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  1. No I am not able to spawn when not in a squad and I am not trying to join full squads I try and join ones that aren't full and it won't work
  2. how do I do the verifying part I just deleted all config files
  3. This happens on almost every low ping server I join though and already verified game cache so idk if that is the problem This happens on almost every low ping server I join though and already verified game cache so idk if that is the problem This happens on almost every low ping server I join though and already verified game cache so idk if that is the problem wetblue how do I do this how do you validate them
  4. Alright so who can solve this problem I am running on acompletely updated windows 7 program with a gtx 750 ti superclocked and when I join into a game, which I CAN do without problems when I get into the spawn screen it is like it knocks out my signal because when I hit the join squad button it turns yellow like something should happen even though nothing does no matter how many times I hit and I even wait five minutes to see if there was a delayed effect and that I would join but it doesn't work. However, this doesn't occur everytime, sometimes I am able to actually join even though every game I join into is between 20-70 ping and doesn't lag at all when I play but as soon as I die in the games I can join the same effect as the JOIN button occurs with the give up button it just changes colors and nothing happens it doesn't give up and I cannot respawn no matter how long I wait every thing still is going on like I see the map and all the squad members moving as well as their chat but it's like my signal is blocked and I can't join. Idk what to do pleaz help for I cannot stand this at all I want to enjoy the beauty of this game b/c the little I have played I have loved. Already tried uninstall-reinstall, verifying caches, and updating windows. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yes I have fully reinstalled the game atleast 3 times I can spawn in now but when I die I cannot give up no matter what or respawn in the button when I click it just turns yellow and then back to original color like I described like it is denying me the ability to give up or is not registering my command
  6. No I am just running it on my computer monitor all the main menu buttons are there and work along with the settings panel thing when your in game but the only buttons that seem not to work despite there color change when I click on them are the join squad or give up buttons. I click them and it doesn't put me in a squad or allow me to spawn I will try lowering resolution but I don't see how that'll make the buttons work as they light up when I click them just nothing happens
  7. I believe I have tried that and I am almost sure that it won't work but I am not sure I have it in the right compatability mode. I have posted this question in a lot of places and I really need it answered b/c I love this game and watching youtubers play it but to finally download it and trust me I already had the visual c++ error and fixed it I have been very disappointed in this game and how much unneccesary effort I have put in to make it "WORK"
  8. WHen I join a server, by the way I can see all servers in server browser and can join any open I choose, when I get to the loading screen, I go to click on join a squad and the button changes color to yellow and It doesn't join. During this time I also try to change roles and the buttons just change color like I should switch to that role but nothing happens. To add onto these errors the couple games I did manage to play by luck/randomness we ruined after I died the first time and I would hit give up and then I would click spawn point and hit enter and it wouldn't spawn me it didn't even go to countdown screen for respawn. It's like it is refusing what I'm doing/my computer's signal. Every now and then I can play a game but that is like 1 out of 10 tries and in the rest of those attempts one or all of these errors occur. Please help. I hope I didn't WASTE my money on a junk game.