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    website and forums updated and open to the public.
  2. Thunderdome - Public Squad Mayhem

    Been a while since I posted an update. See OP for new links, updated rules, and server info. Join the new thunderdome forums today!
  3. Thunderdome - Public Squad Mayhem

    Basic information updated on the OP.
  4. Thunderdome - Public Squad Mayhem

    I invite anyone to read through the entire ban conversation on the thunderdome discord. This matter was handled and you were decided to be someone who was disruptive and non-compliant. No other player has stepped forward in agreement with your interpretations of the thunderdome rules. Please refrain from attempts to discredit this community because you aren't happy with the decisions that were made.
  5. Thunderdome - Public Squad Mayhem

    For the sake of reiterating what we've already made public knowledge, I'll gladly add my point of view to this discussion. I'm not even sure where to begin with this. Honestly, there is nothing in this statement but a bunch of attempts to make the thunderdome admin look bad. If the admin were as bad as you're describing, no one would play on the server and surely no one would be donating to keep it running. If you want to complain about something that actually happened than feel free. But that's going to require you to grow up and approach the server staff like an adult. Jumping on a forum or comment board and anonymously posting a crybaby statement means nothing. This type of behavior is fairly common from players who were caught breaking the rules and now they feel like they need to reinforce their pride by giving off the tough-guy attitude. If you have a fair complaint, make it. Better yet, make the complaint with your steam i.d. so we can see exactly who you are and pull up your history on our server. Next, your attack on me by saying I'm "horrid" isn't justified and surely isn't appreciated, Mr. random guy who isn't brave enough to tell us who you really are. You know absolutely nothing about me and the fact that you'd stoop to a personal blow only hurts your position in this conversation. I rarely, if ever, handle rule enforcement on the server since my focus in on maintaining the physical server. But because I'm the guy who the admins come to for a second opinion on whether or not a punishment is justified, I'm "horrid"? To be more specific, the server is actually owned by the community of players who donate their money to it and play here regularly. The rules that are enforced are designed to protect THEM, not the admins. So, when you call the admins "horrid" for enforcing the rules that protect our community, you're really just saying that you think our entire community is horrid. That's probably not the best approach to making friends around these parts. Speaking of rules, our rules are posted in a bunch of places for public knowledge and reference. Don't like our rules? Then don't play on our server. The way we do things isn't up for debate from some rando who got his/her feelings hurt. Do us a favor and keep your name-calling, oh wait excuse me, "critiques" to yourself unless you want to have a productive conversation. BTW, that conversation happens on our discord where you have to face us directly. Not here where you're hiding behind anonymity.
  6. SixGhost- You and your comrades got my full consideration in the matter. Which is exactly why I pulled the permabans after talking with the admins and one of your players who was present at the time. I wasn't there so I can only go so far in either direction. The admins didn't have enough for me to defer solely to their opinions. The -RAOR- players were in the same boat with nothing but he said/she said perspectives. No one went on a campaign to smear your clan's reputation because of it. The majority of this issue stems from a really crappy video that doesn't do -RAOR- players or Thunderdome admin any justice. If I came across as a little stern here it's because I was obligated to stand up for my community as a whole. Your buddy grimshadow pulled the trigger a little early by placing a label on my admins and community in a public setting. If someone is going to make implications about my community that I disagree with, you can expect that I'll be there to voice a response. For the sake of perspective, I think my vantage point in all of this has been overlooked. I wholeheartedly believe that I made the fairest call that I could make given the circumstances. I made sure that IF my admins were mistaken, you and your friends weren't going to deal with that mistake permanently. IF there was some foul play going on and my admins didn't catch enough of it, than everyone got a nice warning and we all learned a thing or two on how to handle this next time. One thing I won't do is undermine my admins actions without warrant. If and when that happens, you and the rest of the general public aren't going to know about it since that's a private matter. If it wasn't