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  1. thank you all, hvala FIXXXER and good eye there LugNut i just now checked they are backwards LoL thank you i will fix it
  2. Gaz Tiger M / Arbalet - DM weapon station. Russian equivalent of Hummer This version have new remote-controlled weapon module called Arbalet-DM i think its adopted in late 2016, so its new module. I didn't want to model interior but i changed my mind so i modeled it but i didn't find any picture of interior controls of weapon station so i used reference from older module. The model have fully functional Front doors, rear doors, and top hatch ( hinges and that good stuff so no floating doors )
  3. will read it bud
  4. Thnx all
  5. O hvala drustvo ide mali update. Thank you guys on comments really appreciate it @Company XO i will make wrecked model, Update i didn't have any better things to do so i finished low poly and first pass on textures, i wanted it to be beaten up like it was seen some action Turntable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeujbVjumDU
  6. Hm good question i will do in two ways standard baking to mesh and fake it with moving textures , but i will also bake one track with proper geometry and then instance it in blueprints and see how it behaves, im sick and tired of fake tracks, with moving textures, i will try to make actual tracks to move
  7. O hvala narode , sto ljudi sa nasih prostora vole Squad Ty everyone i used 3DS-MAX its hi poly, i will add more details using substance painter bolts nuts and other good stuff. I was off from modeling for quite some time. Well i chose between T-90MS and T-90A, sometime latter i will do T-14 Armata
  8. Ty bud still WIP but getting there
  9. Not sure its right forum but it fits theme of the game
  10. Woho nice BTR, great details, those weldins are superb.
  11. Great update guys
  12. Adding small portable low poly generator textures are still Wip
  13. No worry i think that devteam will implement destroyable lights, in Squad , but tweaking them to match good gameplay will be challenge, to find that sweet spot between good gameplay and realism.
  14. Im still on Win 7 :) Im just thinking to move on 8.1 for me most problems are plugins for Photoshop and Max, some of them just refuse to work on some systems
  15. Just a little project that im working on, i was trying to achieve similar in UDK and it was possible but with blueprints in Unreal 4 engine its much easier and much more efficient.