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  1. QFF invite you to their server

    Welcome to the SQUAD forums, I see this is your first post. I checked the logs and can see this was a 28 day ban, you were asked by an admin to speak English and kept speaking Turkish. This was over 5 MONTHS AGO. Maybe connect to the server before appealing something that you've obviously not tested. 2017-02-09 21:04:26 This thread is for recruitment, join our discord for anyone appealing their bans.
  2. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU/USA

    NEW TO SQUAD? Come to our servers "Queens Fighting Force ENG", we have 2 servers up. We've noticed a lot of new guys to the game recently, we have definitely noticed a change in the overall game play. People getting lost, friendly fire, blowing up friendly vehicles and so many more really epic fails. QFF clan have done this before with giving the new guys a helping hand when getting to grips with the game, so we're going to be setting up multiple squads called "Noob Training" or "New to Squad?" Come on in and all you have to do is simply listen to orders. When you join a squad mention you are new. We've made an announcement on our discord for all of our members to help you out. Basic training: - Following the compass - Checking map for where friendlies are, friendly mines and where to go. - Do not group up to all die to 1 RPG or nade. - Don't use the last 2 spawns on the green rally point. If unsure where to spawn then ask. - Grenades - these cause a lot of team kills. - Building - left click builds, right click removes objects. Our discord https://discord.gg/kvT7zty
  3. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU/USA

    Some additional rules have been added... 12. Seeding the QFF server. We will ask both teams to not destroy each others FOBs and to just fight over 1 point on a map until the server populates. When there are enough players on the server to fight a normal round (approximately 30 players), we will broadcast when all flags and FOBs are in play, going back to normal play. We thank those that help to seed with us, but certain individuals that choose to just sit in a vehicle and camp the FOB or refuse to cooperate may be asked to leave as they are being more disruptive than helpful. You will find this is standard practice when it comes to seeding a server. We will normally seed with infantry only maps, but if there are instanes with vehicles being available, please just use them as a taxi. 13. Locked Squads. We like to encourage teamwork and do not wish to have have multiple locked squads for just your friends. 2 man BTR squads or 3 man mortar teams is acceptable, just remember to name your squads with this. We will ask you to unlock the squad if we see no valid reason for it. Any clans visiting our servers can lock squads if you have almost a full squad. If it's just 2-4 of you then please keep the squads unlocked, thank you. 14. English speaking server. We have always said that Squad Leaders are to have a microphone and speak English, but we have seen a few instances where foreigners form squads and go do their own thing. This is a team based game and we have the right to ask if these groups do not communicate or play the objectives, they will be warned or kicked if no response. 15. Communities/Clans. There have been some instances where people from other clans or communities believe they are exempt from the rules. You must adhere to them just the same as a non clan player. If we see multiple members team killing, disrupting and trolling from the same group, we retain the right to remove all members so not to further disrupt our servers. If you feel this to be unfair, you might want to speak to your members and advise them that their actions can and will affect the entire clan being removed. 16. Squad Leaders kicking players. The squad leader has the full right to kick anyone from their squad, however we would like you to be polite and inform that person that you're making space for a friend. Give the person a heads-up so they don't lose their kit whilst in the middle of a fight. Remember QFF admins have a duty to be sure that our servers are not being disrupted, as it is our server we are all monitoring it.
  4. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU/USA

    Join the QFF Discord: https://discord.gg/kvT7zty This is our recruitment thread Come to our discord, as this is something we've noticed too and discussing... QFF Discord: https://discord.gg/kvT7zty
  5. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU/USA

