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  1. Sounds like you intend on having the modders busy until the end of time.
  2. Best answer... EVER!
  3. @MultiSquid What is this search you speak of?
  4. Glad to hear @RocknRolla . Hopefully it works out for the best for you!
  5. @cappysquad As developers we won't get involved as servers are allowed to kick/ban anyone they see fit. However, this sounds like it could possibly be a mistake. I would reach out and touch base with the server admins as they can help you further with this situation. Developers have no access or influence over the ban list of individual servers. I believe @Soulzzruns the TBG Clan Server. He can probably give you a hand a bit more. I reached out to him on your behalf and hopefully the two of you can get this resolved quickly.
  6. Can you please open a ticket with us at [email protected] Thank you. We would be happy to help you get it sorted out.
  7. Yes, please email us at [email protected] and we can help you check a few things with EAC and verify the problem and hopefully get it fixed for you. Thanks.
  8. Next time all you need to do is send the crash via the reporter tool. No need to paste the entire bit here in the forums. Thanks.
  9. Grim.. just no mate... stay away from the desktop.
  10. @grimshadow Just ping me mate. I'll give you a hand.
  11. rasism

    @Kesha F1 From the standpoint of us as developers, the established rules are that a server can elect to have a single common spoken language (as is present in the server guidelines). However, if you have communication with server administrators who are blatantly being racist (and no, from what I have read this seems to be more miscommunication than racism) by all means let us know. Racism is unacceptable for us. However, in this case, as I said, seems more like simple miscommunication. I am sorry this happened, and I don't want this to turn into a name/shame thread as then I will just have to lock it, but if there is more details that you have that could prove racism, please send me a PM and I will gladly look into this further. Thanks.
  12. interesting. thanks. I will keep looking into it a bit.
  13. @wunda Can you clear your browser cache and try again? If that doesn't work can you try an entirely different browser altogether? Thanks.
  14. Unfortunately at this time, we are not accepting applications for more public testers.
  15. @San No, just the bit that starts with Id= and to the end