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  1. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Wait when is this released? Or are these just a FYI we've been hard at work?
  2. Being banned by random admins. Gotta love it.

    I believe a first offense ban is completely unjust when it comes to the situation. I would've joined another squad if I could. Switching teams causes unbalance of the game and I don't enjoy just switching teams for the fuck of it, to cause an unbalance. Yes I know better then to ban a player for a first offense of breaking the rules. I didn't screw up except for apparently pissing off an abusive admin. And yeah I learned my lesson. To apparently play like I'm with a bunch of children from team fortress 2 or Call of Duty when the obnoxious auto admin text pops up stating "no foul language" and so forth. Thanks everyone for commenting. Yeah mods can delete this or just lock it. If I do play again I'll be sure to keep my mouth shut and try to not really talk or continue to help newer players out. Thanks guys! Chao!
  3. Being banned by random admins. Gotta love it.

    coming from a community founder of multiple clans and gaming communities you don't just ban a player whose played on your server quite often, a kick would've been a better option as an admin. also the ability to actually communicate with the server admin of a "community" should not block a major email provider such as google. I dont ever condone team killing, but apparently since he was'nt playing at all seriously and decided to be a douche i returned the favor, we still had over 250 tickets, and was actually playing close to him and playing the game, not roaming around or not communicating.. and there are not "plenty" of East Coast friendly servers at 2-3am when i get home from work. It's the only time i have to actually play.
  4. Was playing in the TG Tactical Gaming server just now. We all die, and the squad lead goes "You guys gotta learn to kill better" so i jokingly say "nah we just need a better squad leader".. so he kick's me from his squad. Makes a comment in local chat "that fix's that for you".. Can't rejoin the squad (thats the only 1 that has an empty spot) so i just TK him since he wasnt taking the game serious anyway and bam.. Ban hammer.. Go to post on their forums, and my email is not allowed because its @gmail.com.. So yeah, guess admins who can dish it, can't take it.. Hopefully there's other server's out there to join at this time of the night that have decent pin in NY otherwise looks like SQUAD will no longer be something i am playing. Sorry if in wrong forums, don't see a section to post this in other then "general"

    I dig this option and said it should be in the game.. Everyone saying it'd ruin the game i disagree with the external ts and ventrilo and such seeing as you can still use Squad voice chat as well.
  6. Squad Leader to Squad Leader comms

    When the voice chat is at the same level i'm not really trying to pay attention to the bottom left while trying to do everything else..
  7. Im with you, i run a GTX Geforce 960 and i was lagging hardcore on a desert map, and i put EVERYTHING to low or off.. when i was any other map it was actually working perfectly fine if not better.
  8. Squad Leader to Squad Leader comms

    bought the game first day it was on release and i've noticed that it's kind of hard to do Squad Lead.. nah im kidding but theres alot of pressure on the role.. I've only tried it three times but and honestly i loved it. However i noticed a few things. - communicating with the other Squad Leads while my Squad and vocal chat is going on is damn near impossible to figure out whose talking.. Maybe make Lead to Lead chat louder then the others? or put their comm color and what squad in the top middle of the screen? - Figuring out how to place the FOB's and the rally points down was a pain at first, but i got the hang of it for the most part.. I did help with one squad leader who was new and he seemed to fail to understand FOB's.. - Squad members are nasty when the Leader fails to keep up with the Rally Point, or when they fail to keep the squad together as a unit.... but then they reject the role themselves just my $0.02 :)
  9. Random black flashes

    So Jumped in after the SQUAD update and noticed my game kept flashing a black screen, audio cut out and would resume. This would happen only when i hit the left/right clicks and the enter key for the most part.. Noticed when i was turning right that my mouse essentially drifted to my second monitor (that was on, but nothing on it) so I shut the monitor off and disconnected it, same thing. I figured i'd try to go to window'd mode and it resolved the issue... Just giving everyone a heads up. System specs: GPU: GeForce GTX 960 CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.40GHz RAM: 12GB Resolution: 1680x1050 OS - Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
  10. Everything said flew out the window when you went all crazy.
  11. Weapon customization

    THANK YOU! But another reason why i wish i found this awhile ago and put money into it :/
  12. See the rainbow / smell the rainbow

    So i was using shadow play to record some sick gaming lol and out of no where i got some lovely colors.. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=61160233
  13. Harder and Harder finding a good server and team

    i've had this issue before in the past couple weeks.. i wound up quitting the servers and trying another server.. After 3-4 servers and waiting for the servers to actually load i wound up playing a different game..
  14. What to Expect from Major Update This Week?

    Honestly wish i was a kickstarter backer and had access to this long ago.. or access to test the game before it went public.. like an alpha to an alpha.. I know they were working on vehicles. but i feel like majority of this update will be performance, and anti-cheat's..
  15. Added steam server browser support

    STEAM Server list fails so bad.. shows room for 3 more and it will tell me its full.. I go to join from within the game and BAM! I'm in.