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  1. Can we get an update of this for v11.1? @Ridoc It would be good if we can get the layers as options to "overlay" on the maps for future reference too.
  2. @beginna what @Peerun stated was my concern.. hence the request to the community to get the result.
  3. you know.. for science... slash ease of use... we've got them for every other map so yeah...
  4. Strange Freeze on Intro Video

    so after attempting to start the game a couple of times and continuign to have the issue i restarted the pc 2-3 times... it has loaded through to the main menu. pastebin of the success log. however.. exited the game to recreate success and have hit the same issue again.... freezing in intro video pastebin of the fail log this has got me stumped.
  5. Hi There, This is happening on build ++UE4+Release-4.16-CL-3514769 Having a strange issue which continues to trouble me when i try and play my favourite game. In short, through squad_launcher.exe the game is freezing half way through the intro video (I have attempted to delete it, verify game files in steam and redownload it -- no fix). EAC green bar is not loading through. I've tried redownloading the 22 EAC files and trying again, no fix. The game loads to main menu through just squad.exe in the steam common folder. through steam_launcher.exe it fails Funny thing though - it worked ONCE... just once... in the middle of all the failed attempts and then proceeded to continue to fail. Current fix attempts: Most recent log is here. I have deleted local\appdata\squad to clear my cache I have reinstalled squad, deleted EAC and verified files through steam and then opened the game I have done a complete fresh reinstall I have turned off win10 realtime windwos protections incase it is interfereing with EAC... Im now lost.