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  1. Grim.. just no mate... stay away from the desktop.
  2. @grimshadow Just ping me mate. I'll give you a hand.
  3. rasism

    @Kesha F1 From the standpoint of us as developers, the established rules are that a server can elect to have a single common spoken language (as is present in the server guidelines). However, if you have communication with server administrators who are blatantly being racist (and no, from what I have read this seems to be more miscommunication than racism) by all means let us know. Racism is unacceptable for us. However, in this case, as I said, seems more like simple miscommunication. I am sorry this happened, and I don't want this to turn into a name/shame thread as then I will just have to lock it, but if there is more details that you have that could prove racism, please send me a PM and I will gladly look into this further. Thanks.
  4. interesting. thanks. I will keep looking into it a bit.
  5. @wunda Can you clear your browser cache and try again? If that doesn't work can you try an entirely different browser altogether? Thanks.
  6. Unfortunately at this time, we are not accepting applications for more public testers.
  7. @San No, just the bit that starts with Id= and to the end
  8. @San Send me a direct message with the email you used for your application please.
  9. This has been asked/answered many times. There will not be the traditional "sniper" role in the vanilla game. Instead you have something in the role of the Designated Marksman. Similar concepts, but fit more into a traditional squad based element. For further clarification, I can almost guarantee that someone will be creating a mod for this role and you will see it in the future in that purpose. So patience, I suppose.
  10. yep that one is there too.... fastropes.forums.joinsquad.com... also the same problem, just stay on the page and keep hitting refresh.
  11. I think this topic has ran its course and your points have been duly noted. /Locked.
  12. Thats already a thing... if you go there and cant get in, please just keep hitting refresh till you do. Sometimes it takes a long time though. its a stubborn site.
  13. In the military there are very subtle and some profound differences between an actual "sniper" and a designated marksman. We get the latter here with Squad. It will still serve a similar purpose as what people are looking for but built into an actual Squad as it would in reality to assist the Squad in engaging targets at a longer distance than your basic rifleman, while still working as a part of the team unit.
  14. A

    Going to have to agree with Dubs here. That would cause so many more problems than it would solve.
  15. The traditional "sniper" role will not be in Squad unless someone mods it in. You get a very similar role with the Designated Marksman however. High powered rifle but built into a squad based element rather than more of a lone wolf support style element. The M110, for instance, will have a much more high powered scope attached to it at some point in the future giving that role a bit more of the marksman feel to it.
  16. It is not my place to release any information about any upcoming features for any release. You will just have to wait for those through official channels; same as everyone else.
  17. Everyone, The Game Server Feedback section is NOT meant to be a place to create useless posts for the sole purpose of accusing server communities or clans of admin abuse after you have been banned. If you have been banned from a server, you need to contact the individual community and appeal the ban through them. Each community is allowed to kick/ban anyone as they see fit. It is not the purpose of the development team to intervene and moderate these types of issues. We are all adults here and should approach these issues as such. If you have made a mistake, speak to the community and appeal your case. Providing positive and negative feedback that is CONSTRUCTIVE is the purpose of this Game Server Feedback thread. Any posts made with the sole purpose of "naming and shaming," harassing, and/or creating witch hunts will be removed and possibly receive a warning depending on the severity of the post.
  18. They are free to kick/ban anyone they see want as it is their server. If you have your own server, you also, are free to do this as you see fit. We (OWI) cannot possibly investigate every single time someone is banned from a server; this is for the community to manage. The bulk of the server licensing guidelines gives us a way to enforce egregious problems and/or server performance problems (i.e. someone trying to run a Squad server on a laptop, etc). As Anubis has said, we don't necessarily have to agree with their decision but there are other servers to play on. At this point this question/issue is asked/answered. Feel free to continue talking about the issue in private as there is no place for it here in the public forums. Appeal to them in private. Thanks.
  19. You need to take it up with the individual community that issued the ban. It is their server and therefore their decision. If you dislike/disagree with their decision it would be best to find another server to play on.
  20. Server admins are free to do as they please in regards to building their servers, fostering community attitudes, and attempting to populate their servers. I see no issue at all with making smaller "game modes" like this for smaller groups of people to play. We won't however be adding every single minute detail as an addition to the server guidelines. As long as the servers are staying within the guidelines we have laid out, they are free to remain mostly autonomous. The development team does not need to intervene and cover every small detail of the server management.
  21. @Sloan You are just going to have to be patient. The implication that we don't have a project manager simply because you aren't aware of who it is, is rather silly, don't you think? There are more features around the corner, but for the time being we are working on underlying core game mechanics which enable us to create more features that are requested. There are many bugs and we are fixing more and more of them with each and every release cycle. The entire core of software and game development is one in which as new content is released so are new bugs, and as I said we are patching more of them every release. All of the issues you have listed, we are already aware of and will be corrected at some point in the future. As far as admin tools are concerned, the admin tools will all receive some love, but probably not until closer to the actual release (ETA currently unknown on that). Squad is shaping up nicely in preparation for the upcoming a9 release and even more so in future releases. The best thing that I can currently tell you and your community is to be patient. More content, more features, more fun is just around the corner. Until then, keep watching our monthly recaps for ideas of what some of the new and upcoming features are. We hope to see more of you and your community around here.
  22. @Planetgong Knock it off. Keep things civil and no sense in hijacking a thread with someone asking for help.
  23. Just post your feedback here @Sloan
  24. Something like that.
  25. If you haven't figured it out so far... That is his answer for pretty much everything. 3 weeks... haha.