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  1. My Server LAG

    Also the LanServerMaxTickRate? MaxInternetClientRate=70000 is good? is right?
  2. My Server LAG

    I setted NetServerMaxTickRate=12 LanServerMaxTickRate=12 MaxInternetClientRate=70000 But i need now a stress test, i need 40 players in the same time, to see if the problem is solved.
  3. Understand but in server browser there isnt. Can you help me here? Because i see that you are informed.
  4. My Server LAG

    Hello guys. I have a server of squad. The server when it exceeds 35-40 players start to lag. Is really impossibile to play. I controlled instantly the server. And the server was using only : 0.5 % of CPU 5 % of RAM 2 mbps/s of bandwidth. I did a SPEED TEST. And the server do 720 mbps/s to download and 540 mbps/s to upload. For this i dont understand where is the problem. My Server is powerful but lag. HARDWARE: 1 GB of bandwidth CPU I7 6700 K RAM 32 GB DDR4 2133 MHZ Windows Server 2012 R2 Help me PLEASE.
  5. Yes but i found this on Custom Servers.
  6. I have the same problem. My Server is in CUSTOM SERVERS. Best Italian Ghost [BIG] Server Italiano And dont found what is the problem.
  7. ITA / EU Squad community server hosted by Best Italian Ghost. - 72 Slots ( In future 100 ) - Community Events - Active Admin Server Etiquette - Teamwork - Fair play - Must have and use mic - Please join a squad - Be nice! Server Rules NO HAX / EXPLOITS / RACISM / GRIEFING / TROLLING STAY AWAY FROM UNCAPS - NO BASE RAPE NO DELIBERATE TEAM KILL NO ADVERTISING Info Server: Hardware last generation : DDR4, i7 , High Bandwidth and more. Location: Europe West Name: Best Italian Ghost [BIG] Server Italiano IP : Port 27165 Saw a bad PLAYER? Report a player (Click Here) This server was created as a server for people who enjoy a lot of teamwork, cordination and high quality Squad. It's aimed not to be that server who have a couple of squads that don't talk or cordinate as much. We try to give the best possible server in terms of performance. We have some pretty strict criteria, if does not run well we are willing to close it.The server will be in the "purest" form meaning every single player (including admins) have the same rights. There will be NO kicking for admins / friends, there will be no jumping to the other team by admins (as many servers do) even though it wouldn't be possible for non-admins due to balance.Squad leaders are of course allowed to "design" their squad however they like.Admins will simply keep the hackers and people who destroy the fun by not behaving out. Players who TK for grief (Kicked from a Squad trying to kill the SL for example) will be dealt with harshly.
  8. Best Italian Ghost ( Country : Italy )

    Server ONLINE. Potete trovarlo in CUSTOM SERVERS , vi aspetto ..... Stiamo aspettando la licenza, appena ci arriva l'applichiamo cosi da far passare il server da Custom Server a Server Browser Pubblico. Ci vediamo in gioco.
  9. Emblem on the uniforms

    But in this way , everyone should wait for your approval. It would take a long time, think when there will be 100-200 clans . Every clan have the right to have the emblem on uniform or to be recognized in the game. Need to automate the thing. And for me the best solution is give the creation of all to the players. First SOLUTION : Create a page "CLAN" on site , a platform , where everybody can create the own team, the players simply enroll in the clan chosen through web. And after is the TEAM LEADER that accept the recruiting them. Obviously put the criteria to be met where vietate logos with referenced racist or sex ecc ecc. Every 4-5 monthes you control. To help your control, you can give the option to report the clan to us players. Second SOLUTION : EveryBody can upload the EMBLEM when create the team in the 30-40 seconds ( now i dont remember ) before starting the match And will be the SERVER ADMIN to choose to ban or not. Or everybody can register clan in game creating a file , and the players that want enter in the clan, put the link of file in own profile. I hope I was clear and sorry for my English.
  10. Emblem on the uniforms

    Ok. But will be gratis. Or this game is only for the rich.
  11. Emblem on the uniforms

    Yes in fact. I wrote only a my suggestion . Yes , now have low priority. But is really simple to do. It could be done in really short time.
  12. Emblem on the uniforms

    If the players create a clan with a dick like emblem. The server admin will ban the players . Is not my problem.
  13. Emblem on the uniforms

    Ok but everyone is free to do anything they wants. You don't want the emblem in uniform, dont copy the link of xml file in your profile, simply.
  14. Emblem on the uniforms

    bunch of degenerates ? Why?
  15. Emblem on the uniforms

    I think that in SQUAD there is a serious community.