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  1. If you look at their very first post: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/25175-desmos-playground-servers/ you will find their discord.
  2. The like/dislike buttons were removed due to people's propensity to abuse them. I have been exploring adding in a similar variation, but there is no confirmation as to whether I will actually go through with this.
  3. Currently this isn't support on any OS other than Windows. Furthermore, the MAC Air is a very lightweight system meant for minimalism and ease of use for everyday tasks. This is NOT a gaming rig. Even if Mac was a supported OS I highly doubt you would be able to run it on an Air.
  4. You can also run a dedicated server. These servers are just for hosted server instances. If you have access to a physical machine, this is still possible. Some directions on getting set up can be found here: http://squad.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration
  5. Yeah... if you look under the "Offworld-Dev" in the Squad Discord. There is a dude called Odin. It's me. Odin = Odin CONFIRMED.
  6. @Para Send me a DM on Discord when you have some time and I can run through a few things with you and see if we can pinpoint the issue.
  7. @grim_re4per Send me a DM on the forums here with the email you used to apply for the license. I will look into it.
  8. done.
  9. These are not things on our priority list at the moment. We are more focused on development. There will be other sales in the future as well as another free weekend at some point. This will help as well as having new content in the future. You will just have to be patient. As with every region, people will come back to the game as more content is released.
  10. Player counts fluctuate all over. That is the downside of an EA game. Players come in, play for a bit, and then stop and wait for the next release. Rinse and repeat. Not much we can do about that at this point.
  11. These servers are based in Singapore I believe and from what I recall they were usually quite popular. https://playsquad.xyz/servers/?q=SFW As this game is in early access people come and go and more tools are being created, worked on, and perfected as time goes on. That doesn't make a lack of players in your region a "bug."
  12. @Imperium Send me a DM on our Discord channel and I will help you troubleshoot if you need it.
  13. No, when you enable tournament mode, it will disable your server license.
  14. A) We don't even use VAC so no... B) Please don't troll people asking a legitimate question. @WorstNoobEVER Try restarting your PC. That should sort it out.
  15. @SpudNL Send me a private message with the email address you applied for your license with. Thanks.