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  1. Updated Ryzen FPS (overclocked)

    So I got my gtx 1080ti. I haven't made my video yet but to put it in simple terms, it's like 10-20FPS gain over the video I posted earlier on the same settings. So yes the fps is finally "goodish" but that requires you to have a 800$ graphics card, 200$ ram, and a r7 that can hit 4Ghz. Sad lol. I might make a video later. Gotta see.
  2. Updated Ryzen FPS (overclocked)

    Actually selling both 1080's on ebay for profit. Paying off a minor debt due to another hobby(Fish Tanks), upgrading to a single 1080ti as I've grown bored of the games that actually scale with sli properly. Will retest in a week or so when the new card comes in! Graphics cards are being bought up for mining and the founders editions are highly sought after as they are blower cards and work well in close-quarters (aka mining racks).
  3. I made an updated video for people wondering what ryzen will give you fps wise on squad. System Specs are R7 1800x @4ghz at 1.393vcore GTX 1080 FE @2ghz watercooled Team Xtreem 2x8GB kit @3200mhz (rated for 4000, the technology is just not there yet xd) On a Samsung 960 pro 512GB NVME ssd X370 Crosshair 6 Hero
  4. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Your video is VERY misleading as that was an empty server. This game scales very drastically with slots. You can get 200+ fps on an empty server with an i7. I dont think most people should be using your video as a reference because of that. I have an 1800x @4ghz with a 4000mhz ram kit running at 3200 and I am barely scraping out 50fps on full servers on the lowest settings. Yeah 20% cpu usage is impressive but you forget the whole point of a gaming on a 16 thread cpu. It's the use the extra cores to perform better. If you only played squad, you're paying 300$ for sub 200$ cpu performance.
  5. Trouble Running With Two Gpu cards

    yeah hes using it as a physX card which is dumb because it's been proven that it only is beneficial for a very select combo of cards and even then has minimal advantages in games that even support it. Squad does not support it so I don't know what hes arguing about. If he has 2x 750's he might aswell SLI them instead of physX.
  6. Trouble Running With Two Gpu cards

