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  1. Don't forget the Russians...
  2. Getting back on the topic at hand- 80-player servers are not performing as well as we'd like. Server tick rates appear fine when payers are spread out at the start of matches. Once players are condensed into close proximity the tick rates bounce down into the single digits. So, this idea of 100-player server being a reality is difficult to believe. Unless you simply mean to state that you connected 100 players to a server all at once, regardless of the performance likely being S***.
  3. Big thanks to all of the players who showed up in support of today's Defend the Dome event. It was 5 hours of intensity and hilarity. We're hoping to do this again in the very near future.
  4. We're now an 80-player server! The steam group community has grown to more than 500 members! Stop by and join one of the largest public squad communities!
  5. Yeah, I submitted a ticket to them asking when slot upgrades would be available. Looking forward to increasing the carnage.
  6. So, BlueFang Solutions might lose some business since their processors are 3.4 Ghz. Devs might want to let their partners know that.
  7. Lots of new members on our steam group and new content added to the website by several creative community members. Stop by for a few good games anytime, 24/7. Also, we're looking for a few EU/UK admins. Please speak with us on our steam group if you're interested. Thanks for playing with us on THUNDERDOME!
  8. Just a quick update- The squadthunderdome.com website has received a few updates. We're currently searching for one or two more EU/UK admins. Stop by the steam group to find out more.
  9. Thanks for the kind words, bipcopter! We do our best to keep the server as 'clean' as possible for the Squad community. See you on the battlefield!
  10. It will. I know of several people who want to play the game but aren't keen on purchasing anything in alpha. Once these undecided people get a taste they'll be throwing money at it.
  11. Very cool. I'll add this to the thunderdome server messages.
  12. 2 more mods added to the team this week. With the server remaining full almost 24/7 it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain admin coverage. We're working on it though!
  13. Two new mods added to the team yesterday. Might have another new admin or two in the very near future. Stop by the steam group and meet the crew!
  14. The new Thunderdome website is up and running. There are a lot of things that remain to be added but you can stop by and check out the progress and hop into our discord server. www.squadthunderdome.com