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  1. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) Looking for a clan? Give Queens Fighting Force a try! Introduction video... Hi Everyone, I just wish to announce a new clan that has been created by my partner Little Jenny. It's called Queens Fighting Force and you might have seen us around a fair bit in different servers. We're very active and she thought it was time to create a new clan, I was simply dragged along lol. QFF requirements: English speaking with a mic. 18+ with around 50 hours in the game and fairly mature, but able to have a joke. Good team player. No drama. Active and simply just want to team up. We are heavy EU with some USA members. We're looking for great medics, squad leaders and regular all round players. You will find that we're very relaxed and open clan. If you are interested or just want to say hi then our discord channel is over here... See you in battle! Rules Community Rules: Our rules is a list you must follow and be aware of at all times. If you break one of these rules, depending on the severity anything from a Warning to a Ban will occur. 1. Be respectful and civil toward your fellow players, This includes no excessively offensive language deemed as socially un-acceptable, trolling, racism or hate speeches directed towards any other players in the game. You must respect new players and now be overly aggressive towards others. Depending on the situation and severity this will get you anywhere from a warning to a ban. 2. No hacking or exploiting the game, You must not use any hacks which modify the game towards yours or others advantages, or if you know of any exploits you must not use these in game. Hacking will always get you a permanent ban. Exploiting will get you a ban if you have done the exploit intentionally. You will also be reported onto community ban list. 3. No deliberate team-killing, You must not deliberately kill your team mates, or use any weaponry or vehicle in an offensive manner with the intention of killing the other player or provoking them into returning fire on you. You must apologise for accidental team-kills. Team-killing depending on the situation will result in a kick or a ban, we may also warn you depending on the situation, you may also be reported on the community ban list. An intentional kill witnessed will result in a permanent and instant ban. 4. As Squad Leader your squad must make a reasonable effort to work as a team and contribute towards the objectives. We encourage players to work as a team at all times, you and your squad must make a reasonable attempt to work as a team and contribute to the victory of the game. We won’t ban you if you are bad at the game and are just not getting to the correct objectives or you are not always working at your best, but we will ban you If you are sat in the corner of the map doing nothing or you purposely make an effort to not contribute. We will usually give you a warning, failure to comply with this will result in a kick of the squad leader. 5. All Squad Leaders must have a working Microphone and be able to speak English Please do not go squad leader if you cannot speak English or use your microphone. You will be kicked from the game if you haven’t got a microphone and are leading a squad, please make a reasonable effort to communicate to other squads when they ask. 6. No advertising or spam. We understand that you may wish to promote your clan, but our server is not the right place to do this, we recommend posting your clan information on the Squad forums. Spamming also refers to not spamming the microphone aka Singing or repeating annoying words etc, also no spamming the team or global chat. 7. No offensive squad names. Your squad name must be named appropriately and not be offensive towards others. If you fail to follow this we will ask you to change the squad name next round, if you are the only person in the squad we will ask you to leave and remake the squad. If you repeatedly name your squad offensively you will get banned. 8. No meta gaming/ghosting. This means you are not allowed to switch team to find enemy objectives or information and report them back to your team, or switch back teams and use this information to succeed. If we find you doing any of this, you and anyone working with you will get banned. 9. No impersonations. Please do not impersonate a staff members or QFF Member, doing this will get you a warning, kick or ban! 10. No player or vehicle blocking. Please do not stand in doorways or alleyways with the intention to block players from moving, this also applies to vehicles, doing this will get you a kick. Repeated offences will result in a ban. 11. Be respectful to new players and help them out! If you see a new player, please be respectful and kind to them and help them out to the best of your ability. 12. Seeding the QFF server. We will ask both teams to not destroy each others FOBs and fight over 1 point on a map until the server populates. When there are enough on the server to fight a normal round, we will broadcast when all flags and FOBs are in play, going back to normal play. We thank those that help to seed with us, but certain individuals that choose to just sit in a vehicle and camp the FOB or refuse to cooperate may be asked to leave as they are being more disruptive than helpful. You will find this is standard practice when it comes to seeding a server. 13. Don't be a douche! If none of the above doesn't grasp your attention, hopefully this will. Only your own actions can result in being removed from our server. If there are multiple offenders from the same clan, a mass ban might be required to easily control the issue in a quicker manner. This applies to our game server(s) and our discord voice/chat rooms. Enjoy!
