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  1. [UK/EU] Fighting Honey Badgers

    Great Server! Active admins participating as well which is nice and always open to suggestions. Do get involved!
  2. No idea, if you find out, let us know!
  3. Pretty much covers everything I believe http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/9841-so-you-got-yourself-a-server-new-server-help/
  4. Our Servers Blacklist/heads up list

    Question -- I saw someone crawling really fast, sort of a sprint crawl, is this a hack or was this just a glitch?
  5. Updated to add image links to all maps and general text clear up. Is this worth a sticky?
  6. Map group names

    Check out this thread; http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/9841-so-you-got-yourself-a-server-new-server-help/
  7. Crashes should get more limited now, though, it'd be interesting to know your adminstats on the server. FPS and ms
  8. Maybe a public trello board could help us all watch and enjoy the development of the game? Although things changing rapidly and committing to certain things maybe difficult, let alone maintaining the board, I'd be happy with a list of things being worked on at some point to be fair, although there is the actual forum topic of progress updates, I feel as if it's lacking clarity and updates.
  9. Our Servers Blacklist/heads up list

    I can confirm IrrationaL man is a nade hacker, though have no proof as I forgot to record my admin cam, I was watching him nade away. Quite funny and satisfying ban.
  10. Hi guys, Now firstly please tell me if this thread has no place here and I'll get it removed and apologies if this is closely related to other posts. Onto the point. As we all know hosting a server in alpha is risky at best and one shouldn't go into such an adventure without knowing that there are going to be issues, but that being said, I would love to get some clarification on what the latest thoughts on why the "game" is dropping connections to players right now, especially from the Devs as I feel there isn't an obvious line of contact and we're waiting on just a random update to appear not knowing what's coming in it, let alone if it's going to fix this pesky issue. Please do dump logs below from your server drops below and speculations to why you think it's happening and also report in the bug forums. I'm personally interested in how people are making work arounds. --- Current build issues 3.11 --- Server can run half days straight, but eventually give up and boot everyone --- Current stable fixes --- Seems most server sizes are now stable, but still crash after time
  11. Just doing what you intended then will turn it off, but let me know how it works out for clarity. Or something like below: NumPlayersDiffForTeamChanges=50 AllowTeamChanges=true PreventTeamChangeIfUnbalanced=false EnforceTeamBalance=false
  12. It depends what you're trying to do. If you want to balance teams, leaving the settings as you've quoted will result in a no more than 4 player difference in teams. Changing the two bottoms to false will mean people will still be able to change teams freely, even if the teams are unbalanced. Enforcing team balance, doesn't seem to do anything. 4 means the difference in players.
  13. There is team balancing already in the game, though to me it seems not to work all the time. Have a look through your .ini files for the text.