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  1. My best HAB takedown, just look at all the bodies... Bodies everywhere. Watch the nade spam and then 2 of us push and hold it for ages. So many bodies. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/232576529
  2. Another bug for submission... this is weird, can't turn left or right. It thinks I'm in the vehicle still. I get revived and appear 20mtrs back where the logi was https://clips.twitch.tv/NeighborlyBillowingPonyOhMyDog Every single round, multiple bugs now.
  3. Look at this amazing snapshot... no way!!! https://clips.twitch.tv/MuddySwissCurryYee
  4. You might hear some raging/frustration in my voice when this stuff keeps happening... All of this happened today in a space of 4 hours... Massive bug where the gunner on Strykers randomly get 1 shot. 10 times this happened. So annoying. https://clips.twitch.tv/VastRichSashimiDxCat Another bug where the gunner can move his body around with the gun... so weird!!! https://clips.twitch.tv/SarcasticFlirtySpaghettiKappa Shallow water sets the Stryker on fire... it didn't even go under water at all.... FML!!!! https://clips.twitch.tv/BloodySparklyStarlingNerfBlueBlaster Sniped off the Stryker gunner again! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH https://clips.twitch.tv/PhilanthropicGorgeousAubergineHoneyBadger
  5. 3xStrykers working in a wolf pack vs enemy 30mms, BTRs and MLTB's https://clips.twitch.tv/GrossHeartlessMilkMcaT This is the only way to have a chance vs enemy 30mm BTRs which are just totally overpowered in this game.
  6. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    (QFF) Queens Fighting Force (ENGLISH) QFF requirements: • Aged 18+ • 300+ hours in SQUAD and invite only (we are looking for competitive players) • English speaking • Fairly active in SQUAD (at least a couple of times a week ideally 10 hours a week). We play other games too, but our core game is SQUAD. • CCFN/Friendly matches are purely optional, great way to fight against the best of the best in the community to improve skill. • Fairly mature, but able to have a laugh too. • All our members are whitelisted on the server if you're active within our community. • Full members have permissions to see Team kills so they can report it to our admin team. • We are 1 year old as a clan since 01/01/2017 when Jenny created the clan. To send people this way please use the following url http://tiny.cc/qffclan Those interested in joining us should jump onto our discord https://discord.gg/CCzjuJC Note: We have downgraded from 2 Squad servers to just the one. A lot easier to admin. We had 20+ queuing for each server, but with all the new people coming to the game, it makes it a lot more difficult to admin both, so we're just using the one server from now on.
  7. Actually that was another, I've been shot multiple times by enemies that are looking sideways on. I even got shot as a guy was jumping over a wall in mid animation. They don't have to look at your to be shot at, many people reported that one.
  8. How to play dead in SQUAD. PROOF THAT IT WORKS! https://clips.twitch.tv/FilthyWanderingWoodpeckerSquadGoals
  9. Most insane round ever. In the 2 years of playing this game, this round was the closest EVER!! We got back capped because Squad Leader 3 didn't tell us. We were pushed all the way back to our 1st flag, but managed to turn it around and push them all the way back. We lost our fast capping Stryker at the end, it left us with 1 ticket. 30 seconds later round ends and it says MILITIA WIN BY 1 TICKET!!!!! I actually don't know how, but we did it! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/230776984
  10. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Whenever someone comes to QFF from another clan and wanting to join us, we ask that clan if it's OK with them and if there are any reasons behind it. We believe it's a way of being polite and respectful. It has actually been a benefit to us because troublemakers have less of a chance of hopping clans and not into ours. Clan leaders/founders/moderators/admins must put a stop from the top level and remind their members to show respect whilst wearing clan tags, then that's where the issue will always be if it isn't dealt with at the highest level. If it's not stopped then it is being condoned and even supported. Using the word strict when it comes to this topic almost sounds like policing our members. We simply say don't troll because 1/ you make yourselves look bad and 2/ whilst wearing clan tags people ignore your name and look at the tag when you're doing this stuff. It's not being strict, it's called being civil and promoting that. Just because your friends are doing it and it seems to be the "normal thing to do". The word normal is subjective. The normal activities don't make things right either. it borderlines the same term as mob mentality. People will jump on board even if they haven't got any part or involvement at all. It's "fun". If a QFF member is ever caught trolling, we will remove their roles and wish them all the best. If all clans did this, the gaming community would look better from the outside and be a more pleasant place to mingle.
  11. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Slight adjustment to our server rules... 15. Communities/Clans. There have been some instances where people from other clans or communities believe they are exempt from the rules. You must adhere to them just the same as a non clan player. If we see multiple members team killing, disrupting and trolling from the same group, we retain the right to remove all members so not to further disrupt our servers. If you feel this to be unfair, you might want to speak to your members and advise them that their actions can and will affect the entire clan being removed. Large groups connecting to the servers can be disruptive a) going against public which don't have as much coordination / experience b) when you've had your fun then you all disconnect leaving the server unbalanced. Please don't stack if you have a large group connecting. QFF split between 2 servers and sometimes split once again between 2 teams on each of them. We like to stack and have fun once in a while, but they're our servers and we wont all disconnect at the same time unlike what we have seen large groups doing before.
  12. Here's a list of the biggest bugs... 1/ Hand floating in face - big hands so you can't see where you're shooting. 2/ Invisible gun - it doesn't even shoot bullets, just makes sound effect. Happens when you get revived. 3/ Ghosts - I see dead people, literally standing there. A former shadow of themselves. 4/ The green slime effect - half the textures don't load and creates a weird green texture. 5/ Getting revived and appearing on top of buildings or inside of the ceilings, becoming one with the architecture. These are the biggest issues right now. Will they all hopefully be sorted for a hotfix or do we deal with these until the next scheduled update? Bonus bug: https://clips.twitch.tv/YummyGeniusNostrilSMOrc
  13. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    It will vary. We do all sorts. Sometimes just want to relax and give others a go. Sometimes we SL and guide others and watch the overall picture. We see if nobody is defending and admin the servers on top of all this. We have 2 servers and keep QFF on both servers to watch for Tkers or SLs with no microphone. Lot of work but it pays off because we can play most games without too much hassle. This is why people queue for our servers because they know we do our best to admin and assist others. I've specifically done the commander role idea a few times. It's good fun because it introduces another level of gameplay and we all know communication is the core of this game. This is what makes it different to battlefield and COD. Learn the game and maps. Then have a go at squad leading. It's not easy and it's not for the new guys. Some days are harder than others lol
  14. Ex QFF member, SadisticSlaughter banned me from my own server using RCON Thanks, it was 4.15am! I had serious red eye, went to bed He is perm banned from both of our servers, bye bye now SteamID 76561198380938927 https://clips.twitch.tv/MoistExquisiteFlyYouDontSay
  15. Friendly match QFF vs ESPS + SQ MAK https://www.twitch.tv/videos/230037268 Round 1 Round 2 1st round SQ+ESPS won by 128 2nd round QFF won by 426 Total win 298 for QFF