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  1. If that would be the case we still would have armored knights today.
  2. Leopard 2 or M1A3 Abrams

    Btw. I don't really care about the discussion which tank is better, I just thought this may be of intrest.) There was a Nato tank competition in 2016, organized by the US army. Crews from these countries took part in it: Denmark (Leopard 2A5), Germany (Leopard 2A6), Italy (Ariete), Poland (Leopard 2A5), 2x U.S. (M1A2) and Slovenia (M84, based on T-72). This was the outcome: #1 Germany - Leopard 2A6 #2 Denmark - Leopard 2A5 #3 Poland - Leopard 2A5 I don't know about the rest but the top 3 all went to tank crews equipped with Leopards. Source: http://warnewsupdates.blogspot.de/2016/05/us-tanks-fail-to-place-in-nato-tank.html http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a20917/us-crews-fail-to-place-in-nato-tank-competition/
  3. Taiwanese special forces with a balistic mask. (No idea how effectiv or protectiv it is, but it looks like straight from a mid-budget horror movie.)
  4. Music!

    The song is called Bre Petrunko more I don't know:
  5. FOB system is being exploited

    If I am playing on the opposite team of my clan mates, why would I want to give them information that make it easier to beat me when most (all) of them are already better players than I am? Normally I always try extra hard to beat them. Can't let them get to successful. Otherwise they might develop a god complex and nobody wants that. Leaving aside my personal feelings here, I have never heard anyone give away positions over teamspeak. (Unless you want to count server seeding where it is somewhat necessery to keep people entertained and make sure that the 5 people currently playing on the server actually see some action and don't leave again. And even in that case it is more a "Do you want to fight at flag X or flag Y?" and not "Dude our team has a FOB at C come and kill it!!!") Nonetheless this: actually is not a bad idea. At least if it is a option for the server admins to choose if they want to allow people to switch teams or not.
  6. Soviet-Afghan War?

    If you are lucky this could be a mod. Gesendet von meinem G7-L01 mit Tapatalk
  7. Will people hate me if I'm 13?

    I was just pointing it out, not sharing it. I do however think that certain games should not be played by people who are to young (just not entire genre's of games like in the sentence I made above). If you are asking why, my reasoning behind it is very different from many other people. Many people claim that certain games will turn young people violent, which according to the studies I saw is wrong. It is more of a feeling for me that certain things are simply made for certain audiences and should not be consumed by people that fall into a younger demografic. For me it is about unlocking privileges (and responsibilities) when you grow up, one of these privileges beeing that you are allowed to consume new media (among things like beeing allowed to drink/drive/vote and so on). When children are old enough should be left to the parents, in case of media consumption and more harmless stuff and to society for things that can have very real consequences: consumption of drugs, drivers licenses and so on. EDIT: In this case I am not his father, so as long as his parents allow him to play Squad I could not care less. (And no, I of course I do not demand to speak with parents when I meet someone who I think could be underage online.) EDIT 2: That was a bit all over the place, I hope it is still possiable to somehow understand what I mean.
  8. Will people hate me if I'm 13?

    Pointing out the unpopular opinion that Squad or FPS games in generell are probably not for 13 year old. Other than that general fact, I do not see any problems.
  9. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    Which brings me to a followup. Devs Joystick support? Please. Lets hope that we end up with a nation that uses this gun alongside a MG-42/3. It would be a glorious wall of steel. Good fun:
  10. Oh god, please only if it optional!
  11. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    You mean mods right? Because there really is no way I can see a M270 fit into the base game. Mobile artillery, like a Toyota with some rockets on the back, sure. But a M270 plays in an entirely different league.
  12. Current levels of clever hacking?

    I saw one hacker so far. A really obviouse one. Eithere there a not many hackers or I am just to stupid to notice them.
  13. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    I would normally not link to my own threats but this could be interesting regarding the PPSH. A post on reddit regarding the mags on the PPSH and other guns.
  14. New weapons only with new animations?

    I don't think I saw it when playtesting V6. Could be wrong though.
  15. Will the new weapons, like the PPSH-41 we saw in the january update only be implemented after the new animations system is in place? That would make sense, because it seems a bit unnecessary to put in placeholder animations for the time being. If that is the case, will we than get a whole bunch of weopens at once, or will they be put in one after another?