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  1. Just some fun information for those who would like to know about the ACOG and how it is used in practice. My unit, and I am sure most units, encouraged the taping of most of the tube depending on conditions. Without taping and covering part of the tube the reticle kinda glows and has no fine lines. So taping gave us a more defined and rigid reticle.
  2. Hello, Videos and Streaming

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to drop a line and show my support for this title. As a veteran of many fps's as well as a veteran of OEF, I am really enjoying this game. I know it has been said many places, but to me even in its current state; Squads gameplay is everything I wanted ARMA to be for the longest time. With that said I made a couple of videos and I have started to try to stream Squad (usually late afternoon). Just started with streaming so still working the kinks on that part, but well worth it if I can introduce this game to another individual who loves an fps with teamwork at the core! Attached some videos below ▼ First PC stream of Squad ▼