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  1. Name change.

    Squad pulls your Steam DISPLAY name and uses that in game. That isn't something that we control. If you want to change your in-game name, just modify your Steam display name and relaunch the game.
  2. Alpha 10 Public Test

    lol hardly... edited... full a10 release....
  3. Alpha 10 Public Test

    There is still more bugfixing and polishing needed for a10. It hopefully won't be too much longer before the full a10 release.
  4. Required experience for being a SL

    This won't happen for several reasons. A) There will be many instances as new players start to play the game that in some instances no one will be able to create a squad due to lack of meeting the requirements... so just no.... B) I can create a new account right now, let it run for the next two weeks or so.... BAM 300+ hours without ever connecting to a single server.
  5. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Polish... Can you point on the doll where he touched you?
  6. I'm naughty EVERY weekend. oh wait... i mean... umm.... nuh uh....I'm a good boy.
  7. Alpha 9.17

    EXACTLY!!!! haha.
  8. Alpha 9.17

    Oh man, you didn't hear? a10 was cancelled...
  9. Alpha 9.17

    What's a recap?
  10. Hello Sales My Old Friend...

    So where can I sign up for this Caribbean Island vacation you speak of?
  11. The US Soldiers Appear to be Wearing G3 Pants. Is That Accurate?

    To be fair, the gear varies between units, missions, etc. And as Sahara said there are some pieces that aren't issued and we can purchase on our own to augment. Each unit has its own standards and issued equipment and some are even if mix/match of what they could scrounge up at the time while others have the best and most up to date stuff that you can get. Plus there have been a lot of changes in the past few years in uniforms which has caused an even greater variation.
  12. There is something that you are forgetting or that isn't configured properly. But your best bet for testing is to check whether the server is reaching Steam. You can check that in the steam server browser if you sort by IP. If you aren't reaching there, you won't be on our server browser. We pull directly from Steam.
  13. New Discord RCON Bot

    Very nice. I have been working with Discord.js since inception. I might have a pull request for you in a few days if I can find the time to flesh that out and add a bit more robustness to the bot itself.
  14. middle east servers

    If you play the game you probably run into us more than you think. But we will not be hosting any official servers anytime soon. Possibly after the actual release, but doubtful even then.
  15. Squadfrance.fr servers

    A) It isn't my job to try and track you guys down. I made an announcement in the server hosting discord (which you guys apparently decided to ignore... on you.. not me). I am in enough Discord servers as it is and don't plan on joining anymore. B) If you didn't get an email, not ideal but not you would be the only one out of about 15 emails that I sent that "didn't receive it." C) Everyone knows I handle server licensing. If you had an issue, you should come to me rather than having a public meltdown. Now IF you had read the announcement and the email, you would have seen that you only had to get in touch with me to correct the issues that we had to get your server situation sorted out. If you want to discuss this matter further send me a private message and we can discuss this more.
  16. Nvidia Driver Update (388.31) Issue

    Are you sure its your drivers? I have the latest installed with zero issues on any game.
  17. Squadfrance.fr servers

    There was also an email sent out to the email account you have on file. But if you will but verify that all servers will be down I wil be more than happy to remove the licenses for them. Thanks. @SquadFrance
  18. I had a blast playing with the new players. Was a bit chaotic, but some of the best rounds I've played in a while.
  19. Steam sale not showing up?

    That is the article of last year. Look at the date Nov. 7. 2016. http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=223 http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=224 These are the articles covering this free weekend.
  20. FreeWeekend suggestion

    Definitely not going to happen. We want them to be able to experience all of the game.
  21. @SixtyM The issues here are known and are actively being developed. The shots you have seen thus far are pure WIP. Patience.
  22. There is a new permission level called canseeadminchat which does what it implies. This also controls seeing TKs
  23. Release - Alpha 9.13

    There is a new map. Mestia.
  24. EAC Launch error "untrusted system file

    Well you haven't given us the entire error, but I would start with running the following from your command line: sfc /scannow/ This will verify all of the protected windows files and recover infected/corrupted/tampered with system files with teh original versions.