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  1. Is it possible to get higher fps?

    FPS received a heavy blow with the latest update. Don't be worried, most of us had a steady 60fps before and now only have 20-30. It's not your hardware, it's just the game that has to be optimized. Like Maki mentioned, this will probably be on the priority list of the devs for the next update.
  2. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Well in that case I agree with you, it completely changes the context of your earlier comment
  3. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Let's take a bow and appreciate the amazing work the devs have achieved. There's been lots of crap thrown their way for delaying it again and again but I tip my hat to them for all the tears, sweat and hard work this must've cost. You rock! Time for a well-earned beer in the sun.
  4. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    Player name: [WAR]Toma18 Player nationality: American Date & time of round: 5th of June 2016 12:00 - 14:00 GMT+1 on TacticalGamer Map and side: Fool's Road, Kohat, Chora Act of heroism or good conduct: Great allround squadleading by taking his time to explain his tactics. Clear in his communications and expectations.
  5. Whens Vehicles going to get released?

    They will be released when they're ready to be released. If you would have used the search function, you would've found out yourself.
  6. Gorodok, thoughts?

    Amazingly excited for this map as well. I can see how this map is perfect for the current infantry-only games we have, but will also be huge once vehicles come into play.
  7. No dutch servers

    Hahaha are you serious?! :lol: We have perfect pings on servers based in Germany, France or UK. Nothing to complain about! Just double check you're not connecting to US-based servers, those generally have a higher ping.
  8. Giving Up easily / Ticket Wasters

    There's countless possibilities to ensure players know that a medic is coming or closeby, however I do not think it solves the problem. The actual problem is the wrong mindset I mentioned a few posts ago, which can only be changed if we (the regular, experienced players) make sure our whole squad has the right mindset. As of late I do this whenever I'm SL or Medic, by mentioning the following rules: When down, call out your location from the medic's position and mention how safe it is.Only give up when your squadleader orders you to or the medics tell you they can't get to you.If the medics don't reply to your screaming, don't get desperate. Experienced medics know exactly who's down and where. They'll get to you eventually, just hang in there.I've seen that most people stick by these rules. People that ignore them get a single warning followed by an instant kick from my squad if done again. Can't follow simple orders or rules? Bye bye!
  9. Getting the most out of your medic(s)

    Nice, basic tips! One more tip I'd like to add for Squadmates: If you have a bandage or two left and a friendly goes down close to you, bandage him! This saves the medic an awful lot of time. Obviously mind your own safety, you'll only worsen the situation by becoming a second casualty. Make sure you're not bleeding and relatively safe from enemy fire: then proceed to take care of your buddy.
  10. Giving Up easily / Ticket Wasters

    I've noticed there's people that completely support your argument. While I can see there is logic in medics clarifying they're coming to get you, I think it's just ridiculous that some people need you to tell them every 5 seconds. They don't even bother waiting. They have the (wrong) mindset "I'm giving up unless a medic screams he's coming for me" instead of the proper mindset you should have: "I'm waiting until a medic tells me it's hopeless or too dangerous".
  11. Minimal Objectives Game Mode Ideas

    I'm really liking your KIP ideas as well. Think this'll keep the whole game dynamic and forces your team to be flexible in order to win.
  12. There's a whole section for clan recruitment: http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/22-clan-recruitment-server-information/
  13. Giving Up easily / Ticket Wasters

    I realise that, but I felt to urge to write this to see if the regular, more experienced players encounter the same situations as I do. I think it's also important to stress everyone to help new players understand. They need to comprehend the ticket system and how valuable 1 ticket can be. This'll only be achieved if certain people keep pointing out that Giving Up should be the ultimate last resort and not something to be used regularly.
  14. Giving Up easily / Ticket Wasters

    To be fair, I think once dragging is possible it will change the medic's role tremendously. He'll be able to sit back more often as he doesn't have to run up to the frontline. This'll partially make the role easier for the medic but also more boring for those typical adrenaline junkies.