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  1. 1 - Completely agree, this is bullshit, and it's one of those things they added as an intentional inconvenience, like extremely slow animations in project reality, to make it more "realistic", when instead, they just made it more annoying. 2 - Agree with this too, in battlefield 2 (and PR), you could press CTRL and dive down behind cover while still shooting the machine gun, would be very useful. 3 - Agree, penetration of small arms has to be enhanced greatly. 4 - Completely and fully agree, this should also apply to walls, i suppose in a similar way that it works in Far Cry and Battlefield , press right click on the wall corner and your guy will gradually pop up. This has way more uses in a game like Squad
  2. Co-op PR style?

    This is true, most here are too young to understand. Personally, for competition sake i like playing against actual people, but coop with friends is so much better when your friends are an amazing group of people and you've gamed with them for years. We still play PR in coop, have our own maps and even had a mini mod for pr that removed deviation, suppression effects and the slow animations. OWI says "let the modders do AI", but they don't tell you that if an actual studio like OWI can't do AI for a game they have made themselves, modders don't stand a chance, AI isn't texture or sound replacement, its God damn AI! I suppose , to answer your question, we will get AI in squad when we get 8x8 and 16x16 maps with the (promised) fighter jets , helicopters and more factions. (shhhh a little secret - none of that will happen)
  3. Bought new gaming laptop – 30 FPS?!

    Gaming Laptop Two words that should never go together
  4. Post Scriptum Keys

    Hello, is this still possible? I didn't have access to that specific email that i bought squad with until now.
  5. It's the same engine, and i believe Squad would be a way more fun game with a feature like this. Small things matter a lot, at least in my opinon.
  6. Finally someone doing this, there should be a server for this 24/7/365! See you on the battlefield
  7. Gameplay improvement/realism features

    I would agree with this, and would also like to suggest being able to pick up enemy kits. Project Reality was WAY more fun before Afterdune removed the option of using enemy kits. Ammo bags for the rifleman kit would also be a very good idea but i never saw anywhere that it was planned. Before telling me its unrealistic to pick up enemy weapons, in ww2 germans in stalingrad picked up PPSH from russians because it was way more effective than the mp40 at close range, US soldiers in vietnam picked up AK rifles from vietcong, and much more examples, in ISIS videos there are M4s and m249 being held by them, captured from Iraqi baracs.
  8. At first glance i thought this was a terrible idea. But now when i really think about it, it may be the best thing yet! look at it this way, all the solo BF4/1 , PUBG, CSGO, Fortnite , no mic, disobeying players will flock to that game mode that OP proposed, leaving all the other servers clear of BS and maybe, just maybe , we can get the atmosphere of pre-free-to-play Project Reality in SQUAD. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
  9. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Thanks mates, now all i have to do is go in to the wolves den in order to get the game for free, since i used my EX gf's email for the Squad purchase , gg
  10. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    I bought my copy of Squad in summer 2015, does this count as founder? If i remember correctly i bought the squad leader package or something, or was Founder a separate package, i can't remember?
  11. What is a milsim server?

    It is possible, on the other hand those modded servers are in the separate "custom servers" tab if i am not mistaken, people reporting errors on those should probably report them only to the mod maker , not the devs themselves. Seems like the most optimal solution to me but i may be wrong as i am not a game dev.
  12. What is a milsim server?

    Hey, i haven't been here in a while, can you expand on what you mean by servers being shut down if they are running a mod? Squads has a mod workshop so this makes no sense to me, if there is a mod that adds a map or improves gameplay, and people play it because they prefer it over default squad, why would the devs shut it down?
  13. Plans for another 2nd public v10 test?

    No public test just release it , it was supposed to be released before the end of the month, just give it to us damn it
  14. Sick of AK's. Suggestion

    I second this. As far as the British faction goes, If i remember correctly in Project Reality they used ACOG scope on the L85, and susat only on the short crewman versions or LAT kits , something of that nature. I cannot stress how much this game needs more factions.
  15. The Wrench - November 2017 Edition

    Can someone do suicide cars and trucks for the islamic factions?