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  1. Desmo's Playground Servers

    Please contact the admins at DPG via their Discord. This isn't the place for ban appeals. Thanks.
  2. Warning before squad kick

    Allowing some random SL to kick someone from a communities server will never happen. That is up to the owners and admins of that particular server.
  3. Founder Tags

    No worries. Glad to see everything got sorted out.
  4. WTF with the cheating over?

    Thank you.
  5. WTF with the cheating over?

  6. WTF with the cheating over?

    There was an issue like this in CCFN not long ago. The guy had a video of the whole thing. Everyone else saw him sitting under the map shooting at people. However, in his video he was above ground by his perspective. Potentially a replication issue. So that doesn't confirm that he was using a cheating tool. And to be fair, we are seeing far fewer people using these tools than ever before. EAC is working. Is EAC perfect? There is no such when it comes to people scripting tools to enhance game play in a specific manner. But they are doing a pretty good job from the things we see on our end.
  7. Founder Tags

    You will need to email support@joinsquad.com with your email address used during the kickstarter campaign and the receipt(s) from your kickstarter contribution, if available. Thanks.
  8. New Posts Since Last Visit

    Psyrus, The upgrade to 4.2 has broken our theme for the forums. We are currently getting it sorted and the forums will be back up and running normally as soon as we can get it all sorted.
  9. Asking ammo from nearby teammates

    http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/12398-somewhat-modular-kits-with-a-weight-based-inventorymobility-system/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/5126-mag-sharing-carrying-ammo-for-special-weapons http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7214-ammo-sharing http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/26082-share-of-magazines-and-reload-system
  10. Also, for an EAC ban, you can look on your Steam profile and you will see a shiny new "game ban" recorded there.
  11. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU/USA

    A SL can remove anyone from his/her squad. You can't restrict who they can/can't remove their own squad.
  12. Making name change in the forums

    Thanks Steve. Yes you can contact me for that. Just send me a Private Message via the Forums would be the easiest. Thanks.
  13. M1911

    No 3 Leeks!
  14. M1911

    All I will say is that there are more weapons planned for various factions. I am not going to say anymore than that. Patience.
  15. M1911

    I'm not sure on that. Doubtful, but maybe.