement in next update.
  15. weapon sound improvement required. Need realistic dynamic effects on ambient. Difference between real sound and game sound.