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  1. Functional walk mechanic

    While true slower movement isn't going to hurt, and they could probably jerry-rig it to work with vehicles.
  2. Paratroopers

    Post Scriptum is about the British 7th Airborne division during Operation Market Garden. The 101st is also going to be in at launch, and paradrops are going to be there as well.
  3. Functional walk mechanic

    *We really need a toggle walk function Better?
  4. Taliban and RKG's

    I KNEW I wasn't crazy! I thought I remembered anti-tank grenades in the Raider kit, I can't wait for them to be back.
  5. [Suggestion] automatic driving

    I don't remember which version it was, but a few back there was a bug where if you had double-tap-to-walk on it'd work in vehicles and they'd move along to a soldier's pace. I miss that.
  6. Functional walk mechanic

    We really need a walk function, at the least. I personally would like the system straight out of Tarkov; using the mouse wheel to adjust you speed on the fly. Their stance function is the same and also very nice, but I digress. I'd rather walk than jog while clearing a building, and bring back the ability to "toggle walk" while driving, i.e. when you double tapped in a previous version the vehicle would move along at a soldier's pace. That made clearing a town much easier and safer.
  7. Separate audio devices for VOIP and game audio

    I second this. Also, the ability to separate squad/command/local chat to different speakers i.e. local left, squad right. And different audio channels, so I don't have to listen to randos banter.
  8. Are there any bot mods yet?

    I think bots would be a good thing in Squad because a dedicated modding team would probably do well at creating new AI behavior. Most video game AI today is bland and uninspired, it's been a part of games that's lacked any progress for a long time. The Squad dev team and community have been steamrolling content updates since its inception and that could serve well as motivation to try new things in the AI department.
  9. Mic isn't working

    I don't know what it was but my mic started working a while back when I jumped in a game and I haven't had any problems since.
  10. I'm surprised no one's mentioned the guy over the loudspeaker. The first time I heard him I thought that was pretty neat.
  11. What about this FOB?

    That's legit. I'm gonna start hiding FOBs in trees now.
  12. Sniper Team

    I ended up playing spotter to a marksman in a match a while back. We respawned on the wrong side of the map with opfor in between us and our unit, so we planted ourselves on some rocks overlooking the valley and pointed out enemy positions. It was very fun.
  13. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Lower your weapon? How so?