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  1. Oh, well thanks for the info, well at least I won't miss it while I'm doing basic!
  2. I was asking him. Obviously I am aware of the above or else I would instead be asking "why haven't you released it yet?" He is a dev, so I am asking him.
  3. When can we expect a10 anyhow?
  4. Firstly, I use the M4 with the iron sights, and I rarely lose firefights against anyone especially snipers. If you learn to control your rifle on full auto, suppressive fire becomes viable, the current mechanics cater to the machine guns from older builds which had near zero recoil, once bipods come into play, the mg meta will return and practical manoeuvre warfare will become the main strategy. I assume they have left suppression as-is to avoid the inevitable grumbling of having it changed back to the old system when bipods become a thing.
  5. I think he means teammates doing it to be pricks.
  6. Honestly, the Bovington Tank Museum is probably the coolest thing I did during my trip to England and Scotland. Also, tanks confirmed for v10?!!????11?
  7. Well I'm going to be playing this today, university is out and I'm still waiting on some paperwork before I can get shipped off for bmq/officer training.
  8. MOIST
  9. Mine work sometimes, only seem to get the m4 ironsight to work though.
  10. Hey, this is a community made map. Meaning very very little time was borrowed from the developers, not to mention that the mappers on the dev team don't have an impact on the code, aka new features like coax, or the weapons aka character artists. So chill out, being an ass to the developers gets us nothing and only damages their spirit.
  11. Well it's the only shadow worthy of my chasing!
  12. That's on your map though. I don't even know the layout yet. I was talking about Sumari chaos that's inevitable on free weekends.
  13. Not me. I'm just going to sit in the mosque tower and pick them off as they dumbly march to their death. Or maybe I'll help, who knows.
  14. Hope this map shakes up the fob meta too
  15. The LAW should be on par with the RPG, the US army has improved warheads in modern kit, not to ignore that the weapon itself is designed for anti armor with a shaped HEAT warhead. edit: in terms of damage to armor on impact vs. RPG-7 with standard HEAT. In reality less range because it's almost a recoiless rifle in design. It should not have much HE application at all.