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  1. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Feels like I'm constantly searching for a job in the wrong way.. Name: DEVAZZOR (Nick: Dev) Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DEVAZZOR/ Primary Language(s): English + Swedish Age (optional): 21 Timezone or Region: EU/Scandinavia Nature of Interest: Casual/Racing/RTS/""MilSim"" - Or anything else, but mostly in a Semi-Realistic path. I look for a team that focus on Squad that's not a 1000+ unit regiment. Gaming Background: Been playing since the days of the first ArmA games because I grew up with very old stepbrothers that forced me to like their games. Used to be in a large clan that I often spent my time with. I'm probably just like everyone else here, with great interest for strategic and tactical games such as: Total War, Crusader Kings, Company of Heroes 1-2, Splinter Cell, War Thunder, Men of War 1-2, Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, Supreme Commander, PlanetSide 2, Insurgency Source, Insurgency, ArmA 1-2-3, SWAT 4, , Project Reality, Americas Army, Flashpoint, Red Orchestra 1-2, all Battlefield games, and primarily Squad, since it fulfills most of my satisfaction. Had two clans before, FOCK and RAU. Unfortunately lots of their members and staff were in their 30-50s and had families to prioritize, so the amount of game events and server maintenance went gone for good. It's been around 2-3 years the last time I were in a gaming community, and I believe it's time to once again join the line. I can speak English fluently, but be aware of my Swedish accent depending on the time of the day. Besides, sometimes I release an inner Britt inside of me, so watch out. Additional Skills: I have a degree in film & television production, so I'm experienced in cinematography, editing (not sound), and the basics of filmography. I'm also a very obsessed free-time-hobbyist digital artist, were I mainly focus on 3D-animations and VFX. That meant I was providing my earlier enlistment with media material for marketing, etc. Right now I'm currently applying for a university to study master in Sociology > Criminology. I am also a frequent Airsoft player within the milsim area, and to be honest with you, I spend too much time and money into it, but it's hell of a workout for body and mind. Hopefully I can enlist in Sweden's military by first accomplishing the boot camp after my education is done, and that'd take approx 4-5 years. The only issue is, they do not allow people with my diagnosis in, so I better become a good liar. Status: >>>>>SIGNED<<<<<<
  2. February 2016 Recap

    Love progress.
  3. The Valley of Death

    This reminds me, we need a Jordan Valley.
  4. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Know guys from Försvarsmakten, probably different for SÄPO.
  5. Alpha 3.11 Released

    11 more days!
  6. 100 man server. CHECK!

    Worse server performance. CHECK! (It's a joke don't worry)
  7. Site still broken on Chrome?

    - Disable all your Chrome add-ons, and the extensions they provide - Remove the cookies and cache history - Reinstall Chrome or try a lower version (maybe even Beta)
  8. I'm just here to see the obvious reactions.

    It feels like it came out of nowhere, especially now that he released his album like 2 days ago.
  10. How is the cheating?

    Played for 25 hours and I've only met one cheater that spammed 40mm grenades. Battleye has a lot of issues itself, atleast from my experience from 6 years of Arma administration. Don't know about EAC's capabilities, but I'm aware that there are better options than this. I'd prefere using the VAC solution, but it seems from other people's perspective that the wave of cheaters occuring during games is a crisis, and needs to be delt with as soon as possible. - VAC is a longterm solution that bans the players 1-2 months afterwards to decrease the possibility of creating VAC-Proof cheat software. False bans are lower than 0.4% - EAC & Battleye bans the player instantly, but it's easier to create more cheats that are also bulletproof from the protection.
  11. Switching shoulder 'idea'

    For the record: This could be useful for those that are left handed.
  12. Virtual Reality: Rift or Vive?

    All tech-gadgets that are brand new will always cost a fortune, especially a ground breaking one that does not only change the current game market, but creates it's own niche. It was pretty damn predictable that it would cost this much, maybe even more, so of course it'll cost a lot. But do not fear, they're working on newer consumer versions constantly in the future (maybe even as we speak). That means the older ones will have a reduced pricetag. Sometimes with economical growth in certain sectors can lead to reduced pricetags even for newer models, so lets hope for that. But what I can not support is the VAT and the shipping fee charges wich is an insult for a price like this. If there is a hefty price the consumers require perfection; not 100% achieveable, but their marketing team should have been aware. This leads the selling focus group out of the picture, and they may even lose on this. The first days has sold many, but we'll never know if they'd have earned more if they reduced it to 300-400 USD instead (for increased sales). There's not a lot of games that support this VR mechanism. The game you'll get for pre-ordering EVE - Valkyrie does and requires a flightstick/controler/custom made boards such as the Mechwarrior panels. So the question is: Do we really gain on this? In our current position? From a consumer perspective.
  13. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Why do I have to live in Sweden. All that's possible here at my end is: - Pistol competition with a borrowed game master's legaly owned firearm, under semi-heavy surveillance (sometimes under rare events, semi/full automatic shotguns are allowed) - A huge collection of hunting rifles. The hunting culture is strong. Need to purchase weapon license and hunting license (what I did). But shooting clay pigeons can be fun - Not even veterans and current enlisted military can get mitiary grade weaponry - Airsoft barrels are the only way to satisfy ourselves... And I respect the OP for using an m40, best choice there is!
  14. Obama Getting Coffee With Jerry Seinfeld

    I know who Seinfeld is, but who's Obama? Oh the president
  15. Turned everything down to lowest and it only gave me an FPS difference with 3-6 fps. So no. Better wait for the UE4 patch.