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  1. Huge announcement, I was wrong.

    Where is insurgent vs militia layers in mutaha? This is arabic map but only yankies vs ruskies and britons vs ruskies..
  2. Gun Sounds

    Why the dmr long distance sounds are the same? American , British, Russian dmrs have same sound..Is it a bug or intentionally decided so? I'm sure that they were completely different at any distance and easily identified at A11 version.. Thanks for reply
  3. Squad is dead or not ?

    Squad is not dead but information channels about game situation and development seems dead...they are releasing updates very rarely.. don't tell me anything about recaps, the contents on this show may not be guaranteed to be in this game within two years..for example shotguns, breacher class etc.. they have added public testing entry to steam but only used one time for 4 months..in short, game owners have limited experience in this game development cycle and have limited information about game current situation rarely that I have seen other alpha or beta games
  4. Alpha 12.1 on Public Testing

    there is 6.4 gb update on Public test server, why are we updating , if there is no servers to play? or what are we updating? there is no any info.. What is the goal of this public test entry of steam?
  5. Little squads, many vehicles v12.

    We need same logic with post scriptum : Limited Armored Section in order to use IFV and MBTs..APCs and TRUCKs can be used by infantry squads.. Also second request crewman SL should have ability to make rally point with one crewman not 3 with him..for example in order to repair vehicle sometimes needed a rally if repair station not available.
  6. When for hotfix?

    3 weeks
  7. People who played v12 !?

    are we playing same v12? My system is i5 6600k ( 4.6ghz) + gtx 1060 + 16 gb ddr4 ram If I open full texture load , I see massive fps drops from 75 to 20 fps and jittery, freezes especially minimap usage and generally in game.. even low settings , no supersampling.. If I don't open full texture load game looks mine craft because of not loaded textures.. I have tried everything : - clear cache - steam file verification Last night, servers have been empty , because this problem, too many has quit the play V12.. I have stable fps 60 over , fully crowded servers , 150% super sampling and medium settings at V11..

    there will be no august recap because of new patch or new version release of the game
  9. Alpha 9.14 Released

    So is there any improvement at Mestia map? Did anyone try it?
  10. where are the breachable doors and breacher role with shotgun demolising doors they have talked about at first days of 2016 ?
  11. SPG techie should be equivalent to HAT

    Devs can add scopes on spg gun..
  12. Alpha 9.10 Released

    there is fps lost for sure at least for me 9.9 was way better
  13. Footstep sounds

    Hello, Is there a problem at footsteps sounds in this game? I can't hear the footsteps sounds of enemy coming from my back or sides The problem could be the other sounds higher than normal. Also the vehicle sounds seem not dependant to the distance..
  14. Alpha 9.8 Released

    They are working for UK faction for 1 year, are you kidding us? At v10 you will not see any heli so don't count, may be we can see after 6 months "hard work" and working for animation since February (seven big months) , so do you think that they are working really hard?
  15. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    Im playing most of the time as SL: The biggest problem of noob sls are to insist same failures repeating again and again..SL should have dynamic ideas and alternative plans..SLs should read the game very well and play for objective..Insisting to kill remaining enemies uncapable flag is a complete failure of these type SLs..