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  1. Thank you guys. We didn't have to go through the ordeal of the free weekender lol
  2. Well guys, sorry to say this... I will be missing the free weekender and entertaining the noobs. It is with great regret that I cannot kill/assist them Little Jenny and myself are getting married tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend <3
  3. Cheers man. We do our best to make sure the server is run fair for both teams. No base raping and when I checked, there were 4 clans all on 1 side, so it's only good practice to ask if clans can not stack like that and help balance the skill on the server. Glad you enjoyed it
  4. QFF's brand new background in 4K...
  5. Hey guys, Thought I'd share this one Alpha 9 massive graphical glitch with vehicles stretched across the sky. i7 4770K GTX 1070 MSI Gaming X graphics card 16GB DDR3
  6. QFF has now reached 50 members since 1st January.
  7. wow you've gone to a whole new level. You're trying to post MY steam 64 ID "for the hackrz" and trying to add all QFF members to your steam list? Now you also filed a complaint on YouTube too. There's trolling for fun, now you're just way beyond.
  8. You both join the server and instigated with your trolling. You then come to our discord to continue the trolling. You came back to our server to troll even more. You have now come to our recruitment thread to waste more time with your trolling. Then you tried adding me to friends list. Dudes, I thought you had your laugh and was on your way? Recording can be found here.... At 9 minutes 8 seconds into the record Pretzel finally admits it... "We wanted to see how far we could push it".... well you pushed it far enough to be banned lol if that's what you wanted to achieve. Day in the life as an admin. Go waste other people's time please, joke's over guys
  9. We currently have 47 members in QFF. Updated slightly... Must be 18+ and have about 50 hours in the game. The reason for adding this in is because I think 50 hours in SQUAD will result in (1) Better skilled and know the basics of the game (2) Shows us that you actually like the game and not just "trying" it out and then giving up on it right away.
  10. But it was becoming a common thing for clans to do, did you not know? The devs even had to put an announcement for clans to stop it. This was a post to show QFF admins look at the evidence and much much more to try and not to cause further issues. WAR clan joined our server today, what did I do about it? Nothing, they're welcome! They are not banned. If there was an issue, I could have simply insta ban upon gathering the video and screenshots, but I went that step further to prove actually it's not a glitch and be extremely fair.
  11. Ex clans and Ex QFF members all jumped on this post for sure. Thank you for doing your best to twist it as much as possible.
  12. I'm not attacking you at all. I'm quoting your words and your actions since you went on your way. You're here to try and antagonise the issue as you did in the troll discord and YT video comments. Why do you even care about this if you left and said you hated anything to do with drama? You seem to be almost stalking me as you're that quick to get onto the video comments or these forum posts. You're on a vendetta mission and act innocent. This is not an attack at all. Why do you actually follow me or care about this? You're here to exacerbate the issue as much as you can. Look it's your 3rd ever post and it's in my thread.
  13. Thank you for being adult about this pascal. I actually asked a dev in the game before posting anything, does this look like a glitch? The words were "yes it's cut and dry". I said actually it's not. I went out of admin cam to go and test it to be sure I would not wrongly ban someone from our server. No matter what you will not agree on anything I say or do.
  14. You're an ex QFF member as you were too immature and since leaving weeks ago, you made a troll discord channel, posted on my YT videos and now instantly here you are too. I thought you said you didn't want to get involved with anything like this? You hate all this stuff you said. The purpose of this post is to shock and awe. People assume it's going to be a drama thread, but my post clearly shows it looked extremely suspicious, but I took time out to go and test it to prove actually WAR Johnny is innocent. That's all this is about.
  15. You just left the clan 5 minutes ago and came straight here. Thank you. Have a nice day. Nothing more from me.