  2. Thank you guys. We didn't have to go through the ordeal of the free weekender lol
  3. Hi everyone, QFF would like to invite you to our server! Backstory: Queens Fighting Force (QFF) was created by Jenny on 1st of January with technical assistance from Odin. I was asleep in bed, woke up only to be told, we've made a clan and so I had no choice lol. A little history about the QFF founders... I've played SQUAD since New Years Eve 2015 and I convinced Jenny to move from Battlefield 4 into SQUAD. It took 2 months of convincing her, but when she actually gave the game a proper go, she started playing it more than I did! Surprisingly there are a fair few girl gamers that I've come across! This game has the right balance of fun/realism. Not too arcade like COD/BF and not too mil sim like Arma. It's spot on. We decided to join ZXD clan, as we were looking for an active UK/EU based clan. We were there for a while, Jenny helped a lot with recruitment and I helped with training/squad leading. Some members split from ZXD and formed another clan. Then after a while I decided to go solo again, but Jenny stayed and continued to help them grow. After 2-3 months, Jenny wasn't playing much with me in squad, so we both decided to join WAR clan together, as they were close friends with ZXD. Once again we both helped the clan to revive itself, get a server back up and assist with admin roles. Jenny kept in contact with most and then QFF was formed. Just to point out, when we chose to leave it was a graceful exit without any drama or anything negative being said. It was simply a decision that felt right. Just over 1 month now and QFF clan has grown from 2 to 40 members. We're a mixed bunch of casual gamers and play CCFN for those that like to be competitive. It is very challenging creating a clan from nothing and administrating everything. SQUAD community is rather small and the same faces are popping up. I see a couple of threads appearing from certain individuals that have a vendetta against me. You will find that my stance on trolling / online bullying is rather on point. If you take it upon yourself to join our discord, shouting, screaming, trolling, pm'ing everyone, posting rubbish, joining the game server and posting rubbish channel via text, silly squad names, intentionally TK'ing and purely there to provoke others. I'm afraid that you are just being antagonising and trying publicly to get a rise from us. It will not work. We are here to play a game after work and enjoy it. You are making this game look extremely childish and thus it will negatively impact the growth of the game. To start out with, the game had lots of friendly and helpful people willing to work together and get the noobs up to scratch, this is becoming rather rare. TDLR: You will find we have many regulars to the server. We greet them each day, individuals and other clans. The server is doing great and it's full from 5pm GMT until very late hours! It's doing really well and our clan members are playing together. The hard work is paid off by having the same people visiting us and complimenting how active we are with lots of admins and how low the ping is on the server. Thank you! So without further ado, I wish to invite you to the QFF server! You can see how we handle team killers, the trolls and make it a better place for the community. I must point the rules can be found on our clan thread (which I thanked Portland from ZXD for allowing us to copy his text! They're really thorough and perfect to cover all aspects of the game servers). A fair few of them are listed in the red server text in game too so you will see them popping up. Come and say hi, come and enjoy the game! Name of the server is "Queens Fighting Force (QFF) ENG"
  4. Well guys, sorry to say this... I will be missing the free weekender and entertaining the noobs. It is with great regret that I cannot kill/assist them Little Jenny and myself are getting married tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend <3
  5. Cheers man. We do our best to make sure the server is run fair for both teams. No base raping and when I checked, there were 4 clans all on 1 side, so it's only good practice to ask if clans can not stack like that and help balance the skill on the server. Glad you enjoyed it
  6. QFF's brand new background in 4K...
  7. Hey guys, Thought I'd share this one Alpha 9 massive graphical glitch with vehicles stretched across the sky. i7 4770K GTX 1070 MSI Gaming X graphics card 16GB DDR3
  8. QFF has now reached 50 members since 1st January.
  9. wow you've gone to a whole new level. You're trying to post MY steam 64 ID "for the hackrz" and trying to add all QFF members to your steam list? Now you also filed a complaint on YouTube too. There's trolling for fun, now you're just way beyond.
  10. You both join the server and instigated with your trolling. You then come to our discord to continue the trolling. You came back to our server to troll even more. You have now come to our recruitment thread to waste more time with your trolling. Then you tried adding me to friends list. Dudes, I thought you had your laugh and was on your way? Recording can be found here.... At 9 minutes 8 seconds into the record Pretzel finally admits it... "We wanted to see how far we could push it".... well you pushed it far enough to be banned lol if that's what you wanted to achieve. Day in the life as an admin. Go waste other people's time please, joke's over guys
  11. We currently have 47 members in QFF. Updated slightly... Must be 18+ and have about 50 hours in the game. The reason for adding this in is because I think 50 hours in SQUAD will result in (1) Better skilled and know the basics of the game (2) Shows us that you actually like the game and not just "trying" it out and then giving up on it right away.
