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  1. Make Map Interactive for the SL in the Firing Range

    This is so weird. I spawned as SL yet I could not place markers on the map in the Firing Range. I seem to have the weirdest problems that no one else seems to have.
  2. Make Map Interactive for the SL in the Firing Range

    LOL I didn't think of that. Though the purpose of the firing range is to test different classes out as I understand it.
  3. I wanted to fiddle with the functions of a squad leader in the firing range but there is literally nothing SL related I can peform there, not even set icons on the map. The firing range is probably at the bottom of your priorities vs making the game work in MP, I realize, just wondering if there is a plan to add SL practice functions to the Firing Range simliar to what Arma 3 did? Thanks.
  4. Rightclicking Map Icons?

    I did read the manual when I first got the game. Can't believe I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me where to look in it though. Page 37 is specifically about what I was asking, plus it states that vehicle symbols will be ignored in the manual until they are added to the game itself. Thanks for the replies. I'm a slow learner.
  5. Rightclicking Map Icons?

    I noticed that in the spawn menu if I right-click the map a sort of commo rose appears. There's over a dozen icons to select, depending on which "branch" you select. First question: is there a breakdown of what each icon/marker represents (or purpose of said branch, too). Second question: Are those markers for your teammates to see or just for your eyes only (whether or not you're the SL)? 3rd Question: If you accidentally place a marker how do you remove it? Thanks. Just an aside, be nice if the map was clickable just using the map key instead of going through the Spawn menu.
  6. Higher FPS - Updated Steam Version

    Wow, seems like every time I turn around Windows 10 has "lost" that version of DX again. Thanks for the reminder to reinstall it, which I've done 3 times in the last couple months already. Windows 10 is crazy stupid sometimes.