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  1. Cinematic/ish M110 SASS Gameplay

    So I tried out the new US Marksman Kit and I have to say I really like the M110 SASS. Managed to put together a montage for your enjoyment taking on a Russian FOB. Yes I know this is somewhat promoting the rambo 1 man sniper play style, but in my defence I mainly hold the squad leader role in most games - its always good to let off some steam and just go in sneaky peaky like. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy
  2. Finally getting back into making some fresh content, more to follow! Some Squadies and I and got together on an empty server and managed to get into some vehicle combat
  3. This has to be the most ridiculous post I've seen on here, quite frankly you need to get off your high horse. You are basically saying to other players if you can't afford a high end computer, we don't want you playing this game...just no, that's not the attitude to have. Admittedly I have played a number of games with Benny and this video doesn't properly portrait his ability to play as an effective member of a squad, he knows how to communicate and he gives you the right information at the right time. He gains most of his kills by flanking enemy positions which at times are orders given when I play as SL. I let him flank as I know he will be successful at doing so, most of the time anyway :p You may call me biased or whatever but at the end of the day you need players who are good at getting frags along with the ability to be part of a squad and communicate effectively. And for those who say you don't care about k/d it's all bout team play I do agree with you..but without reducing tickets by killing them what else are you going to do? Communicate with them to death? And on the topic of shadows, the option is there to turn them off for everyone. Maybe the devs can consider removing the option "off" for shadows and at bare minimum have the low setting active, surely this will solve this "exploit"
  4. Highlight from the stream - Ambush on Fool Road Skirmish!
  5. How you know you're playing squad

    Solidarity at its best :D
  6. XfactorGaming, Matimio, Levelcap, Jackfrag Squad up ( video)

    I thought the video was entertaining to watch but I personally thought that the spawn killing towards the end was bad etiquette...
  7. RedCoats Strike Force Trailer

    That's a pretty damn awesome trailer :D
  8. Squad Reviews on Steam

    Maybe there should be reviews dedicated to "Alpha", "Beta", "Full Release" Currently, correct me if I'm wrong, it seems that reviews stay with a product shown on steam from inception which I would deem to be quite unfair, people need to understand that this game is in Alpha and they should not really be reviewing an unfinished product and giving it a bad review right off the bat. Play the game as it develops then make an opinion.
  9. Squad Leaders not Squad Leading?

    Yeah I have noticed this from time to time as well where I have not played as squad Leader. It could be down to a number of things: 1. Influx of new players (getting a feel for the game) 2. No microphone as mentioned above 3. Potential language barriers? I've been in games where 1 SL spoke French, another German and another Russian. ..was a tad hard to coordinate as far fetched as it sounds. When I've been in the scenario where the SL seems unresponsive or doesn't talk much I tend to just ask "what's the plan" "where we heading". I think just being vocal in game can motivate people to play their roles more actively and increase the immersion. Obviously we can'talk help if someone is young, if they don'the want to listen just move along I guess. Just try and be helpful, it's all in the Squad guidebook xD ~GGMarZhill
  10. Hello again! I figured as I shall be doing regular videos for squad it would be better to have them in all 1 place rather than multiple threads, so here we are!
  11. New LevelCap video on Squad

    At the end of the day what LevelCap has done for the game has given it exposure and what any new game needs is definitely exposure as mentioned by Assifuah - and its not bad exposure which is a bonus. But damn his comments, as already discussed, seemed somewhat half guessing at what is and what will be - knowledge is power at the end of the day. Currently working on putting together a "What is Squad" video, hopefully after I review these forms a bit more in depth I can put together a pretty comprehensive video on the current state of the game along with things to come.
  12. Squad types

    All that being said I can see where Jimmy Jazz is coming from, for example having a 2 man sniper team that act independently of a fully fledged 9 man squad - but then again More thought would have to be put in to see how this would either benefit or adversely affect gameplay.
  13. Hello All, GGMarZhill here! Looking forward to taking part in this community and getting more involved with the game. Not a very experienced gamer when it comes to tactical shooters but I have played ARMA 3 and some insurgency but SQUAD just tops it all off. An aspiring YouTuber at the age of 24 based in the United Kingdom and looking to capture epic experiences as the game evolves from what it is now right up to and beyond release. If you want to hop into game some time just add me on Steam "GGMarZhill", I also run a steam group community page under the same name where other like minded Squadies I have met in game have joined. Any more questions don't hesitate to ask!
  14. SQUAD - Episode 1 Teaser - Chora Valley River Engagement

    Episode is now uploaded and is currently processing, sat at 80% with 9 minutes to go!!!
  15. SQUAD - Episode 1 Teaser - Chora Valley River Engagement

    The full length episode is currently rendering, stay tuned :D