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  1. Cool! Might try this out some time!
  2. [Faction] French Forces

    A Canadian officer firing a famas? What?
  3. Alpha 9.8 Release

    This heavy metal? Belongs to a T-90A...
  4. Well I suppose that isn't as bad as I would have thought, I'll be finding out first hand when I do basic training this winter, the C9 is basically the same as the m249. Gonna be hell. It goes down to -35 C here. And since I'm in university, I am doing it weekends only while also under a full courseload.
  5. With the full 200 rounds and all? You must have had really sore arms after though right? edit: for some reason I thought the m249 was heavier than 20lbs
  6. Alpha 9.8 Release

    Optimization? Waht ish dis?
  7. We more than likely will see them, but as has been mentioned these weapons can only be practically fired from the hip and from a supported stance. Imo we should not be able to aim down the sight unless we are in a supported stance, and you should have lower recoil while hip firing. In addition to that add ammo packs to the standard rifleman class that can only be used by GPMGs and LMGs. That way instead of having ammo bags for rifleman who can resupply themselves, suppressing fire would be delegated to the automatic riflemen and machine guns of the squad, further contributing to squad cohesion. Edit: also remove ads from the m249 when standing and give the same recoil benefit to hip fire. Leave the rpk-type weapons alone.
  8. Any chance to see some of THIS in Squad?

    Quite likely 0%. We may get dual magnification optics or some from of secondary sight, but as for the weapon inspection and such it is both unnecessary and impractical for a game the size of squad.
  9. The Wrench - July 2017 Edition

    So helicopters next Wednesday?
  10. No. Increase spawn timers, or better yet, have a system that gauges the current average lifespan and counts down to that from the time of spawning and the remaining time is added to your respawn clock. Would easily balance itself.
  11. ^this. and vaulting. just those two changes would totally change the game back to where it should be, with accuracy bonuses for proper positioning, and greater mobility for those on the offensive.
  12. ACSS reticle 22lr

    We don't need anything fancy, a simple duplex scope is more than enough. Unless you're going full on and add a rangefinder, would be nice if that worked in game.
  13. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Oh, well thanks for the info, well at least I won't miss it while I'm doing basic!
  14. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    I was asking him. Obviously I am aware of the above or else I would instead be asking "why haven't you released it yet?" He is a dev, so I am asking him.
  15. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    When can we expect a10 anyhow?