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  1. So that the guy who snuck up behind 3 dudes, in an advantageous position, who shot first, and aimed rather well, would instead get demolished because of bad game design. I dont know if you know this, but a firefight is over rather quick in real life at 25-50m engagements. I heard this argument all the time against BF3/4 hardcore, "you dont even have a chance to spin around and kill the guy whos shooting at you" "So hardcore mode is not skill based".
  2. With the change your suggesting, there would never be any reason to fire your weapon in semi auto. But i guess thats one way of getting rid of those ironsight 100m "snipers".
  3. Suppression should be achieved by changing bullet impacts, zings, and explosives to be more visually and audio devastating than current. More rocks flying, dust, wood splinters, louder zings, grenade/explosive pitch ringing if you are close to the explosion. Other then that suppression works fine in this game. If somebody peeks a corner, and you shoot at the corner, 19/20 times hes going to hide back in cover. If you shoot the top of the storage site storage tanks on yeho, they will retreat behind cover. That is what suppression is, that is what it does. If you wanted to fear for your life if a videogame, then the only way to achieve that somewhat is one life. Via a new gamemode or ops. Screen shaking and blurring is the absolute worst way to instill the feeling of dread that your about to get shot (and thus move to safety).
  4. The key to balancing the irregular factions lays in the delicate balance of vehicle ticket cost, IMO. The initial vehicle ticket costs for strykers and humvees and the like were maybe a tad high, but at the current level, too low. This balances the ticket game between US-RU/MIL-INS while giving each faction a game winning doctrine. US-RU will be superior for domination of the map, MIL-INS will be superior for hit and run on enemy HVTs (vehicles and fobs).
  5. Assets and FOB Costs

    I think it would lead to an astonishing amount of static, defensive play. If nobody is attacking, and everyone is defending, this wont be a very fun game to play. I think fob ticket cost is fine where its at, as they are worth slightly less than tickets cost if you lose a flag. Generally, the only way your going to cap a flag is by taking out the enemy fob near it. 20 (fob) + 30 (flag caps vary) = 50 tickets already.
  6. Scrambling teams

    If your losing 4 in a row, identify problem SLs and don't join their squad. Hell, call them out on it. Some people like to take 9 guys on a troll mission, and kick people with rational thought for giggles. Generally the squads with the highest kills and deaths are the ones doing the most work. The point system is irrelevant.
  7. Everyone in the competitive community trusts each other, because if we didnt the competitive community would die out. I dont know a single clan that would hide a members cheating for an edge in play.
  8. Do mortars suck?

    Mortars only suck when you have a full squad and a logi dedicated to screwing over your entire team by not fighting on the objective or denying your team useful fobs. So I'm going to say, like, most of the time.
  9. Opinion on Duties in game

    Its the most relaxing and only (if all goes well) non-combatant duty in squad.
  10. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    The way I see it, the server admins probably thought it was a RUS only or RUS speaking squad which can pose 3 problems: - The admins dont want 2 man locked squads - The admins want english on the SL comms - The admins dont want silent SLs I would just find the admin and let him know you can communicate, or find another server.
  11. Exploit or not?

    I think the people your talking to quacken are finding every and any excuse for deaths other then their own actions. Its neither hacking nor exploiting and gives you no advantage.
  12. Unreal Engine 4.15 Released!

    Oooooh. Alternate frame rendering is in there too.
  13. 1-3fps in a server, not in firing range or main menu

    If I had to guess I would say something is definitely wrong on the user end. I had a problem similar to this, that was caused by some funky windows 10 update.
  14. Squad massive lag 1 fps on main menu

    I had that 2 weeks ago, but it affected almost all my games. Happened when I updated my Nvidia drivers, rolled back and all is well.
  15. Infantry ticket cost

    If the vocal minority had their way with squad the server would just boot you if you died with the message "Go play somewhere else pleb". Squad is trying to fill the empty space between arcade and sim. Cohesive and intelligent squads and teams will win every game already, I dont see the need for ridiculous suggestions.