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  1. If modding in Battlefield 2 wasn't a thing, there would have never been a project reality mod, and therefore - Squad I am however for a couple of servers enforcing hardcore tactical teamwork gameplay
  2. Heh this is exactly how i felt when i got in to project reality 11 years ago, very accurate, i suppose i forgot how that feels like and think everyone is a moron these days, but people just have to keep playing and build confidence i guess.
  3. Where is Kashan ? This map yearns for tanks!
  4. This, it's nerve wrecking anxiety inducing when i have a SL that behaves like he started playing 2 hours ago, i've played project reality since 2006, squad since 2015, and i don't EVER squad lead, overconfidence in this case is fatal. I support your suggestion. I've been lucky enough to find and add a couple of people on steam who have played PR for as long as i have, difference is night and day, it's like playing against bots once you have a SL and squad that's like that.
  5. In my 190 h i only saw one cheater i think, back in 2015 , after that i didn't really see any or i simply didn't notice. Although going in to a public arma 3 server (which is a cancer thing to do and no one should do it ever) i could find cheaters in nearly every server even to this day, so IMO battleye is not the best .
  6. When did squad become aesthetic?
  7. This is kind of a venting thread , i concur Either way there is too many things i would list and most of you have listed them. I would suggest what some PR people including me do sometimes - if someone makes a critical mistake tell them how to avoid it in the future, in a non condescending way. You will always meet someone who thinks they are right, chances are like hitting a mine in a minefield , but there is a lot of people who do listen and improve their gameplay over time.
  8. I edited this thread multiple times, as it evolved, and now it serves to provoke CIVIL (if possible) discussion on what you don't like and what would you suggest in order to change it and how that change fits in the game, and how does your change make the game better in your opinion. What i'd like to see and some changes: - if possible weather and time of day change during gameplay. - Suicide cars and trucks and civilians (level of anxiety in PR matches no games with these 3 addons) - Fastropes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Different faces for infantry - More props and objects on maps to fill the empty feeling - Proper 3D Scopes ( i know this was discussed but RO2 could do it without a performance drop and its unreal engine so try it anyway) - Helis and fixed wing aircrafts on maps big enough to fit them, these maps could have less objects and details to balance performance - Realistic ballistics for firearms including (if possible ricochets) - Dead bodies react to fire so you can hide behind them if no other cover available - Picking up enemy and friendly kits, like in PR before afterdune ****ed it up (allow servers to decide if this is on or off) - Heat haze on desert maps (cosmetics but would be nice) - Rifle resting on appropriate surfaces with auto adjust based on height of the obstacle and weapon length - 120 player servers (in the future) - More real life detail in maps in middle east like propaganda posters on the walls like in BF2/PR so it feels more immersive - 1 - 3 Servers in which high standards are held in regards to teamwork, SLs need to use the startup timer to talk to other Sls to plan their attack and coordinate before the game even begins, every player must have mics and listen to orders - OR KICK - no autism (although i understand this is server side not dev side, but they could always help) - Squad equivalent of PR manual - RPK sights are misaligned , hoping for a fix - while prone the recoils is the same except on LMGs, recoil should be reduced for all firearms when prone - More efficient way to discern SL to SL , Local and Squad chat , for eg. allowing people to set in the options to slide it to the left or right speaker/headphone - Insurgency mode with caches Now... SLs not talking to each other, autism by some people , lack of proper commander, need more factions (like USMC, Britishers) and so on...i still play squad regardless as i see what it can potentially be , but i always go back to Project Reality in the end, at least until amount of content in Squad can match it. Of course many other things in Squad i do indeed like, which is why i still play it, and i'd like to thank the devs , back in 2015 when i pledged i was not sure they would even get this far, sorry i doubted you guys , keep it up. And i also understand many of the things i mentioned require a lot of time and money, so i don't expect any of them soon or even ever, just gave you something to think about. - i cant delete this image if possible let me know how
  9. I'm not paying for it, modding used to be free, but was VERY excited before i heard it costs money
  10. VERY well said What in the world would i have to gain from creating a thread to clickbait people? This is not reddit with its karmawhores
  11. Fastropes? Couldn't do it in PR, it was one desire that needs to be met in Squad
  12. That could very well be a good idea, especially now when you mentioned teams where Sls don't talk to each other. I tried to install DF again but for some reason it wont install at all , on windows 10. Glad to see people playing JOps, i'll install it again and play,, no game today comes close.
  13. I could not explain it better, and i remember JoinOps, do you think there are people still playing it?
  14. I know right, like i said, queue did save me a lot of hair
  15. Yeah that saved my life so many times i feel like i lost a limb whenever i get wounded in squad and medics are somewhere else like they usually are
  16. PR had a feature long time ago in which you could pick up enemy kits from dead bodies and use them, while i would personally love to see that in SQUAD it's probably not the direction the devs want to take.
  17. Same, especially since i didn't know it was coming so it came as a surprise , after rage inducing "loading...server full, even tho its not full...repeat 20 times" it had to be said, i also don't think anyone saw the tags of this post
  18. thanks a bunch!
  19. Yo its Wednesday wheres the map, i don't see any servers playing it?
  20. Thanks, i forgot to edit this someone answered me in another topic few hours back, still thanks for responding, looking forward to it
  21. It's the best accent in the world m8, love it And i didn't even know its going to be released on Wednesday i can't fookin wait!
  22. Fookin 'ell this was so british i had to drink some tea. *inner brexit intensifies*. Great video m8 Will there be more Basrah events any time soon i didn't get to play on sunday?