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  1. Kalashnikovs are comin'

    Sweet more the better!
  2. What have you done to promote squad?

    Spammed and convinced many of my friends on both steam, skype and irl friends lol (they hate me now), talked about it and praised it on both youtube videos and twitch streams, uploaded a couple Squad vids, and talked about Squad a lot when I have live streamed PR and also let some people that play PR know about it that had no idea what it was Oh and yeah invited all my of 100+ steam friends to the squad steam group several times lol, also tweeted out almost nearly every squad tweet. ^^
  3. A discussion on Sights

    I like this, the system PR used was fine too tho imo I dont really care much about the actual 3D aspect of scopes unless they can be done properly.
  4. M249

    In real life you can see clearly up too several hundred meters even with ironsights if there are no obstacles in the way... but in a game on a monitor with a limited amount of pixels and a high fov, your eyesight gets very limited.. thats why milsim games like ARMA and stuff uses a zoom function and lower default fov's..
  5. I wont attempt any shots over 30 meters.

    Yeah I see where you are coming from I think it's a mix between the high weapon sway + very bad ADS Zoom levels (high ads fov) even when you hold breath and go "focus" In PR I could feel the same way that the 90 FOV when aiming was a bit too zoomed out, but I could still take precise and accurate shots because of no sway, but since squad has now both, it makes it kinda weird and difficult to pull of. In ARMA that is no problem because ARMA has a low FOV default, and also have a pretty good "Focus" zoom when aiming/looking to sort of compensate for the lack of focusing your eyes can do irl since its after all a video game with pixels.
  6. Server Size

    They started with 100 players when pre alpha launched, but FPS were as low as 20 then even for people with good rigs, so they lowered it a little at a time, Optimization and stuff needs to happen before that is possible or (playable) rather
  7. Will this game get a Conquest mode?

    No thanks
  8. +1 My biggest gripe atm, but im sure it will get improved
  9. Pre-alpha general impression main thread

    Very nice been loving it and had lots of fun, biggest gripe would probably be the blurry graphics on ranges of 100m+, especially foliage and trees, tends to make it really hard to see, dunno if its just bad anti aliasing, or lods. even with everything on Epic
  10. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Been actively playing PR since 2010, previously known member of =GS= and the pony squad!
  11. Project Reality of course
  12. Squad radar

    I prefer PR's caps lock squad menu and map popup
  13. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    Good old bluedrake Been pretty inactive on PR for a while now otherwise I would probably eventually have heard it from there.