    Queens Fighting Force (QFF) Our servers... (QFF) Queens Fighting Force (ENGLISH) #1 (QFF) Queens Fighting Force (ENGLISH) #2 Our servers are based in the north of France, yet stay full all night long until the next morning. We have many people complimenting the ping, even guys in the US have complimented them in the past. We have a great team of admins and you will see on our discord that we log and provide evidence of all bans that take place for people breaching the rules. Very active and fair team of admins help you guys to play the game without being disrupted! QFF Discord: https://discord.gg/CuTmRMa We are recruiting and on the lookout for dedicated SQUAD gamers and teamplayers. We utilise Steam for our events (friendly matches, CCFN, Fun Friday etc) in the calendar and posting updates in both our steam group and our discord announcement channel. Very organised and relaxed environment. QFF requirements: • Aged 18+ • 150+ hours in SQUAD • English speaking • Fairly active in SQUAD (at least a couple of times a week ideally 10 hours a week). We play other games too, but our core game is SQUAD. • CCFN/Friendly matches are purely optional, great way to fight against the best of the best in the community to improve skill. • Fairly mature, but able to have a laugh too. • All our members are whitelisted on the server if you're active within our community. • Full members have permissions to see Team kills so they can report it to our admin team. We also started off a new feature called QFF_Cadets on discord. Those that are aspiring to become a QFF member but don't quite have the hours in game yet. They play on our discord and on our servers until they've met the requirement. Come and join in. See you there p.s. This thread isn't the place to appeal a ban, it's done on our discord. We will more than likely have screenshots of what you did, so bring the best story you can make up to get it lifted lol. We are very fair, but don't think we're soft on intentional TK'ing.
  6. The option of being able to steal enemy vehicles will massively stop people from just driving them like taxi's and ditching them on the front lines or opposite side of the map. Of course this could also bring a massive balance issue if somehow the enemy managed to steal all your vehicles and your team had none, yet the opposition had all of theirs and yours! That would be brutal.
  7. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU/USA

    We did yes, but lessons learned. 18+ years old 150+ hours in squad which brings experienced players and also dedicated to SQUAD. We were relaxed on this before and people with very few hours moved onto other games, thus wasting our time. This is why the requirements have been set for a while now. It also means we don't have to teach the basics all the time.
  8. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Dragging bodies confirmed?!
  9. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU/USA

    wow really? Jump on our discord man https://discord.gg/CuTmRMa
  10. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU/USA

    We always say hi It has been getting really busy lately on our discord. We had like 50+ people that aren't in a clan.
  11. More information for Server Admins?

    But that's the point, it's not just for the mindless TKing at main... it will also punish a scout that placed an IED ages ago and some friendly truck driver goes over it and it TK's about 6 guys. I just think your suggestion is way too strict/aggressive and will punish those that don't deserve it. There needs to be some leniency and judgement from the admins. Not just blanket ban everyone.
  12. More information for Server Admins?

    That's way too aggressive imo and will discourage new people. Accidents happen. You mean to say you've never accidentally TK'd? Active admins can determine the cause and consequence. No need to punish for every single accident. The intentional TK'ers will get their comeuppance.
  13. More information for Server Admins?

    That cannot apply to the game. A friendly accidental mortar can kill more than 3 and a friendly AT mine placed 30 minutes ago and a truck full of friendlies go over it, that's not the guys fault for putting the mine down ages ago. It's the driver's fault.
  14. Hey all, Since the introduction of new weapons such as Mortars, AT Mines and IED's I was just wondering if it would be possible for server admins to have further information when it comes to Team Killers? We get the white notification top left to show somebody has team killed, would it be possible to show us which weapon was used? I think it would help massively to quickly see if something might have been an accident. SprayNpray (Primary) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB1 SprayNpray (Primary) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB2 SprayNpray (Primary) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB3 (We don't need a list of weapons for each faction, just show if it was the primary or secondary weapon used) ----------------------------------------------------- ShrekFarFarAway (Mortar) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB1 ShrekFarFarAway (Mortar) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB2 ShrekFarFarAway (Mortar) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB3 ----------------------------------------------------- BlindMan (Grenade) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB1 BlindMan (Grenade) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB2 BlindMan (Grenade) [Suicide] ----------------------------------------------------- New2Game (AT Mine) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB1 New2Game (AT Mine) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB2 New2Game (AT Mine) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB3 New2Game (AT Mine) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB4