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  1. Active admins are needed on that server. All my clan members can see when TKs happen so they can report it to an admin (which we have a lot of). Everything you listed is what we stop happening. We don't allow locked squads (only for 3 man mortar or 2 man BTR) and we encourage people to play the objectives. As for TKing, at main base it's a permanent ban.
  2. Every game, every day, there are people playing that are new to the game and having to step up as SL. I literally just played a game and the SL didn't have a mic, he actually named the squad NO MIC. I said it's the server of the rules to have a mic as SL. He then handed it to a guy that has 0.4 hours in the game, then he handed it to a 3rd guy, then they handed to me lol. This happens every day and almost every other round.
  3. I do this, but sometimes profiles are hidden.
  4. 1st edited video I've made

    Sooooooooo.... who would like to see my very 1st edited video? It has an intro and outro Hope you like. I've always been too lazy to edit videos and normally upload raw content! Let me know what you think.... listen to the start, so funny https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181955484
  5. How I Squad Lead (hints & tips)

    No worries, glad I can help. Hopefully some tips will help those wanting to give it a go
  6. Need an account on here to see the historical numbers... http://steamspy.com/app/393380 All we're pointing out here is there is definitely a pattern. A very noticeable change in the caliber of players since a good couple of months. Also there was a Humble Bundle sale not long ago.
  7. Same on EU servers, lots of names we've not seen before. We get to know our regulars and in actual fact I said this the other day on discord... I don't know any of the SL's on my team. Checked their hours, all of them were new.
  8. Again the numbers don't show who is veteran and who is noob. The numbers cannot support your dispute regarding my claim about influx of noobs. The only numbers to show that are to see how many people now own SQUAD on steam. Just yesterday in 1 of my servers, there was a German guy 16 hours in game and made a squad with his friends. He wanted to give SL to me, I said no it's fine, let him learn it. I gave him guidance because I could see he was struggling. Anyway I made a video a couple of days ago to cover this... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181718000
  9. Admittedly I stopped reading the walls of text It is definitely noticeable with the lower caliber of players in the game. Lots more day 1 noobs are stepping up to be SL because the veterans aren't doing it or aren't playing as much. Evidently so during those free weekenders as it can be a stressful time and impossible to get a smooth round.
  10. Hi, OP here... You need to factor in something which you have missed. The graph is showing total amount of players. It doesn't differentiate between veteran and new players. The veterans can be taking a break and being replaced by the newer influx of players.
  11. How I Squad Lead (hints & tips)

    Thank you. Hope it is of some use to people stepping up as Squad Leader. That means an entire squad has to defend those mortars the entire round, instead of playing objectives. That's where I say they would be more useful and do more damage with guns in their hands... going on defense or going on attack, not babysitting mortars. The rounds are won by capturing the flags, not the kills (they just help)
  12. How I Squad Lead (hints & tips)

    How I squad lead, hints and tips for anyone that would like to learn to SL.... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181718000 Add to this if you wish to help people to become Squad Leaders. More veterans need to step up too and set the example.
  13. A server admin command to demoteplayerid would be good to remove the SLs that are new, don't know they became SL or simply don't have a mic. It's better than having to kick from server to remove a rogue SL.
  14. There's only 1 page of servers which are actually full or near to full. This is the numbers playing SQUAD tonight on a Saturday evening. This isn't normal.
  15. i7 8700k new cpu

    Probably very good for streaming/recording and gaming on the same PC instead of having to have a dedicated PC with a capture card. It can save money that way if you're into that.