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  1. But that's the point, it's not just for the mindless TKing at main... it will also punish a scout that placed an IED ages ago and some friendly truck driver goes over it and it TK's about 6 guys. I just think your suggestion is way too strict/aggressive and will punish those that don't deserve it. There needs to be some leniency and judgement from the admins. Not just blanket ban everyone.
  2. That's way too aggressive imo and will discourage new people. Accidents happen. You mean to say you've never accidentally TK'd? Active admins can determine the cause and consequence. No need to punish for every single accident. The intentional TK'ers will get their comeuppance.
  3. That cannot apply to the game. A friendly accidental mortar can kill more than 3 and a friendly AT mine placed 30 minutes ago and a truck full of friendlies go over it, that's not the guys fault for putting the mine down ages ago. It's the driver's fault.
  4. Hey all, Since the introduction of new weapons such as Mortars, AT Mines and IED's I was just wondering if it would be possible for server admins to have further information when it comes to Team Killers? We get the white notification top left to show somebody has team killed, would it be possible to show us which weapon was used? I think it would help massively to quickly see if something might have been an accident. SprayNpray (Primary) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB1 SprayNpray (Primary) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB2 SprayNpray (Primary) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB3 (We don't need a list of weapons for each faction, just show if it was the primary or secondary weapon used) ----------------------------------------------------- ShrekFarFarAway (Mortar) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB1 ShrekFarFarAway (Mortar) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB2 ShrekFarFarAway (Mortar) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB3 ----------------------------------------------------- BlindMan (Grenade) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB1 BlindMan (Grenade) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB2 BlindMan (Grenade) [Suicide] ----------------------------------------------------- New2Game (AT Mine) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB1 New2Game (AT Mine) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB2 New2Game (AT Mine) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB3 New2Game (AT Mine) [Teamkill] UnluckySOB4
  5. Here you go Roma...
  6. No that's the developers of the game. That's their font and text size. We will message you on discord when sorted.
  7. Yes we have a list of rules. Thanks for linking that to him. We also have RED BOLD text scrolling on our servers. It's also posted on our discord in the welcome channel. If you Google search Queens Fighting Force you'd have found us quite easily. Evidence on RCON tool shows he had been mass team killing. Awaiting screenshot evidence from the admin that set the ban. When we kick or ban someone we always state a reason which appears on your screen. The RCON tool shows "mass tker" so you would have had that on your screen as you were removed from the server. We have very active admins and that's why both our servers are full all night long. We do our best to make sure you don't get teamkilled or trolled, so you can just get on with playing the game. Roma is now on our discord and it is being dealt with. If you do have any issues come over to discuss the ban. Thanks.
  8. Hey Alex welcome to the game. You've missed our requirements section on the 1st post.
  9. We utilize Steam for our events (friendly matches, CCFN, Fun Friday etc) in the calendar and posting updates in both our steam group and our discord announcement channel. Very organised and relaxed environment. Requirements to join QFF... • Aged 18+ • 150+ hours in SQUAD • English speaking • Fairly active in SQUAD (at least a couple of times a week). We play other games too, but our core game is SQUAD. • CCFN/Friendly matches are purely optional, great way to fight against the best of the best in the community to improve skill. • Fairly mature, but able to have a laugh too. • All our members are whitelisted on the server if you're active within our community. If you are interested in joining us or if you have any issues, please contact us on our discord...
  10. I already give it to her... oh wait... what are we talking about here? loool
  11. Thank you guys. We didn't have to go through the ordeal of the free weekender lol
  12. Well guys, sorry to say this... I will be missing the free weekender and entertaining the noobs. It is with great regret that I cannot kill/assist them Little Jenny and myself are getting married tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend <3
  13. Cheers man. We do our best to make sure the server is run fair for both teams. No base raping and when I checked, there were 4 clans all on 1 side, so it's only good practice to ask if clans can not stack like that and help balance the skill on the server. Glad you enjoyed it
  14. QFF's brand new background in 4K...
  15. Hey guys, Thought I'd share this one Alpha 9 massive graphical glitch with vehicles stretched across the sky. i7 4770K GTX 1070 MSI Gaming X graphics card 16GB DDR3