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  1. They're all off the Unreal site in the marketplace. https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/content-cat/assets/environments
  2. Here's some of the new maps they're working on. Just kidding. I wish.
  3. Would be cool if we had doors that could lock to blow open.
  4. Environment detail

    Those poppy fields on Chora show up or render no matter how far away you are, unlike the grass on many of the maps. The grass doesnt show up from far away until you get closer.
  5. Environment detail

    Those flowers, are they like the poppy fields when it comes to rendering? Just cover the whole map with it, if so.
  6. Just get a bunch of ferns so we dont have to look at the carpet grass. Those poppy fields on Chora dont seem to affect FPS so much. If we could get some grass that covers like the poppy fields and corn fields that would be freaking excellent. Something needs to be done about non rendering grass. If maps were somewhat flat with rolling hills, you wouldnt have to worry about rendering trees and grass at far distances. Below could totally be done. Wouldnt this be sweet? Some cool ferns... Some cool grass
  7. I dont think the problem is with the optics. There needs to be more concealment and cover. Draw distances dont help, and give you a false sense of security. There just needs to be more forced concealment throughout the maps, like the poppy fields and corn that render no matter how far away you are.
  8. More concealment please

    This really isnt about scopes. I'm just disappointed in how some maps are. The maps have a blah feeling to them, like something was left out. If the Devs need help placing trees and bushes and shit, sign me up. I'll help.
  9. The only good maps in this game are the flat maps. Anything with hills and long draw distances arent very good. It's not the fault of the developers, but the limitations contributed to the game engine. Chora and Kokan are the best designed maps for this game. Everything else, just doesnt play well. The open hilly maps are zero fun for insurgents without scopes. (Yes, I know this game isn't about balance). Ground cover doesnt render and you have guys thinking they're laying in the "concealment" of the grass. Atleast I know someone cant find me in a poppy field at long distances. We need more ground over like the poppy fields. Maybe ferns or something. Kohat Toi, is no fun. Too many bare looking boob hills. OP First Light, generic looking. All the trees have a generic browse line for some reason. There's only grass as ground cover. Need more bushes or smaller trees. The Eastern Europe Woodland maps are not very good either. Too many bare looking hills that dont render any cover and the forest just seem weird and open without any concealment. They could be really nice if there were a ground cover like the poppy field in the woods. There needs to be more ground cover that is forced on us, regardless of your graphic settings. Most the forest look generic and were just randomly placed. It almost feels like you're playing a game from the 2000's with their limitations. It's hard to make any advances if the forest are just wide open. Maps need more features or something. They're lacking.
  10. At the rate the US is going, were are going to need Army National Guard units vs BLM/HRC supporters vs US Militias/Trump Supporters.
  11. Agreed. The camo seems useless in game. Watch these videos of this guy. This is how I think it should work. Most of the time you are looking for a contrast to find him though. Maybe its the lighting on some maps thats causing the problem in game.
  12. You Throw Like A Girl

    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=079_1453659695 Watch how close these guys are to the grenade blast
  13. Where do you aim with the ACOG?

    I wish these scopes weren't so damn expensive.