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  1. Talk me into getting squad

    Finding a clan is not necessary, but can be worthwhile if you're serious about the game. Grunt work in Squad is to be a medic, yet every class holds its weight while still providing fun for the whole team. You do not NEED a microphone to play the game, but it is highly advised you have one as it is a very team-oriented game. If you have done some research on the game, there is one overall flag-capture mode, yet there are different variations of that mode. And if you like those kind of games, try it out. I've been playing this game for ~2 years, and I stream it quite often, maybe watching some twitch streamers will help you make your choice. Best wishes, FlowBeatBoxTV
  2. POLL - v10

    And never forget laying underneath an APC to flip it over and launch that into the air! Priceless.
  3. POLL - v10

    That is the first choice, actually. I tried not to be too specific for reasons of simplicity. Choice #2 refers to completely releasing v10 (to where we would not have to go to custom servers) and fixing features update to update. The problem with a test branch would be how divided the player base would be. Some like v9 better, some like v10 better. Although that would encompass the entire player base, there may not be a large enough player base to fill the test branch and v9, yet.
  4. POLL - v10

    That is exactly why I did the poll, but I did not consider that option. I thought the same thing when I first started playing, but grew on me after a few hours.
  5. POLL - v10

    Hello Squad community! While streaming this game on Friday, I heard many great things about this new update. Playing with the new animations, accuracy value changes and much more content was exhilarating and gave me the mental high I received while first playing this game. I heard a rock solid reply to almost everyone I asked; they do not want v9 anymore (and some refusing to play again until v10 comes out!). There is no question of v10 not being ready, but I want to make sure that the feedback I got was not server-biased but included with the entire community. Thanks, FlowBeatBoxTV P.S, if you can't play the game but can watch it, come view my stream on twitch! /flowbeatbox
  6. Stuck and Stranded!

    Before you read/watch: I have already submitted a very detailed bug report on this very instance, I only post it here for humor. While driving a MWRAP, I pulled up to the right of a wall. When we got out, I (the driver) was immediately lodged into a ran-over position and could not get un-stuck. Things I tried: * Every stance * Aiming/shooting weapon * Moving the vehicle out of my way * Throwing a grenade * Respawning (worked, obviously) https://clips.twitch.tv/ClumsyCleanAsteriskBleedPurple ~ Hence why I love playing EA games.
  7. Squad's performance resource

    I have a i5-2500k overclocked to 4.3 ghz and a rx 480 with 8 gb of ram. My GPU is nearly constantly at 90-100% and my CPU at around 30-40% on EPIC settings. Turning down the shadows gets me about a 20+ FPS increase from my usual 40-60 constant fps and evens out the usage, barely. Ever since 8.9 ive had my GPU work harder than my CPU. My temps never get above 50*C either (which i'm happy about.) On the GPU thing, i've only had good experience with AMD (sorry Nvidia fans) and I got my 480 for $170 instead of the expensive yet underperforming 1060 comparatively. The SSD will only boot your computer/games faster, dropping the extra cash on a GPU to future proof your PC may be good for SQUAD and other games in the long run (since most recent GPU's can catch up with newer graphics better these days). I hope it gets evened out soon! Loving this game F-LOW
  8. GPU Bottleneck?

    Thank you for your very helpful response! I am on a tight budget as the job I am holding is quite temporary and very low pay. But, I will save up since I love this game anyways. The extra 4 GB may be very helpful like you stated. Im just surprised I was able to run the game at 25 FPS with a Radeon 8750G (laptop spec... 500 mhz and .5 GB of VRAM doesn't hold up to much fun.) Great advice, but I may stick with AMD (hopefully you NVIDIA fan boys will understand) since my MOBO (socket 1155) has a lot of problems with NVIDIA (I actually don't know if that is true or not, just heard rumors). If I get a NVIDIA card I'll probably have to stick with a 1050ti or 1060, it depends on my paychecks.
  9. GPU Bottleneck?

    Start off to say, I love the optimizations recently. Really nice work devs! Able to play on my 4 year old laptop, with about the worst GPU you can still possibly buy, and still maintain a measly 25 fps on all low settings. Here is my current PC I am still in the process of building: i5 3550 3.3 ghz 6mb AMD Radeon HD 3870x2 1 gb 4 GB ddr3 Corsair 1 TB 7.2 RPM HDD 600W PSU MSI Pc3 (dont know the recent of the name) MOBO. Anywho, I get that that is a HUGE GPU bottleneck, but I was wondering about what settings I'll be able to run at. For comparison, its performance is quite similar to a single 4850. I do not currently have the money to upgrade my GPU which is why I was curious whether or not I should live on beans and rice this month to save up (not literally :D). Thanks, Matt
  10. Custom PC

    I live in America. g-build-video I have never used PCpartpicker before. Can you buy pre-built PC's from that website? But use a TV? Lol id rather not. I like to pay attention to details a lot but that second link seems useful, thank you.
  11. Custom PC

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've played Squad, because i'm one of those dreadful people that bought the game knowing it wont work on my AMD CPU. My birthday is coming up soon (July 20th) and I want to get a new PC. I currently have a laptop (I didn't know anything about computers before I bought it, it's nearly 4 years old) and of course I want to get a desktop this time. I know how to build one and I would consider myself a little more than mediocre computer wiz (I know all the parts and I know building a PC should be easy as I've watched all the tutorials.) I know the price difference between building and custom PC's, but in this case I would rather go custom. I was wondering if anybody has done the same and would recommend a website. My current budget is up to at most one grand. I've been looking at ecollegepc(Dot)com, but the combination of the RX 480 and the I5-6500 with a monitor should go for at least $800, but is nearly $400 more. If anyone could help, I would appreciate all advice. Matt
  12. Frame Rate Stutter When VOIP Is Activated (AMD...RIP)

    Based on what Epsilon19/Dreams stated, the lag problem is still audio related, but no longer with VoIP. It is now with weapon sounds/explosions. I did an experiment with some friends where they all talked at once (with no one shooting in-game), and no lag was present to anyone. As soon as the shooting started, that's when it started lagging. I looked all over the 4.0 update changelog, and I found something that might be the origin that was added; "Added a system that allows for individual damage sounds depending on the collision bone that was hit, this is replacing the dead sounds, meaning that you no longer know if an enemy died unless you do a visual confirmation." Then again, probably not. Anything that was changed with direct vicinity sounds, then that might be the cause.
  13. Frame Rate Stutter When VOIP Is Activated (AMD...RIP)

    Okay guys, it works. But, there's a twist. It used to be that you lagged whenever someone talked, now, its whenever there is gunfire in your immediate position/explosions. I run the game just fine at a constant 40 FPS, but whenever I engage in CQC battles, or even fire my weapon, it drops down to 5-10 FPS. I believe that it has to do with the Unreal Engine 4's 'Destroy Voice' command that seems too many cycles (as can be seen by long, halting stutters that drag on whenever someone fires a weapon). Also, whenever this 'glitch' happens, it does effect your frames greatly, and amusingly makes everyone sound like a robot.
  14. Squad or Squid?

    I see. You're recommending I use it as a signature. Sure, I will take into account all those things. Thank you.
  15. Squad or Squid?

    Thank you. And, yes. I'm allowed to use it as it was under 'commercial free use'. Here it is. I just started Photoshop yesterday, so i'm somewhat of a newbie!