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  1. Everyone in the competitive community trusts each other, because if we didnt the competitive community would die out. I dont know a single clan that would hide a members cheating for an edge in play.
  2. Mortars only suck when you have a full squad and a logi dedicated to screwing over your entire team by not fighting on the objective or denying your team useful fobs. So I'm going to say, like, most of the time.
  3. Not sure what happened, was playing yesterday no problems. Tried today and apparently I am banned. @PolishKruk
  4. Its the most relaxing and only (if all goes well) non-combatant duty in squad.
  5. rasism

    The way I see it, the server admins probably thought it was a RUS only or RUS speaking squad which can pose 3 problems: - The admins dont want 2 man locked squads - The admins want english on the SL comms - The admins dont want silent SLs I would just find the admin and let him know you can communicate, or find another server.
  6. I think the people your talking to quacken are finding every and any excuse for deaths other then their own actions. Its neither hacking nor exploiting and gives you no advantage.
  7. Oooooh. Alternate frame rendering is in there too.
  8. If I had to guess I would say something is definitely wrong on the user end. I had a problem similar to this, that was caused by some funky windows 10 update.
  9. I had that 2 weeks ago, but it affected almost all my games. Happened when I updated my Nvidia drivers, rolled back and all is well.
  10. If the vocal minority had their way with squad the server would just boot you if you died with the message "Go play somewhere else pleb". Squad is trying to fill the empty space between arcade and sim. Cohesive and intelligent squads and teams will win every game already, I dont see the need for ridiculous suggestions.
  11. For it not to show up in screenshots it has to be a gpu/moniter issue.
  12. Whoop, I knew that, but I assume they are greater than $3-500 a set, and like you said, small drivers. Was more directed towards "7.1 Gaming Headsets" ~$100. I have seen earbuds with 4 drivers in them, each in charge of its own frequency range, not surround but a neat idea nonetheless.
  13. I use an ASUS Xonar STX 2.1, I've noticed ASUS is pretty bad with audio card drivers, I'm using the third party Uni drivers Also, If you are only using two speakers (such as headphones) turn all that dolby 7.1/5.1 crap off. Surround sound headsets are a scam, they dont exist outside of "Virtual Surround Sound".
  14. Main base captures ending the game would be cool as heck, as long as there is plenty of static MGs, mortars, cover, etc in the main. Spawn protection bubble would "unlock" after last flag is capped. A main base capture would be both incredibly risky and rewarding for the attacking/winning team. Ofcourse, main base spawning would have to be reworked a bit.
  15. You took the red pill, didnt you? Hopefully, its not an issue with bad vram: Post PC specs.