private, the Squad world would know the dirty details about the admins I've already tossed for treating players poorly and/or unfairly. Trust me, I put a lot of time, money, and effort into the Thunderdome community and I'm committed to protecting that investment. The best I can do for you is promise to continue to be as fair as I can with the information I'm given. No one likes to be falsely accused of anything. Maybe my admins were a bit hasty, I won't know for sure since there's no way to prove/disprove that, but your homeboy grimshadow was equally hasty to try and forge an opinion against us here on the forums. Things tend to get out of hand when you allow the public to weigh-in. Regardless of this painful forum thread, -RAOR- players are still welcome on Thunderdome. I hope that you can convey my neutral position in this to the rest of your players. I would be disappointed if any of them chose not to come back.
  7. Some of you have made fair points, some of you just sound like assholes. If you're unable to recognize the fact that we (Thunderdome) did what we felt was right than that's too bad. If you want to get technical about it, we can kick/ban whomever we please without any requirement for evidence. But don't take my word for it, read the admin guidelines for yourselves. If we were some garbage server than that might have been the case but it wasn't. The idea of a "witch hunt" is absurd to me. Grow the hell up. Go read our server rules for an understanding on how much effort we put into putting the players first. After that, you can stop by our steam group and read all of the player comments if you want a second opinion. If you don't like how we manage our server, too bad, open your own damn server and work to make it popular. This is just my personal opinion here and not affiliated with the rest of Thunderdome but- Find your own group of regular players and cater to them. Get your own donations from people who enjoy your community and care about how you handle things. Grow your own steam group to over 700 players. Arrange and host your own events every month. All the while be sure to keep active admins on and take care of the players who truly want to be a part of this game's development while picking out the bad eggs. Otherwise, let us handle the situations as they occur on our own server. Some of you have the knowledge and experience to do all of these things but you wouldn't guess that buy the manner in which you speak to other players and/or complete strangers. I gave these guys the benefit of the doubt and reduced the punishments and removed the permabans. If you don't like that, again, too bad because it's not up to you. I didn't have to do anything but I did it because they showed a genuine interest in upholding their reputation. As a side note, I received no amount of thanks or appreciation for doing so either. Instead, I was treated as if I was somehow negotiating for a better deal. So, let this be a lesson for us to look back upon in the event that we encounter this type of issue in the future. In the 7 months that Thunderdome has been up and running we've had very few issues and we intend to keep it that way. Next time, knowing that my kindness might be taken for granted such as it was, I probably won't care to hear what anyone thinks about my decisions. As a side note, I don't personally give a damn about anyone's "reputation" for being good players or for upholding fair gameplay when their not on Thunderdome. If you're acting like sludge when you're on my server, I'll assume you do that on a regular basis no matter where you are. If you try to advocate for someone who was found to be in the wrong than I'll just assume you're a part of the problem as well. Simple. The situation has been handled and it's over. End Topic.
  8. I understand your position in all of this and I'll make one more statement before I'm done with this post entirely. 6 of my admins plus several players all made the same statement to me about what happened. The admins tried to get video evidence as a means of justification because that's how it works on our server. Players aren't just banned all willy-nilly. Your players being "good people" with references on steam and no prior evidence of ghosting is a bit lacking in my eyes. Your players weren't targeted, they were discovered. I hope you can understand the difference. Believe me, I know how good some of your players are. I've played with several of them. This isn't about my personal opinion of your player's conduct. As I've already said, they are free to approach us about the issue and one of them has. I will speak with this individual on the subject and we'll proceed from there. Which is precisely what should have happened FIRST to begin with. Throwing shade on my server by blasting us with veiled threats about admin abuse doesn't make me want to help you. Perhaps next time (hopefully there isn't a next time) you can bring this to us on our discord, steam group, or website. And not on the OWI forums where you inadvertently encourage players to have a negative opinion about either or both of us. For the record- we are completely justified in our actions. Anything we do to alter this situation for your players is because we're not just a bunch of assholes. We're a bunch of assholes who actually give a damn about players enjoying themselves in Squad. One or more of your players might remain banned because of this. Or, we might repeal one or more of the bans. I don't know yet since that conversation hasn't been had. Until then, keep the bullshit posts about admin abuse and whatever else in your pants until we get it all sorted out.
