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  1. Friendly Fire :|

    Seriously though. We need more jihadi maps
  2. I have an issue that has been happening on all the maps; If I am leaning whilst aiming and get shot down, when a medic revives me I will be stuck on whichever side lean I was on until I die again.
  3. Friendly Fire :|

    Soz I should have said Allahu Snakbar
  4. Friendly Fire :|

    Hi. Currently writing this after leaving the BVAR server as the amount of friendly fire was unbearable. Generally you can tell the difference in the Russian and American / militia etc weather it be tone of green/ helmets etc. But for some reason this still happens far too much at times (bloody noobs) I would like to see more of American or Russia Vs the taliban style militia as these are easy to distinguish even for inexperienced players. Plus I love playing as the taliban militia - ALAH SNACKBAR