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  1. So ever since I have gotten Squad, I would face constant problems after playing the game for 20-30 minutes. I would sometimes crash for no reason and get this notification (after every time I crash) when checking my notifications box; Other times, I would crash after getting into a heavy firefight or getting hit by an explosion nearby. Other times are when I respawn and I look around and then I crash. (**These may relate issue above, since I get the same notification) Is there a way to fix the problem, or can the problem not be fixed?
  2. First off, my idea. Here's the scenario, you're a medic (or another role) and your buddy makes a step in front of a door, but then gets shot down. Someone lays down smoke for the medic to go in and revive the person, but then the medic ends up getting shot by blind fire from the enemy. Another medic comes and tries to revive you, but then a grenade is thrown and the nearby squad members are killed. Sounds familiar? If not, then I have. I have been playing the medic role recently now and I enjoy it. What I do not enjoy is the scenario above. Now my proposal is adding a way to allow players (all players) to move bodies of people who are down (but not dead) so medics can revive the person in a safer location. This can be done by grabbing and dragging, pushing, or other ways. This happens in real life too, where soldiers drag their buddies behind front lines to get the medic to them, and since this game is based off of real life combat, why not implement it? (or the developers are already working on this) My second part has to do with reviving someone. There are times when you have a buddy who gets shot down when they're against a wall and when the medic goes up to revive their fellow squad member, the body just "teleports" to another spot, either on opposite side of the wall or 10-20 m. from the medic. This may not be a big problem, but it's a problem when you are in a city map, where you can get "teleported" to inside of a house with no exit, or get separated from your squad and end up in a firefight with the enemy nearby (believe me, I have been in both situations). If this is a problem that the developers haven't noticed, I would appreciate it if they took notice and tried to fix it. If they are, then just ignore what I posted.
  3. Hello, so after some browsing and review checking, I found that this game has positive reviews and decided to give it a go and bought it. It has been about a year since my last FPS game I played and wanted to ask the public for some tips (Although it's been a year, I am not completely new to shooter games). 1). What are some basic overall tips to this game? (Other than communicating with your teammates) 2). How do I make myself welcome to a squad I join? (I'm the first out of my friends to get this, so I expect myself to be with strangers) 3). How should I deal with the so called "jerks" squad leaders/member? (ie. Calls you names when you don't know what to do) 4). What kind of "contribution" is expected of a player when in game? 5). Any additional tips/comments. Lastly, since this type of FPS style game is sort of "new" (I haven't played Arma or games similar to it), just expect me to be confused and unaware of my surrounding if you see me in game. Anyways, Happy New Years!