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  1. @Psyrus This is what these companies do. They constantly update their "tool" as we catch and ruin their older versions. They modify the code, update the framework and move forward selling it again. EAC then catches it and the cycle starts anew. This isn't anything new.
  2. @Stupid Sexy Flanders [ BANNED ]
  3. @GoodDeath @ZXD_SHO-SHIN I just got confirmation from one of the EAC guys. The answer is definitively NO. They will absolutely NOT ban for using Voice Attack.
  4. In an effort to be more inclusive and helpful to our international communities, I would like to announce that we are beginning our efforts to add international sections to our forums. This will include areas to post your questions/comments/feedback into specific areas for native speakers of many languages. While this isn't going to be an overnight process we will push forward with this as quickly as possible. During this time, we will be cleaning up and modifying some sections of the forums. This will hopefully streamline and make the forums much more accessible to everyone internationally. The rules for the forums will be getting looked over and updated as some of these items are a bit out of date. If you have any questions at all, please direct them to myself or any member of our moderator staff. As a part of this effort, I am looking for people that are interested in being moderators for specific language sections. If you are interested, please DM Odin directly with the language you would be interested in moderating. We would prefer that anyone who wants to assist in moderating be able to speak English as well so as to be able to communicate with us easier. Thank you for your patience and bear with us as we begin updating the forums.
  5. The SDK will not include direct code access guys. However, just because you don't know how to use BP does NOT make it a glorified map editor as you say. Blueprint is a very powerful tool and you can do quite a lot with it. You just have to learn how to use it properly. We are working on exposing more items from code into blueprint to give you greater power in editing and creating mods via BP, but you must be patient as its an ongoing effort.
  6. A) b4 = before B) Join a server that isn't full and you can get in much quicker than waiting on the queue to clear up.
  7. I made an inquiry with EAC @Melbo and @GoodDeath and am looking into it now to see if they would ban for this software. Will follow up when I have more information.
  8. And why are you trying to dictate what our official position should be? Unless these servers are drastically modifying the game then we aren't going to intervene. They are allowed to create events and engage the community in ways that they see fit. Especially in cases like this where it is a small group trying to pop a server just messing around until they get enough together to really start a large scale game. If you don't like that, change to a different server? We aren't going to step in over every little minute change that a server admin makes in an attempt to make things interesting or exciting. And as you know the server guidelines change/evolve as the game changes. There will be changes coming soon concerning several things, but nothing that will directly impact server admins trying to actively keep the game fun and interesting on a server.
  9. @AE-6507 DM me the email you used to apply for your license.
  10. What are your system specs? Have you cleared appdata?
  11. Extracting anything from our game files is considered a violation of the EULA and is therefore not allowed. You can find it here: http://store.steampowered.com/eula/393380_eula_0 Pay specific attention to:
  12. https://discord.gg/squad
  13. Are you on Discord by chance @elfy? Can you message me directly there so I can help you in a bit more real-time?
  14. @elfy This happens every time on every server?
  15. This is known as a part of the steam inventory issue. We are working to correct the issue. @Enigmatic