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  1. Release: Alpha 9.10

    there is fps lost for sure at least for me 9.9 was way better
  2. Footstep sounds

    Hello, Is there a problem at footsteps sounds in this game? I can't hear the footsteps sounds of enemy coming from my back or sides The problem could be the other sounds higher than normal. Also the vehicle sounds seem not dependant to the distance..
  3. Alpha 9.8 Release

    They are working for UK faction for 1 year, are you kidding us? At v10 you will not see any heli so don't count, may be we can see after 6 months "hard work" and working for animation since February (seven big months) , so do you think that they are working really hard?
  4. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    Im playing most of the time as SL: The biggest problem of noob sls are to insist same failures repeating again and again..SL should have dynamic ideas and alternative plans..SLs should read the game very well and play for objective..Insisting to kill remaining enemies uncapable flag is a complete failure of these type SLs..
  5. Release for v10?

    The animation update information has been released at 1 feb 2017...I kindly want to remind that time passing very fastly..Another couple of months that you're saying???? I don't want to believe this.. I'm expecting lately end of june release after 4 months interval of your completed wonderfull demo video..
  6. Your gpu oc seems more for the game..Decrease it or cancel it ..
  7. Use txaa and reshade 3.0.6 Thats enough , no need to open supersampling
  8. RX 580 vs. GTX 1070

    Gtx 1070 is better than rx 580 doubtless.. rx 580 is oced and re-branded rx 480 that is equal to gtx 1060 standards generally..you should buy gtx 1070 in order to catch min 55-60 fps standard with your system spects..
  9. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    Ok after some play as a squad leader as my common role in the game, I'm changing my idea except last stage of the game if insurgents pressed on their last flags and base..If insurgents succeed to cap fastly Suburbs, apartments, alley, mosque and refinery at the opening stage of the game with their placement advantage and use their logi technicals with a good manner in order to create HABs to some strategic points in the map with a high level communication..You can win also insurgents..Its up to SLs and squads, with them that you are cooperating, to win or loose..One last request , I kindly want to see the commander role in this game at V10 ..
  10. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    Yes if Insurgent squad has superior talents than Americans , I agree with you..In an equal terms match , no hope for insurgents..It's like logar valley of insurgents :-) This stryker optics in an open area against base very efficient because you can kill even at front gate of base from miles..
  11. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    Al Basrah map is imposible with insurgents, Sumari is more balanced than this map.. if you loose begining momentum and if you loose sburbs flag, you can't return back..because americans can make easily spawn kills, even front gate of main with their optical insturments (Strykers very long distance from south bridge) So this map seems unbalanced for insurgents and only playable as insurgent mod that I think not AAS or PAAS What is your thought? You have to make some bridges to easten part of map in order to fight for northern objectives (refinery) for returning game Regards
  12. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

    I'm kicking from game , while map loading...I can't solve this problem.. Clear Cache, game integrity applied Any solution? I haven't faced this problem at 9.1
  13. What goes on inside some Squaddies heads?

    First of all, to discuss this topic in here is not suitable for me but I will make a comment. I agree that yelling as " Allahu Akbar" is not making racism but if you yell as "Allah snackbar" is not also roleplaying..I have played over 1800 hours of this game..I can easily define the voice difference between a child and an un-developed adult..Believe me, the most innocent ones are child , I haven't heard any abuse from them in this game..In real Islam, all religions are seeing as equal and are respected..God=Allah is universal for every secular religion, so while saying " Allah snackbar" , if you're christian or jewish at least a believer , you are also kidding with your God.. Finally, for an advice for un-developed adults, try to learn the difference between insurgent and terrorist terms, it would be a good start for you
  14. - Commander class with extended pre-match planning phase. This class also will distrubute sources (vehicles ) to the squads according to his first tactical orders. Tactical marking for his orders on map at pre-match planning phase.. - Mortars, ieds and mines - Hat for us and russian sides - New city maps - New class ( breacher _ us and russian- with hooks and demolitions) - British as a new faction - close to be confirmed- - new animation and inventory system - confirmed Regards