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  1. Squad Sneaky RKG


    Thank you! Would mean a lot if you subscribed
  3. Armor of BTR-80

    Yes... But no?... It depends if they add in different penetrating values for the different types of ammunition as well as armor values that increase with slope, distance, and angle. It can pen the front turret with no AP around 10 to 20 meters, which is fairly close. From the looks of it the values would be significantly less in order to create somewhat fair game play.
  4. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    So where's the AC-130???? Jk amazing update papa bless
  5. More new Players? Less Teamplay? What changed with V6?

    I'm a teen who is a team player, It's really just idiots that like to fuck around and go lone wolf. Which being lone wolf is fine if you're near your Squad supporting them. However, it's not cool when your 4 miles away lone-wolfen' it , and calling out enemy's positions when none of your Squad is near you causing chaos to ensue .
  6. Squad gameplay and video settings help

    I was wondering if there is any way to cancel out background noise (such as my fan) with Nivida shadowplay... Also improve the quality of my rendering with Sony Vegas Pro 13. Please help, thanks!!!
  7. Dev explain the update

    i had half of a gig update... can we please get a changelog?
  8. what is going on

    its a error, i was told it was a glitch
  9. Happens all the time. Your body even sometimes remains on the MG even after being long gone
  10. Server Joining Annoyance.

    I been trying to get in a server for the last half of an hour, still no luck, even low pop servers.
  11. Server Joining Annoyance.

    As we know, the new update brought a lot of great things and fun experiences, but it also brought some hell. We now have "member slots" for the majority of servers, which is fairly annoying because it will be at 65/75 and you still can't join, I wish there was a way to simplify and have some type of description or meaning next to the server saying that memebers can only join after 65 players are in... Fairly annoying wasting an hour to find a server.
  12. A6 Quick Fixes

    Is there any idea on maybe next patch?
  13. V.6 community feedback

    Can't enjoy anything when I used to play at 60 FPS now I play at 15 to 30... The play test for version 6 was perfect, besides some animation tweaks and netcode.
  14. V.6 community feedback

    Extremely horrible performance, it was wonderful on the test version but now its worse than ever before, and i'm an intel user.