  9. I'll chime in on this since we're talking about my server. First I'll point out that I wasn't there so I'm not a witness. I'm only here to advocate on behalf of my admins and the players who witnessed this event occur. Let's start by cutting out the nonsense- Your players Schrapnel, Mxx190, StrikerC123, ProfessorKnocksHard -JJ, and ArtofWar were not banned because of hacking. They were banned because they were caught cherry-picking FOBs. Next, at no point did any of these players or any representative from -ROAR- approach the Thunderdome admin about this ban. As per our server rules, all players are afforded the opportunity to make an appeal. Instead, they (I assume) approached one of the Devs to complain about it. That Dev then immediately reached out to me and we discussed the matter in detail. Since you're so interested in highlighting the server admin guidelines, I should point out that the determination from that Dev was "you guys have broken no rules as far as I'm concerned. You saw a problem and have taken steps toward correcting that problem". As far as I'm concerned that's a closed-case but since the Thunderdome team doesn't act out of spite, I'll continue to provide evidence to the fact. During the game in question, Thunderdome had 6 admin online. When it was realized by one team that their FOBs were being taken down within minutes or seconds of them being placed, that aroused suspicion. Numerous non-admin players have given me testimony to this fact and I'm sure they will gladly speak on this once I share the link on our discord server. Moving on- when the admins were made aware of this suspicion they starting investigating. That investigation included watching the match in admincam from multiple angles. The decision was made to have the team place a bait FOB immediately after -ROAR- players took down the most recent FOB. This new FOB was placed in a location on its own, outside the 'practical' or 'logical' areas, and the 3 players who placed it did not encounter and enemies in between putting it down and -ROAR- players moving in to destroy it. Equally important to note, the squad leaders were made aware that this was a bait fob. Yes, the video only gives a snapshot of the entire event but so what? Your implications are that 1) Thunderdome admins only act on behalf of their own benefit and 2) That all -ROAR- players are saints. So, the concerning part in all of this is that you would have everyone assume that the Thunderdome admin were so bored with winning that match that they needed to find some people to ban in the mean time? Here's the bottom line: Those players are banned from Thunderdome because they were caught red-handed. If you want to speak on their behalf and swear to their legitimacy than that's your choice and your reputation. If it were me, I would have addressed it internally as a clan and then approached the Thunderdome community in private to get the facts straight instead of airing your dirty laundry. Our rules are publicly listed and the players ALWAYS come first at Thunderdome.
  10. Squad Alpha V9

    Don't forget the Russians...
  11. 100 man server. CHECK!

    Getting back on the topic at hand- 80-player servers are not performing as well as we'd like. Server tick rates appear fine when payers are spread out at the start of matches. Once players are condensed into close proximity the tick rates bounce down into the single digits. So, this idea of 100-player server being a reality is difficult to believe. Unless you simply mean to state that you connected 100 players to a server all at once, regardless of the performance likely being S***.
  12. Thunderdome - Public Squad Mayhem

    Big thanks to all of the players who showed up in support of today's Defend the Dome event. It was 5 hours of intensity and hilarity. We're hoping to do this again in the very near future.
  13. Thunderdome - Public Squad Mayhem

    We're now an 80-player server! The steam group community has grown to more than 500 members! Stop by and join one of the largest public squad communities!
  14. Release: Alpha Version 8.9

    Yeah, I submitted a ticket to them asking when slot upgrades would be available. Looking forward to increasing the carnage.
  15. Release: Alpha Version 8.9

    So, BlueFang Solutions might lose some business since their processors are 3.4 Ghz. Devs might want to let their partners know that.