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  1. @Imperium Send me a DM on our Discord channel and I will help you troubleshoot if you need it.
  2. No, when you enable tournament mode, it will disable your server license.
  3. A) We don't even use VAC so no... B) Please don't troll people asking a legitimate question. @WorstNoobEVER Try restarting your PC. That should sort it out.
  4. @SpudNL Send me a private message with the email address you applied for your license with. Thanks.
  5. Removed link to illegal content. Yes we are aware of it, and EAC is handling it. These people continually update their tools and EAC finds and bans the new versions of it. But just because you lost to "precise" fire does not inherently indicate the usage of such tools.
  6. This is still a problem. It hasn't been corrected yet. It is on the list to do. Please be patient as we get it sorted out.
  7. @willalt We do not allow posts that are flaming and/or derogatory towards a clan in their own recruitment post. This is not something that is allowed in the main forum, much less the Spanish subforum. So I have hidden the post.
  8. Daniel, SEA is Southeast Asia. Threads complaining about where other servers are hosted aren't helpful.
  9. Then you should be fine to use the same license.
  10. The first link, you can search a steam profile link, a steam id like the one provided or a 64 id to get the player information. Not 100% sure how it works on mobile though.
  11. Please reapply so we can associate the new license with the new owner.
  12. @PolishKrukhttps://steamid.io https://steamid.io/lookup/76561198048785081 http://steamcommunity.com/id/BigChill21/
  13. @Psyrus This is what these companies do. They constantly update their "tool" as we catch and ruin their older versions. They modify the code, update the framework and move forward selling it again. EAC then catches it and the cycle starts anew. This isn't anything new.
  14. @Stupid Sexy Flanders [ BANNED ]
  15. @GoodDeath @ZXD_SHO-SHIN I just got confirmation from one of the EAC guys. The answer is definitively NO. They will absolutely NOT ban for using Voice Attack.