  12. 1000 hours in SQUAD as of today! There was a post on the forums which I read many months ago, someone saying people should only squad lead if they have 1000 hours in the game. Today is that day
  13. "QFF has caught another WAR clan member" Shocking title right? Please see these screenshots first... And now watch the video here and I just want to prove something about QFF... (WAR) Johnny wall glitching... Although it seems! I didn't want another episode of drama between 2 clans. So I actually stopped the recording, went off admin cam, spawned on a FOB not far away. Ran to exactly where he was and guess what? YOU CANNOT SEE THROUGH THAT WALL! This is NOT a wall glitch. I am just showing this about how fair QFF admins really are when it comes to visiting our server. Once again, Johnny has no idea that I recorded it. I haven't linked this or spoke to anyone about it. This is just out there to prove how fair we really are in our server.
  14. But it was becoming a common thing for clans to do, did you not know? The devs even had to put an announcement for clans to stop it. This was a post to show QFF admins look at the evidence and much much more to try and not to cause further issues. WAR clan joined our server today, what did I do about it? Nothing, they're welcome! They are not banned. If there was an issue, I could have simply insta ban upon gathering the video and screenshots, but I went that step further to prove actually it's not a glitch and be extremely fair.
  15. Ex clans and Ex QFF members all jumped on this post for sure. Thank you for doing your best to twist it as much as possible.
  16. I'm not attacking you at all. I'm quoting your words and your actions since you went on your way. You're here to try and antagonise the issue as you did in the troll discord and YT video comments. Why do you even care about this if you left and said you hated anything to do with drama? You seem to be almost stalking me as you're that quick to get onto the video comments or these forum posts. You're on a vendetta mission and act innocent. This is not an attack at all. Why do you actually follow me or care about this? You're here to exacerbate the issue as much as you can. Look it's your 3rd ever post and it's in my thread.
  17. Thank you for being adult about this pascal. I actually asked a dev in the game before posting anything, does this look like a glitch? The words were "yes it's cut and dry". I said actually it's not. I went out of admin cam to go and test it to be sure I would not wrongly ban someone from our server. No matter what you will not agree on anything I say or do.
  18. You're an ex QFF member as you were too immature and since leaving weeks ago, you made a troll discord channel, posted on my YT videos and now instantly here you are too. I thought you said you didn't want to get involved with anything like this? You hate all this stuff you said. The purpose of this post is to shock and awe. People assume it's going to be a drama thread, but my post clearly shows it looked extremely suspicious, but I took time out to go and test it to prove actually WAR Johnny is innocent. That's all this is about.
  19. You just left the clan 5 minutes ago and came straight here. Thank you. Have a nice day. Nothing more from me.
  20. Yes really. You're assuming people will not read. I have it in capital letters. Would you like that I put it in bold to be sure or will that not be good enough?
  21. Please note there has been some negative posts raised against how we admin the server. Yet there are many cases which quietly get dealt with behind the scenes. I have just witnessed this today, it's nothing old, it's something that has just happened. It's the first time I've started a thread in this section of the forums, it's not like I'm attention seeking all the time, it's to provide an example of how hard we work as admins behind the scenes whilst people just log in and play the game. I'm sorry Nikko, are you saying this because you just failed the 2 week activity trial period within QFF and I just let you go, after you said you're going to go play Minecraft with your friends? I said no worries, see you around then you instantly come here to this thread.
  22. Please view the other forum posts, you will see people were bringing the issues here which made things look negatively. I merely am pointing something positive. If that's OK with you.
  23. I wanted to prove how good and thorough we are as admins, due to all the negativity going around. I wanted to show we are fair and very active on admin cam. I properly investigated it because I wanted to see if that is actually a wall glitch. It really looked like one, so I went to go and check it out myself. It's actually not! The purpose of the video is to show there is no tension between WAR and QFF either, no matter who visits our server we just wanted to show I could have easily banned him for this, but after further investigation, he had no idea the top torso was through that fence.
  24. QFF started 1st January. In just under 2 months we have approx. 50 members. Started with people we knew, then friends of friends + some guys that became regulars in our server. If you're interested in joining us, pop into our discord!
  25. Was tempted and watched everything about Ghost Recon Wildlands, but I guessed it would be too repetitive. Looks very similar to FARCRY