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  1. New update?

    my bad on the capitals and thank you!
  2. New update?

    does anyone know when the next big update will be? or rumor on when its going to be released? its been a month and hoping to see new stuff added in <3 others wise i support this game anyways.
  3. Ak Weapon Preview. (Marmoset Renders)

    just wondering are you guys going to implement any of the modern weapons like these? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_modern_Russian_small_arms) i would like to the AS VAL <3. if not no worries! Doing a great job!
  4. New map idea's?

    i dont know if this would be possible, if there could be an actual cqb map not like the samari map rather than in the desert but more like a dam/ huge office building. something similar to this video ( ) it would be cool if it was done, but i could see the flaws that can come with this map. (basic death match scenario) but i think if you implement more spawning areas around the "dam/office building" entree point it would be more squad driven like in the old rainbow six. anything similar to what im thinking would make me happy. if you guys don't use this idea at all, i wouldn't mind you guys are doing a great job anyways. Keep up with the good work!