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  1. Im with you. imo its important to be able to differ "incapacitated" teammates from mates, who just stand still. Not only for medics, all classes should get the information on the map! Especially when i'm "incapacitated" for myself, often i have to decide to spawn on a RP or not. It could be so comfortable to see, whether an area is lost or not instead of asking over and over again "is someone alive out there?" It would be nice to see dots of wounded mates in a darker color then mates who are in a normal state.
  2. Input.ini - bind console-commands to some keys doesnt work

    Maybe a console command isnt a valid "ActionName". :huh: - Keynames dont have to be quoted. - tried wrapping with ' and setting bCmd=True ... without results
  3. I tried to bind useful console commands to keys by editing C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Input.ini manually: Sadly it doesnt work. :( Is the Input.ini not designed to allow things like that ... or what im doing wrong?
  4. Server list filters

    +1 Would love to hide full servers and sort by ping this function is so basic, squad should implement that.
  5. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    STEAM suggest me to take a look at SQUAD. And i loved it instantly.
  6. Case Manual SQUAD

    American, british, canadian, australian versions should be one version, the english one. Brazil & portugal just as, portuguese. Maybe ist better to visualize the language instead of using country flags.
  7. The Squad User Manual

    Thanks a lot for the manual! Maybe there's something to improve: A.) Probably outdated, on Page 58: Subfolder "Saved" does not exist (on my W10x64 System). B.) Some tiny typing errors: Page 02: "4.2 Communciation and coordination" Page 05: "you can play Squad today and actively partipcate in" Page 06: "Squad was succuessfully greenlit" Page 08: "and select "Activiate a Product on" Page 12: "balanced with playbabilty" Page 13: "integral part to combat effectivness" Page 13: "rely so heavily on speech communcation"