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  1. air assets??

    when i heard squad wont be including jets
  2. Help me buy some RAM

    I have about a $200 budget for some new RAM upgrade for my pc and I need some help picking it out from https://www.newegg.com/ . I am wanting to add 16GB total here are my specs Processor AMD 8350 4.00 GHz Black Edition Motherboard Asus M5A97 R2.0 EVO Operating System Windows 10 Home 64bit https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/M5A97_R20/specifications/
  3. air assets??

    long time pr player since 0.83 and i will be getting this game soon and I was wondering if they have said anything about when they will be adding air assets.
  4. sup guys ive been gone from pc for a while now and I was wanting to know if the devs have said anything about when they plan to introduce helicopters and jets?
  5. Project Reality, Test Airfield, PLS Help

    Yeah put that in the levels folder then launch a new game under deployment or join a server that host that map
  6. Picking up a EVGA 960 4GB FTW card today and im needing a psu to go with it. Only requirements are- it must have modular cabling and come from newegg or amazon. Also it needs 2nd 8pin cause I'm going to pick up another 960 in the future. its going in a NZXT H440. any suggestions.
  7. Hello has there been any recent new on when they are introducing vehicles in this mil game? I have been wanting to purchase this since hearing about it on pr forums about 2 years ago, but have been holding off due to cash restrictions and really, waiting for the polished version with vehicles. Probably going to wait until they implement vehicles, particularly air assets. But may pick it up this week with my new nvidia video card gets ordered. Upgrading from my radeon hd 7770. Been a pr vet since .86 and really love this genre of games!
  8. Squad key giveaways ?

    loooong time pr vet since .86 lookin to joinsquad but times are tuff rite now and i was wondering if anyone here has any gamekeys to giveaway or websites hosting key giveaway contest rite now. im 29 from na and some ppl say im fun to hangout with on the battlefield. also i can add you to my steam friends list so we can game together and im looking forward to live-streaming this game when it comes out also messed up and posted this on the offtopic forums so mods can you delete that one (: thanks for your time
  9. NEW! video tech demo of the engine used in Squad!