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  1. Server browser issues

    Thank you. Im just happy its working for me now.
  2. Server browser issues

    How is it affecting? Can it be bad for my hardware? (router)
  3. Server browser issues

    Hi yokred. Finally i have improvement with my browser. As Melbo ask me i tryed again to change the max ping / min in steam setting. 5000, 3000, 15000 and 1000 no improvement. ( I stoped here when i try it first time ) Better with 500... much more bettrer with 250! Can i leave it to 250 or should i put it back to auto 5000 when not playing squad? Im happy i will be able to play now. It make my days! Im sorry for getting mad... im use to be able to play each game i buy even alpha one. It took me 40 days but finally... Have a nice days all :)
  4. Server browser issues

    Still waiting... any one?
  5. Server browser issues

    Still waiting for a solution. Maybe in the next alpha release or not? When can i hope to be able to play? Thank for any good news!
  6. found solution for empty / low server list

    Even if im tired trying to patch the game myself... i try this yesterday. No improvement at all! I just dont get why they let us in the dark like this. Worst game customer service i ever see.
  7. Server browser issues

    Just adding some feature in the browser like favorite server, last played server, join server with IP or join via steam friends... will not solve the problem but will let every one play with friend and not come here complain about not being able to play. Just saying. And i have to say, it is the first time i get so much hard time with an ALPHA game, The comunity is very good but this is probably the worst costumer service ever! Im pissed off but i have no choice but wait and stay in the dark! No comunication from the DEV at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  8. Server browser

    You know even if im tired trying to patch the game by myself... i try it and get no improvement. Thank you any way.
  9. Server browser

    May be difficult to understand where the issue is... But just patch the browser by adding feature like last played server, favorite server or connect to server via IP... should not take full month to add. Just make sure that every one can play with friends... easy way to solve the problem!
  10. Server browser

    I can assure you for now SQUAD desappointed me. Its a fact at least for me... im not talking for comunity or any one else only for me. I guess i have the right to be desappointed with a 47$ game not working properly after 35 days. I know its an alpha game... i buy and play lots of alpha game... never have so much hard time with a game. I dont like to have to come here complain about not being able to play... wasting my time. I would prefer to just play and have fun instead of wasting time and get frustrated trying to play with my friends. What not helping me getting hope is that i cant find any word from the DEV about fixing the browser issue. I also can assure you that im probably more tired then you about this server list issue. Regards.
  11. Alpha 3.11 Released

    Any ETA for fixing the browser issue? I just cant play for about 35 days now. Thank for any hope you can give me.
  12. Server browser does not show all servers?

    Your probably right but from my POV i just cant find nothing from the DEV saying they are working on this and/or any kind of ETA for a patch solving my problem so i can finaly play after 35 days. Thank you any way Soulzz for trying to help.
  13. Server browser does not show all servers?

    Im waiting for 35 days now. I try very hard to be patient. But its my first time having issue like this on an alpha game... not being able to play! I cant find nothing from the DEV working on this issue. Im in the dark and i feel screwed and no DEV seems to care about my issue! I will try to stay calm... but i have hard time ;)
  14. Server browser does not show all servers?

    Thank you but can you give me any link for this forum or any other place where the DEV talk about solving this issue? Im searching and cant find nothing about having a fix soon. Im looking for some hope because i badly need it now. Im so desapointed for now!
  15. Server browser

    Its not my opinion man... its a fact! I cant play!