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  1. Thank you guys, yeah i played with light a lot, but my terrain material skills are not so good. Well i beat it up as i could but no to much to be like overused.
  2. Don't know what is happening just spend two days to render 1 min video, I tried every capture software that i can think of and they all capture laggy video in past i used fraps edit in after effects and job done but now fraps dont realy works with UE4. Still working on another video showing off the functionality of the vehicle God help me with recording that. Short video, didn't bothered to much with location but i modeled some stuff just to blend a little better then the empty desert. Next vehicle btr 80 and btr80-A
  3. Well a lot but its worth it I had accident with my PC i changed thermal greese on my CPU but those damn legs broke on the cooler so while i m waiting replacements cant do work cpu is just to hot . But there is nothing left do to with this project just to make shot video of the model and move on the next one.
  4. Wow i like the shoots you put, great effort to details and it will pay off , last time i made map was for the Quake 3 :). And i playtested it with community a lot and it was small map. But making map 4x4 km large is great effort i hope that community will play test it. And i kinda like the name Dolina = Valley
  5. Ty guys, i literally just now finish tweaked the model and physics, so its playable will have some update tomorrow.
  6. Nice and clean love it
  7. Elo boys just finished Kord, it will be mounted on vehicles so i took some shortcuts as i mentioned it will be mounted in the mount so there is no point to add some things on sides and bottom. If i model it for first person use, i will model it in full detail.
  8. Sorry for lack of update im importing models to UE4 Yes bud i can make them dirty banged up, or damaged, even more, i will have two set s texture one for woodland and one for desert combat. They are deployed in Syria, its great vehicle.
  9. Small turntable before importing to UE 4
  10. Ty bud, dont know what squad team planed for vehicles, but i think that it would be great addition
  11. Sorry for lack of updates, i made mistake and installed Skyrim SE and again sinked x amounts of hour in that game , Yes i was approached by squad team a year ago to join but i worked on another project and was on NDA. I really missed opportunity to work with great team So a update on vehicle
  12. thank you all, hvala FIXXXER and good eye there LugNut i just now checked they are backwards LoL thank you i will fix it
  13. Gaz Tiger M / Arbalet - DM weapon station. Russian equivalent of Hummer This version have new remote-controlled weapon module called Arbalet-DM i think its adopted in late 2016, so its new module. I didn't want to model interior but i changed my mind so i modeled it but i didn't find any picture of interior controls of weapon station so i used reference from older module. The model have fully functional Front doors, rear doors, and top hatch ( hinges and that good stuff so no floating doors )
  14. will read it bud
  15. Thnx all