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  1. Blog Post

    So just first off if this is in the wrong section let me know and i'll move it/delete it. (Didn't see it fitting under the sub-branches of Media) Just a Blog post of mine, thought some of you may enjoy the quick read. https://whitenoisy.wordpress.com/2017/11/30/so-squad-lead-hows-life/
  2. Got A Light?

    You are quite right of course, however, that would be an ideal situation and as many of us know, often when things get messy, there's no straight answer under fire.
  3. Got A Light?

    Medics and their smokes are like 2 peas in a pod, except you throw the 2 peas and now you're just an empty shell. So i'm sure medics used to have more than 2 smokes (Correct me if i'm wrong) and sure I love those 2 little peas, but often I find myself needing both for just 1 or 2 casualties. So lend us a smoke this Christmas, it might just save your life. (Also applies to cigarettes #Smokingkills) #Hollowpeaman
  4. 2 sergeants per squad

    Personally I don't see benefits to increasing the number of leading roles in a squad or giving more power to squad members. Both would lead to a degradation in squad gameplay. I can already foresee squads becoming 2 man teams spread far and wide reducing the importance of working closely and effectively as a squad. Some of the most fun I find myself having is when a squad comes together with an effective leader and good communication. From that point you can really see the power and effect even a single squad can have in a game.
  5. ...It's nice to meet with you again. Well here we are, i've been here too many times. Watch as the 'Sales Noob' climbs aboard the Squad train with no mic and hope in their hearts. Don't get me wrong, everyone starts somewhere and It's great to see new players enjoying the rogering from the other team, just... why is the mic gone? After all we're not stuck on some Caribbean Island with Keira Knightley. #micsmatter
  6. Kicked for Refusing to Suicide

    Totally agree with you, SLs need to have some understanding of other players situations. Plus ordering someone to suicide shouldn't be a thing at all, completely breaks immersion as well as making the SL look like a bit of a D**k.
  7. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    Whenever I play medic (which seems to be most of the time now because i'm the only one willing enough) people mostly just ask me to touch them... I don't mind...
  8. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    I see your point here, however, my point was that its one less thing to keep them occupied. Before I noticed a hybrid medic/scout focused when using binos, now they have surfaced as bad medics without their binos. :')
  9. Fatal Error Can F*** Off

    Certainly the correct reaction to yesterdays update... lmfao
  10. Fatal Error Can F*** Off

    I come here to cry after each crash... :'(
  11. Third Person Bug?

    Confirmed bug Soloution: Go in to admin cam (shift-P) and out again (shift-P) This is the official solution
  12. Fatal Error Can F*** Off

    Rest.In.Peace in peace Cause why not
  13. Fatal Error Can F*** Off

    "Ah wow, great squad! Much fun, many wows! ... oh ... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU..... "
  14. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    This ^^ We need scouts!
  15. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    Name: [RIP]Lish Nationality: UK Date/Time of round: Monday 8th August Reason: Clear and concise orders, tactics were optimum for the situation and all in all left a good impression.