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    Thanks for the quick reply, I filled out an application. So, fingers crossed
  2. New to the game

    Hey guys, I can see there are a lot of clans out there, and I've just started playing Squad (mainly because I like co-ordinated gameplay), Been having fun on some servers. Just looking to see if there's a Clan/Regiment/Platoon that would best suit me. I used to be an NCO in a Napoleonic Wars Regiment (not that I'm looking for that kind of authority), and I really like the idea of progression through the ranks, I also like the idea of organised play (clan vs. clan competitive) and training evenings. I am 30 based in the UK (I know time differences will rule out certain clans) and I am friendly. My preferred role in the current status of the game would be medic (however, I'm not opposed to other roles). I would prefer to have a role in an armoured vehicle, but I'm not sure if, or when they'll be introduced. Other games I play include; War Thunder, Red Orchestra, Company of Heroes (have the whole series) Men of War (have the whole series) Survarium, Heroes & Generals. Are there any groups that would best suit me, that can show me the ropes? Many Thanks