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  1. [3dAC] - 3rd Armoured Cavalry - Recruitment

    Some of us PR vets in [3dAC] are dipping our toes into squad, starting with a regular session on Tuesdays. You may have noticed today is a Tuesday. If you would like to have a game with us we should be on [TdC]&[bSM] AAS Italia server to play with some of our Italian friends. If interested, join our teamspeak server. Cheers, Murkey.
  2. paul_onesix's Videos!

    Hey Paul, great videos as always. Up for some organised fun tomorrow? - http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/709-3dac-3rd-armoured-cavalry-recruitment/page-4 I won't be recording much for squad as I need the frames, so keep up the good work! Cheers, Murkey.
  3. [3dAC] - 3rd Armoured Cavalry - Recruitment

    So 3dAC have got their Squad keys now, as well as having members that have been testing and playing for weeks and months. Tomorrow I'll try and get a few people on a server to have some proper co-ordination, communication and leadership going. Anyone that wants to join us is more than welcome. Around 1900 GMT/ UTC, join the 3dAC teamspeak server which can be found here. We'll join a EU server and get a decent squad or two going. If you are confused PM me here or poke me on TS. Cheers from Murkey & 3dAC.
  4. No UK servers anymore

    I played yesterday (for the first time) and there was a UK server up for a while, but it disappeared. There was also a French one that worked tres bien. As for the comments on tickrate, there is some lay press coverage over a battlefield game that does a decent enough job of explaining - http://mp1st.com/2015/05/13/dice-la-introduces-120hz-tickrate-to-battlefield-4-cte-aka-really-good-netcode/ Cheers, Murkey.
  5. SQUAD Live Chat Room (IRC)

    From the FAQ - "After the Closed Pre-Alpha (CPA) period is up, we will move into the Closed Alpha (CA) phase where Squad Leader level backers on the Kickstarter will have their chance to play. This is scheduled for mid to late September. Finally for those who do not wish to partake in Alpha testing at all, we are opening up pre-sales of the game here, where you can purchase access at a Squad Leader levelto the Closed Alpha, or simply pre-purchase the game at a Rifleman Level and once we enter Early Access, you will have full access of the game. The timing for Early Access is the end of 2015." FAQ here - http://joinsquad.com/faq Updates here - http://joinsquad.com/#updates Lastly, welcome to the site and thanks for getting involved. Cheers, Murkey.
  6. Common Acronyms Explained/Defined.

    We have a Project Reality Dictionary thread (here), but not all of those entries will apply to squad. Someone could create a Squad Dictionary, although as the game develops the acronyms will change. I guess besides watching a bunch of war films etc the best bet is to ask for clarification whenever someone uses an acronym that's new to you. Cheers, Murkey.
  7. [3dAC] - 3rd Armoured Cavalry - Recruitment

    Expect to see a few more of us playing Squad once the closed alpha starts and the clan packs kick in. Besides tags and saying "quack" we'll all be talking and working together. See you out there soon Cheers, Murkey.
  8. I like the round is ending.. message in PR. Just enough time to thank my squad mates and type up GG. I really dislike the teamkill bonanza. I know it's just a game but it's like never pointing a gun at something you don't want to be destroyed. A decent player should never intentionally team kill (unless it's a knife fight/ boxing match). Daniel, I thought you were talking about the end score screen. So instead of "Taliban 120: US 0" Something like "Taliban have achieved a decisive victory (120) against the US forces (0) in Korengal valley. But that's probably another suggestion altogether. Cheers, Murkey.
  9. Nameable FOBs

    Good idea, but I'd like to disagree with most of the above posts! Nameable FOBs/ Spawns is a great idea, but I don't see much value if they are just random names. It really isn't difficult to say "Everyone spawn in on the FOB in G6", or "the FOB by Radio Tower flag". If SL's could name FOBs using a drop down menu to actually add information for the team, that would be useful. Stuff like: Offensive/Defensive FOB, Hidden/ Asset FOB, Fallback Only FOB, Un-supplied FOB etc That would be useful, that way you'd know where your teams AA was in an instant, or would know to keep a low profile when spawning on a sneaky FOB etc Cheers, Murkey.
  10. Thanks for the response and lengthy explanation. I'd just thought I'd add to your comment, as it took me a couple of readings to understand your point. For clarity, Z-trooper is saying shooting someone in the front, with a weapon raised means their arms, hands, rifle etc are now infront of their body, meaning the part of the body that has a higher damage rating is less likely to be hit. Could be that it's just me being slow, but just in case Cheers, Murkey.
  11. Kalashnikovs are comin'

    Great stuff, I love to see some variety in the AK's. I don't want to be that guy (and could be entirely wrong) but shouldn't the PM MD. 65 actually be labelled the 63? The 65 in contrast being the underfolder, with the rearward curing vertical grip? Either way, looking good. Cheers, Murkey.
  12. Mousepad vs. No Mousepad?

    Damn, I never thought to try a mouse pad, since I moved away from roller-ball mice I've always just used the table desk. Seriously, would I see an improvement in my FPS abilities if I were to start using a mouse pad? I fee like such a peasant now, playing PR for years with a cheap mouse and office keyboard. Cheers, Murkey.
  13. In-game kill score feedback

    I agree, even with automatic friendly fire and TK messages to the player in PR, it can still take a while for new players to realise their mistake. Nothing worse than being shot at by friendlies that haven't taken the hint. As for automatic kick script as MuffriDer mentions, the issue with that is all it takes is one truck driver with a full vehicle to run over your carefully placed and marked out mine and then you're kicked for someone else's mistake. Lastly a squad KDR is a good idea. Cheers, Murkey.
  14. Shoot yourself in the foot?

    Guys, Squad is all about teamwork. You shoot a squad mate in the foot, then he returns the favour. C'mon! Cheers, Murkey.
  15. Four Fs: find, fix, flank, finish

    It happens in PR. Not always, as the first victim of war is always the battle plan. Suppression can and does work, but lots of veteran players have got very good at using cover and concealment to the point where they are able to move and return fire even under pretty heavy suppression. A lot of this is affected by the levels of suppression effects and material penetration that are specific to PR, so might be different in Squad. As for the 4 F's, flanking is certainly used to get a different angle on enemy positions, although it is only really effective when the flanking element remains undetected, meaning the 'fixing' element is more about attracting aggro than suppressing the enemy. Lastly there a quite a few mil-sim clans in PR, I'm sure they're all lovely people and decent players. But generally they would lose in a match against a PR clan that only uses tactics developed for PR, instead of attempting to co-opt military tactics for a game which is somewhat removed from a military simulation. Hope that helps, I'm happy to discuss squad level tactics in PR if you have more questions. Cheers, Murkey.