    Hmm I've run the game with SLI no problem. I would suggest using DDU and removing your display driver and reinstalling geforce experience. You maybe using an outdated SLI profile that doesn't put squad in the "unigine heaven" profile. Also V10 is supposed to have better SLI support. ;p
  7. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    I've already talked with a developer who told me the 1 core problem is a problem. The games' core physics and a bunch of other things are all piled onto one thread. If it is pinned or delayed the entire game engine will "wait" AKA not respond. They have talked about parallelizing a few tasks like audio out to other threads but they have the same doubts that it won't improve performance as much as just having a faster single core.. We may seen ryzen optimizations in the near future but I don't think they will bring huge FPS gains as this game relies on a single core to do all the physical lifting. As far as I can tell this maybe an engine problem, but it is still a problem specific with the simulated shooter genre. I see the same issues with arma 3 as I do with squad on my ryzen chip. These games tend to want to know more information than your standard shooter game like overwatch or battlefield. Hence why the registry and mechanics are far more complex. The reason overwatch and bf1 run so well on ryzen is due to the fact that they are just well optimized games in general. Although they are optimized, they still aren't fully optimized as overwatch uses a mere 20% cpu usage on my 1800x and battlefield pulls a meager 50% usage. Almost every game I've thrown at my CPU is single-core bound. That is until you go try out any productivity program that just creams on the 8 cores. This being said it's not a bad chip for gaming, just a bad chip to buy if you're looking into squad/arma 3 in particular. I've been getting stellar performance in BF1, OW, and even Rust. This is a bad sign for the future of AMD chips, but bear in mind 55fps isn't "unplayable" by a long shot in my book. And I'm saying that as a gamer who primarily plays at 140+fps with dual 1080's. Just know how your chip performs in the tasks you do everyday before buying. If you only play squad and arma3, amd ryzen is probably not good for your scenario. If you play a vast quantity of games, and do editing and extreme multi-tasking then maybe it's for you. I've seen as much as 80% cpu usage from watching multiple youtube videos at once. Some I use for background music etc. Not to mention the extra head room in most games means I can take advantage of real h264 encoding in OBS rather than relying on Nvidia's shadowplay solution which has slightly less video output quality at max settings.
  8. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    New video with my stuff. Now with more details I've already talked with a few devs about it, but yeah looks like the main thread is still holding it back. CPU1 is doing most of the lifting. Also got a 2nd 1080 so graphics will no longer be a "bottleknecking" problem. Enjoy.
  9. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Eh "wait" for is a hard term to use considering most amd fans have been waiting for awhile. That being said, ryzen isn't a disappointment. It gets decent frames once overclocked and has the higher speed ram to back it up. I just did some gaming on the newest version with a 4Ghz OC and 2666mhz and was seeing 55fps average on a 80slot. That's fairly decent considering it only drops to 45 when you have the map or tab menu open. That all being said, I've been told the developers have a 1700x they are using to try to optimize the game for ryzen in particular. No idea what's to come of it or if they've made any progress thus far. Pretty interesting stuff I'd say.
  10. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    SMT does help games and benchmarks because windows currently randomly assigns cores instead of choosing the first X "real cores". This is a problem because the "hyperthreaded" cores aren't as fast as the real individual cores. So when a game is assigned to a fake core, it's going to run slower etc. This is going to be patched soon with a Ryzen Specific Windows update that microsoft has already confirmed it's working on. I honestly would like to test this. If by thursday the update isn't out, I'll give it a shot.
  11. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Yeah that's my video. Anyways I bought the CPU knowing it wasn't going to "blow my socks off" for gaming. The resolution it's at is 1440p and they are the same settings as in the previous video (basically ultra -aa and after-effects shit). What the CPU did do is keep a consistent FPS no matter the scenario. Yes intel's cpu's are better at squad. But keep in mind this is without any overclocking, no optimizations, and only a mere ~20% CPU usage while running the game. Although squad was distributing the load pretty nicely, there was still 3 cores that had a majority of the bulk. http://i.imgur.com/M9ahYyx.png I've been talking with @Norby about the performance. Anyways I do plan on getting more squad statistics out there for you guys. I plan on dropping another more detailed video on thursday as I'm especially busy at the moment. I'm also expecting the FPS to climb more and more as the proper bios updates come out to make my ram run at it's native speed of 3200mhz. That being said, once again, ryzen is not a "end all" gaming chip. Also the FPS is not being limited by the GPU. I've taken the resolution down to 1080p with the lowest settings and it remains the same. You will see further confirmation of this next thursday/wednesday. Sorry this is all over the place. I've 5:30am and I work at 8 D:. Ryzen is great. I love it. Even for gaming. But don't expect insane results. So far I've been seeing consistent FPS across my games. I also am seeing much less "jitter" in the fps than I did with my 4770k. Cya guys Edit: I also feel like this is important to mention My ram is running at what is considered a low DDR4 speed because it's not stable at it's native timings (yet). The bios I'm running is the latest beta available bios from Asus's website from 3/1/2016 (basically release day bios). The 1800x is running at a slow stock speed of 3.6hz. According to siliconelottery.com about 97% can reach 3.9ghz on all 8 cores. Unfortunately I have yet to get a stable overclock mainly because I am too scared to edit the BIOS settings due to a "bricking" issue on this specific motherboard. Once the next bios updates come around I will be OCing my 1800x and doing more testing. I have tried some software utilities but have yet to get successful results probably due to the need of LLC settings in the BIOS. I was however able to throw 1.4volts onto my 1800x and keep it at 56C with a noctua aircooler. Once Asus releases the newer bios I will be OCing the chip to hopefully 4Ghz solid.
  12. V7 BTR Take Downs and Funny Moments

    This should be 4k in like 18-48hours......... Youtube converting 4k60 takes a bit. Otherwise, enjoy Sorry for the keyboard-chatter D:
  13. RPG city, Vaashark whines :P

    I play at 4k, so Shadows are turned off for performance. I also tend to "catch" people in my vision better with them off anyways.