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  1. Mine work sometimes, only seem to get the m4 ironsight to work though.
  2. Hey, this is a community made map. Meaning very very little time was borrowed from the developers, not to mention that the mappers on the dev team don't have an impact on the code, aka new features like coax, or the weapons aka character artists. So chill out, being an ass to the developers gets us nothing and only damages their spirit.
  3. Well it's the only shadow worthy of my chasing!
  4. That's on your map though. I don't even know the layout yet. I was talking about Sumari chaos that's inevitable on free weekends.
  5. Not me. I'm just going to sit in the mosque tower and pick them off as they dumbly march to their death. Or maybe I'll help, who knows.
  6. Hope this map shakes up the fob meta too
  7. The LAW should be on par with the RPG, the US army has improved warheads in modern kit, not to ignore that the weapon itself is designed for anti armor with a shaped HEAT warhead. edit: in terms of damage to armor on impact vs. RPG-7 with standard HEAT. In reality less range because it's almost a recoiless rifle in design. It should not have much HE application at all.
  8. 1. Maybe 2. Soon™ 3. No 4. Hell no 5. Yeah 6. Can't (when you leave a squad you default to that loadout)
  9. Yes this, almost all modern militaries are within NATO anyway, excluding South Korea, Japan, Israel, Russia etc.
  10. Because the build came with crash reporting built in. The logs in the report would tell them absolutely everything they need to know in order to fix it. Usually they just get a whole boatload of people on the forums reporting very vague or obscure crash scenarios that are rarely even exclusively responsible for the crash! With the logs it actually gives them the specific error, and quite a lot of information on what was happening leading up to it as well, if people submitted their crash logs manually more often there'd be a lot less bugs, but people spend more time complaining than it would take to contribute to a solution. But I understand that not everyone knows where to find their crash logs, and even fewer where to submit them.
  11. So did Polygon.
  12. Gotta be the highest I've ever seen them give a game. So holy ****! So did GameSpot. Guess GOTY 2017 goes to Nintendo.
  13. The IPC falls between Broadwell-E and Kabylake, but lower clocks than Kaby put single threaded performance in the realm of Broadwell.
  14. You do realize that in raw compute it absolutely destroys the 7700k right? Recent vetted benchmarks from AMD also show higher IPC than Kaby Lake, the caveat being their significantly lower base clocks, meaning the architecture is solid. We just have to wait for the 6 core models which will still blow the 7700k out of the water in raw compute, but may have higher base clocks the R7 series. Say what you will for people who actually use their computers for data computation will love the power and price while not caring about single threaded performance. And I'm certain you can still game on it, considering you can game on AMDs older CPUs without issue in many games.