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  1. Potential Squad Purchaser and need info please

    well EFT requires significantly more bandwidth per player than this game due to the massive variation in player stances and movement. This game usually only uses up around 0.8mbps on my main PC, so you should probably be fine, but that can spike harshly at times not sure why.
  2. Won't comment on the difficulty curve,. But I agree on the free weekend, the most enjoyable games I've played have been with new guys on the weekend sale servers.
  3. No he really didn't. If a parent walks into the room to catch their children screaming at each other, the best course of action is not to scream at them to shut the hell up. So if a developer or someone who is a public representative of the development team comes into a derailed thread about noobs being shit and then goes on a rant about how they are all the real noobs in his eyes, then he's really not contributing anything. My real point was that this community is cancerous enough without devs getting into the shit themselves. I want these forums to go back to the way they were ~2015, was much more friendly and welcoming. But having a QA Tester behave this way only undermines the credibility of the development team. I want things to go back to the way they were, but that won't happen if devs are getting involved in this too. Reigning in the shitslinging is the job of the moderators and in extreme circumstances the community manager, but for someone like him to get involved regardless of the point he made, is destructive to the community. It's outside his field of responsibility and just alienates community members. I suppose what I'm trying to say is this; it's not something worth destroying relationships between the community and the developers over. These guys will vent their frustrations and do whatever it is they do, but as soon as a dev sticks their hands in they are adding fuel to the fire, and doing so in an extremely condescending and inflammatory way will only serve to destroy this community.
  4. I'm not trying to undermine you guys, I mean to be constructive, albeit it can seem hostile. I'm not against him voicing his opinions, but he should really avoid aggravating the community, this forum is hostile enough without further strain on dev-community relations
  5. No, he is part of the team behind the game, he has a standard to uphold as part of that, it's the role of the moderators to post that. edit: made it clearer
  6. Wow. I agree with some of this but you are really calling the kettle black here with your approach to all this. The arrogance you speak of is so prevalent in your own words that it really isn't fair to criticize these guys. I haven't read the whole thread, wouldn't surprise me in the least to discover the usual culprits being high horsed pricks over the same gripes. I know, I used to be one of them. But for you, a QA Tester to act like this is quite unprofessional and you do represent the development team whether you recognize it or not. These guys rude as they may be, many backed this project as soon as we could, and paid money for a promise. The issue is that we see more and more content in every subsequent recap that never gets released. There is an actual issue here because every sale there is an influx of new players who show up, look around a bit and say "whoops, this isn't battlefield" and leave never to be seen again. You will see this die down when there is an actual playerbase to speak of other than your original backers.
  7. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    So Fallujah in V10 right, and... V10 when? Please we are starving.
  8. Weapons

    Not an expert on Russian equipment stockpiles, but I'm going to assume that the bulk of Russian units are considered 'reserve units' by western standards and are equipped with older equipment that is perfectly fine for training but is quite outdated relative to what professional army forces would have. At least that's how it is here in NA, both Canadian Reserves and US National Guard use outdated equipment that serves perfectly fine for training but would be replaced if they were to actually be deployed somewhere. The Russian forces I've seen pictures of in Syria or otherwise abroad were all equipped with current generation equipment. I'd assume it's the same over there.
  9. If you're any good at this game you don't even need to use the sights. The best way to get better and be as good as me is right here!
  10. Blue Alt Key

    Well yesterday was Wednesday, so we'll definitely be waiting at least six more days.
  11. Blue Alt Key

    am dum plz xpln
  12. Blue Alt Key

    Why three? Are you privy to some info we aren't?
  13. Look in the August monthly update. There's a sample there I believe.
  14. Animation System Update

    One other thing I was wondering about was whether or not we could get the founder's AK-74 while playing as the Russians. I think it'd be really cool because a true veteran soldier might still have his old-issue 74 with him... I mean in reality probably not but lets just pretend right? I really want to have the cool-af custom weapon whenever possible.