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  1. lol looks like were 10th? its like a race these days - jeebus
  2. iB in if still room
  3. 1 Squad NA - to allow room for others if signups are light we can bring more.
  4. iB - Hi - UK
  5. iB in - yes in UK one
  6. replied already but what the hell... [iB] 1 squad
  7. The return of Meet the Clans is upon us, the latest guest will be 3MOB. OP is updated to reflect - standby for time, still to be determined!
  8. A few updates... Our follow up round in the march tournament vs a talented HSG unit: Hard fought matches there! Server has been updated to 50 slot and has moved into the General server tab - will update OP.
  9. Wow lots of clans! [IB] would like in but might be late to the party it seems.
  10. iB back in.
  11. Dolphin diving complaints I get but what about the side to side strafing then? It's still a video game. If you get rid of bunny hopping, and dolphin dives, get rid of wriggle worms too.
  12. Matches finally up on YouTube