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  1. Great anders It's awesome it's sounds similar to below real firefight video.
  2. Realistic weapon firing effects indoor, outdoor and forest.
  3. Having limited rounds of mortar airburst and somke shell's will be more effective in the game. this shells will be helpful in different combat situations.
  4. Current insurgent model in the Al Basrah map is not matching with urban location. It's looks like Afghanistan insurgents in Iraq map. Team Please change the insurgent model to Iraqi style insurgents.
  5. I was expecting more realistic sound effects in urban location. unfortunately when I started playing AL Basrah map found that there is no echo sound effects in the map if I am firing weapon out side or side the building. When there is firefight in city obviously sound get reflects on sounded buildings it will be more when firing RPG,HMG or explosion as we can observe in real urban combat videos. Requesting squad team to implement the dynamic echo effects in the maps.
  6. Realistic weapon sound

    Dynamic echo sound effects is missing in squad. In above bump-fire video we can clearly observe echo of AK 74 firing in woodland with Sami and auto. Where in the squad there is no echo even though weapon firing close to wall or building. Usually we hear more echo effect in woodland and urban maps.
  7. LMG

    PKM and M240 weapons or not static weapons this can be handle and carry by one person. Upgraded models or more reliable and light weight. Russian classic PKM machine gun is most used weapon in all battlefield. As you can check maximum militia and guerrilla using PKM and US, NATO using M240 L in support class.
  8. LMG

    Team we are waiting for PKM and M240 LMG's. Support class soldiers is missing this great fire power in the game. My vote for LMG to implement in next update.
  9. weapon sound improvement required. Need realistic dynamic effects on ambient. Difference between real sound and game sound.
  10. Hi Team Need some dust kick effects when firing rocket on different trains like dust or mud. As we can compare current version of game 8.7 with real video.
  11. Hi team, as I found there is no burst flash after HMG bullets hitting to ground in current version. We can observe the flash of bullets and tracer effects in long range when hitting to ground in low light in below video. Please add this real effects in next version.
  12. Soldier not carrying launchers

    Thank you developers. Done great job.
  13. Currently in squad. models or not carrying any RPG or M72 LAW on back. We can see only reloading launcher ammo from the back pack. So please update the models with carrying launchers, ammo back pack and radio box in next update.
  14.  jumping over a wall

    I have encountered this issue while playing squad. There was a situation like we have found a direct way to enter enemy compound by jumping small mud wall that was small enough to jump. But we couldn't and all moved to broken part of wall to enter. Finally ended up with enemy ambush all killed by 50 cal mounted inside..
  15. Blind Firing

    I have suggested bind firing long ago. Blind firing stance is very useful and highly used in firefight. Most of the 3rd person shooter games will be having blind firing option which is big mistake in gaming. Bsc in 3rd person we can hide behind walls and see exact position of enemies using 3rd person camera view. But in first person shooter it will be very useful and challenging to pin down enemies in critical situations.